Crown of Midnight- Flash Review

Now this book is a stroke of brilliance. It just builds perfectly on the first book. I loved how it slowly reveals why everything is the way it is. Finally, we get to understand why Celaena has all her talents. Still, many of these answers create yet more questions- which just what makes this series all the more intriguing.

Unlike the first book, you get to see what’s at stake. The scope of the story is far greater and the world building is superb. On top of that there are some dramatic and dreadful moments. Everything just gets so much more intense. My heart was in my throat as I raced towards the climax. I really didn’t think Maas could pick up the pace after the last book, but she did.

On top of that, Maas somehow manages to masterfully handle the dreaded love triangle. Honestly, I’m hoping she intends to have her be with neither of the male leads. Dorian is wrong for her; Chaol does not seem to understand her at all. In fact, Chaol’s character is my one complaint- I mean not only is he completely unspectacular, but he’s also blindly loyal to an obviously megalomaniacal tyrant. He just infuriated me and was the reason I couldn’t give this a perfect rating.

Rating 4.5/5 bananas bananabananabananabanana half banana

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