PS I Still Love You Book Review

p-s-i-still-love-you-9781442426733_hr*With Spoilers*

It’ll come as no surprise (to some people) that I’m a massive sap. I love soppy romances and cutesy relationships- so I really enjoyed To All The Boys I Loved Before. (I know, I know, with a title like that I feel kinda guilty for liking it, but what can you do?) It definitely wasn’t a brilliant book and even though I could see all the reasons I shouldn’t like it, I fell in love with the mismatched couple and sweet characters. It just worked for me.

That was part of the reason I had high expectations for PS I Still Love You. Don’t get me wrong, I hardly expected it to be the next Shakespeare, but I did hope for more of the same things that it had in the first book. In some respects, it delivered: I loved how she developed the sister-relationships- their dynamic was even better in this book; I thought Lara Jean matured quite a bit as well, which I was happy about and was undeniably called for; and there were still some cutesy relationship moments.

So why was I left feeling disappointed?

Well, for starters all the romantic moments were not between the main character and her beau from the previous book. For some reason, Jenny Han decided that in this book, she was going to undo everything that worked in the relationship between Lara Jean and Peter she had built in the first book.  All the warmth between them had gone cold; all the chemistry fizzled out. It was depressing. I mean, Han had spent the whole book convincing us that their mismatched relationship *could* work. Then she decided to kill their romance. Inexplicably and without remorse.

That would have been bad enough- if she hadn’t decided to force this now apparently incompatible pair back together at the end of PS I Still Love You. I mean, just, what…? What was Han’s thought process when she wrote these books? Honestly, I was happy for Lara Jean and Peter to be together at the end of To All The Boys but by the end of PS I Still Love You, I couldn’t see them as a couple anymore. I assume that Han wanted to create some disillusionment and doubt in their relationship to make an exciting plot for the sequel, but the only problem is she did this too well. By the end of the book, I just felt deflated. That is not how I want to feel after (what promised to be) a cutesy romance.

Rating: 2.5 bananas

half bananahalf banana  half banana

9 thoughts on “PS I Still Love You Book Review

  1. For me it was the other way around. I liked TATBILB but I loved PSISLY. I see what you mean that she made us believe in a happily ever after with Peter on book 1. I liked the turn of events in book 2 because it made it more real for me. Despite that, these books for me were not so much about the romance but about sisterhood. That aspect of the book captivated me the most.

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    1. Yeah the second one felt more realistic to me- which I was actually fine with on the most part- it didn’t make me super excited, but I could live with it. What bothered me was that she got back together with Peter at the end of the book- which I didn’t buy at all. Oh definitely, that was the highlight of the book for me- especially cos she really built on the relationships in the second book.

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