A Liberal Reading of Throne of Glass

Disclaimer: This is satire. If you are offended, then I recommend you watch Seinfeld, in the hope you pick up a sense of humour. All the ideas are my own, except for the ones that belong to Adina Holder, who I couldn’t have done this without 🙂

So without further ado, here is my liberal reading of “Throne of Glass”…

In Throne of Glass, Valg are depicted as evil, soul sucking, body stealing monsters. But are they really? Could it all just be a ploy by right-wing readers to keep us from seeing who the real victims are? Orangutan Librarian reports.

throneofglass series

While “Throne of Glass” is an enjoyable series, I can’t help but notice a glaring moral dilemma embedded in the narrative. For, every time a hero or heroine executes “justice”, is there not a possibility that they are actually perpetuating a terrible evil? An evil that, until now, has not been fully recognised. I propose that it is not the Valg who are the enemy- but those who refuse to see the other side of the debate. Because who, in all these books, is standing up for Valg rights? After all, the poor Valg don’t even have bodies to defend themselves! Clearly, the real issue here is the mistreatment of the Valg.

No one talks about the reasons the Valg want to migrate into a new world. Most probably, they are suffering back in their own lands. They should have refugee status. No, we should go further. Everyone should open up their body to share. It’s their human rights. And, yes, I say human because they can be human if they want to be. The Valg have always felt human, they have always acted human, they have always believed they were human. They’re just being who they really are. No one has the right to tell them they’re not. It’s disgraceful that the main characters in Throne of Glass deny them these basic rights. And racist. And homophobic. And probably misogynistic- because most things are misogynistic.

Of course, none of this gets any mention in the history books, because the world is human controlled. Obviously, this is down to the Jewish media and the evil Zionists. N.T.C Mite, of Conspiracy’s R Us, puts it most succinctly: “No doubt the Jews ate the Valg children and then covered it up with trite propaganda. But we know the truth! We are incredible for being the only ones to see the pattern and now we must teach the world.”

It certainly seems logical. The hidden signs of Zionism are everywhere: the stones the Terrasen’s lay at their graves, the references to their “homeland” and yada yada yada. And who’s to say the Terrasen holocaust ever happened? Not content with running this world, it seems the Jews have set their sights further, determined to control fantasy worlds too. Who knows where their reach will lead next? Perhaps Middle Earth or even (heaven forbid) Hogwarts.

I for one hope that Maas resolves this in the last two books- hopefully with the redemption of the Valg and all the main characters indicted for war crimes. Or I might be inclined to call her a racist.

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