Top Ten “Fluffy” YA Books List

Okay, so ever since I finished PS I Still Love You I’ve been thinking about writing a list of cutesy books that I really enjoyed. These aren’t necessarily the hard-hitting, gut-wrenching stories that I love- they’re more like the stories that got an aww from me- so don’t be surprised if there’s a great book with an absolutely sensational romance that I haven’t included. And you should probably stop reading if cheesy romances make you wanna throw up a little (just sayin’, you’ve been warned). Also, I should probably point out that this isn’t just YA contemporary.

isla and the happily ever afterIsla and the Happily Ever After

Obviously I had to include this book. I realise I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, cos I’ve mentioned it in so many tags lately. But I can’t help it! It’s just so danged CUTE! Seriously, everything about this book is gorgeous. I love the setting- everything from New York to Paris to Barcelona. I thought the characters were gorgeous. I know a lot of people had a problem with Isla’s indecision, but I really related to that. And, for some reason, I love romances where the protagonists secretly love each other for ages. It just makes me so happy when they *finally* get to have their moment together.

second chance summerSecond Chance Summer

I know this book is made up of literally all the clichés cobbled together- but I couldn’t help but sob my little heart out over this one. Yes, yes, I know this book was just designed to make you cry, so I guess I’m a complete sucker. But even if it is clichéd, it’s done well, so who can complain? It basically makes for the perfect summer read.

to all the boysTo All The Boys I Loved Before

What? I did tell you it was gonna be super cheesy books. Not gonna go into too much detail, cos I did a (pretty spoilery) review of the sequel recently (here). I just thought this book was lovely. I love the characters, the relationships (especially the sisterly bond) and the romance. It was quite a predictable plot, but it’s still really sweet to read about accidents of fate and mismatched couples. For me, that really works!

perfect chemistryPerfect Chemistry

This was a really popular book at one point. It pretty much does what it says on the tin- it’s basically just a cutesy romance about two (sort of) star-crossed lovers. It’s slightly more hard-hitting than other books on this list, but I’d still put it under the header of fluffy romance. That may be because I’ve been slightly influenced by how the other books in the series turned out (which was pretty much the same, but with less intensity).


Yup- I had a Meg Cabot phase. From what I understand everyone did, so I’m totally off the hook (I hope!). It’s also probably a bit strange to mention Cabot cos her books nearly always fall in the 3* category. I could pretty much mention any of her books, cos they all come under the header of “fluffy reads”, but this one was my favourite (cos of the magic, duh).

Iron Fey


Speaking of magic, I really enjoyed this series and loved what Kagawa did with fairy folk lore (which made me immensely disappointed about the train wreck that is Talon, but I digress). As long as you don’t take this too seriously, it’s a lot of fun and well worth reading. I thoroughly enjoyed the romance too. I’m currently looking forward to where she takes The Forgotten series next- it’s certainly taking a darker turn.

finding skyFinding Sky

Seriously, there are some titles you just can’t make up. Okay, obviously someone made up this title and ran with it, so clearly you can. But cheesy title aside, this book was an enjoyable read. Granted, it won’t be winning any awards any time soon, but if you’re looking for a light (and I mean really light) read, then this is the book for you. The series gets a bit predictable as it goes on, cos it’s a bit of a one-idea-wonder, but it never gets bad, and actually picks up around Misty Falls.


In light of Winter coming out, it makes sense for me to mention my favourite in the series so far (yup- I still haven’t had the chance to read Winter yet- I keep looking forlornly at it on my kindle and saying “soon, soon”). Anyway, a few people have mentioned that they didn’t like this one because Cress is sickly sweet (their words, not mine) and because they didn’t like the romance. But I disagree- it was my favourite because it is so cheesy. And I love me some cheese.

Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices

infernal devices

mortal instruments

Yup- I’m mentioning these two series together. Yup- I know that’s cheating. I always cheat in these things, but to be honest, though I *love* the relationships between Clary and Jace and Tess and Will, I have to admit they’re pretty similar. Still, they’re really fun reads and there’s loads of adventure in them. Obviously, I think the romances are really sweet (or I wouldn’t be mentioning them on this list) and I love how Clare is the master at pairing people off successfully. Seriously, there’s no room in her books for people that are forced together just because. So yeah these are great series and I really recommend them. And they’ve got fantastic world-building, so what’s not to love?

little womenLittle Women

Okay, not technically YA, but it *totally* counts. In fact, I think this is a fantastic book to read when you’re a teenager, because all the pains of growing up and first love are expressed so beautifully here. I’m kind of breaking my own rules, cos this definitely has some harder hitting themes, but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave this one out!

Gosh- that list felt a little like airing my dirty laundry or something. I did pretty much mention *all* my reading guilty pleasures in one go- so that’s no surprise I guess. Also, feeling a double helping of guilt cos I haven’t got to all (or pretty much any) of the tags and reviews I meant to do this week. Not to mention the reading that’s been stacking up… Ahh too much guilt! Here’s a video of a baby and puppy meeting to make it all better:

Feel free to let me know if you loved or hated any of these books below! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Top Ten “Fluffy” YA Books List

  1. I love this list!! I love some “fluffy” reads once in a while, it’s really relaxing and just great to make us feel all happy too 🙂 I only read Anna and the French Kiss, maybe I should read Isla, too, it seems like the same kind of story! 🙂 Second Chance Summer needs to be on my TBR, too, I loved all of the Morgan Matson’s books I’ve read, for now 😀


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