Queen of Shadows- Flash Review

queen of shadowsI literally could not be more excited about this series! So even though my reading list is impossibly long, I had to read this right away when it came out. And I was not disappointed. (Bear with me as I no doubt rave about things I’ve most definitely raved about before).

I absolutely love how the characters and romance are developing. With every new book, I am astounded with how many great new characters Maas manages to add. On top of that, the love interests are getting even better. Maas has managed to skilfully divert the story away from falling into the silly love-triangle trap that so many YA books fall into and established some really solid foundations for some future love interests. I am particularly looking forward to what will become of Manon and Dorian’s connection! And I’m delighted that Aelin’s no longer interested in the sanctimonious hypocritical prig Chaol. I desperately want to see my new favourite character Aedion end up with Lysandra- or have an unbelievable romance with someone equally cool. Like everything else with this book, I can’t wait to see where Maas takes it.

What I love about the plot is that Maas always takes risks. The twist at the end with the king was fantastic. For a split second, I worried that they would leave him alive, but I was glad they didn’t. It was a good decision by the author, because not only did it make for a satisfying conclusion, but I love what it will mean for Dorian’s character. There is so much potential for his character development after that and I am super excited for it. On top of that, the witch’s story is becoming even more exciting. I love the depth it brings to the overall plot and how Maas is using it to bring even more characters into the fold. Like- whatever is going to become of Elodie… We shall have to wait and see! Now I just have to wait on tenterhooks for the next one. I swear, at this point, the only bad thing about this series is waiting 6 whole months for the next one!

Rating: 5/5 bananas

half bananahalf bananahalf bananahalf bananahalf banana

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