Heir of Fire- Flash Review

Heir-of-Fire-UK(Ok, so this is later than I thought I’d get it out, but what can you do… )

This is my absolute favourite of the series by far. It adds so much depth to the world building. Finally I feel like we get the full picture- which goes to show you don’t have to reveal all your greatest plot points immediately. Instead, Maas has brilliantly let the story develop alongside the world building. Now that everything is clearer, I can see how brilliant her vision is. The fantasy is really exquisite and I am literally in love with how she has interpreted fae. It’s fabulously unique.

I love how much more scope there is to this book. The addition of the fae and the witches is wonderful. Individually, I thought Rowan, Aedin and Manon were some of the stand out characters of the whole series. Which is great, because often I feel like characters added later on are just there for exposition or to fill space (*ahem*- like half the characters in Feast for Crows).

On top of all this, there was an amazing twist at the end. I literally do not know how I’m going to wait until September for the next one!

Rating 5/5 bananas


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