Top 20 Underrated Books: Part 1

Books you’ve probably never heard of…

So I thought for ages that I didn’t read underhyped books. Every time this question came up, I just thought “I don’t read any of those and if I do I don’t enjoy them”. But then after *a lot* of reflection and an extensive search of my goodreads list, I suddenly realised that there were loads of books I’ve read that most people have never heard of.

I also realised, pretty quickly, that I couldn’t fit this into just a top ten list. So I decided to do two lists. Welcoe to Part 1: “Books you’ve probably never heard of…” These are books that have seriously few ratings on goodreads that are well worth a look.

  1. Nemesis

nemesisThis is probably one of the most underhyped book on this list. I actually looked at its ratings on goodreads and saw that it only had 82 ratings! Just 82! So yeah, that definitely counts as underhyped. Maybe it’s got so few ratings just because it’s a bit old. Still, it would be nice if it had a revival cos it’s a great thriller. It’s not a new series, but I remember loving it as a teenager cos it’s a lot of fun and really gripping.

  1. Robert Swindells

Thabominationis was just one of those authors we had a million of their books in my school library. There are some really fantastic picks from this author, but I’m going to go with just two. First, Abomination, because it’s creepy as hell. Second, Brothers in the Land, because it brings you face to face with what would happen if nukes were actually fired. Swindell’s work is often dark and twisted, but really thrilling and well worth reading!

  1. The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose

The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza RoseI loved YA historical fiction by Mary Hooper when I was younger and I really remember particularly enjoying this one. And somehow it only has 1345 ratings! There’s also At The Sign of the Sugared Plum (which is a great name for a book) that’s in the same vein and I really recommend.


  1. Wolf Brother

Wolf_brotherThis is a really unusual fantasy set in a prehistoric era. It’s been a while since I read it, but I remember it being really exciting and well written. Definitely one to check out.



  1. Facing the Light

facing the lightMost of her books have just a few hundred ratings- which is shocking cos she was big at one stage. This one I particularly enjoyed and really recommend.



  1. The Drowning Pond

drowning pondI can’t believe this has just 55 ratings! I’m not going to say it’s incredible or anything (I gave it 3 stars) but it definitely is better than a lot of books out there. I found it really entertaining, pretty creepy and darker than I expected.



  1. Resistance

resistanceSomehow, this has just 44 ratings! It’s a compelling story set in occupied Norway and well worth a read because it’s full of action and really dramatic. And who doesn’t like a story where the fight is taken to the Nazis?



  1. Small Gains

small gainsThis is a bit of an unusual one. It’s another historical fiction that’s a bit out there. I enjoyed a lot of books by K M Peyton and am recommending it for people that are looking for something slightly different.



  1. The Tulip Touch

tuliptouchThis book had such an impact on me as a child and I cannot believe it just has 1500 ratings. Don’t expect too much from this, cos it is a children’s book, but thought I’d share it anyway (and who knows? Maybe you’re looking for something to recommend to your children) Also just look at how creepy that cover is!


  1. Secret of the Sirens

secret of the sirensYou may have heard of some other books by this author, or maybe one  under one of her many, many pseudonyms (I think she has about three- and I can’t figure out why, but whatever, I digress). But for some reason this book has just 3300 ratings. Which is weird cos it’s a pretty fun series. It’s a children’s book, so probably don’t expect too much hard hitting drama, but I recommend it for people that are looking for a bit of fun and a good adventure story.

That’s all for now, look out for part 2 coming soon! Let me know your thoughts- have you read any of these books? What are your underrated recommendations?

12 thoughts on “Top 20 Underrated Books: Part 1

  1. Oh my god I loooove Tulip Touch! I read it when I was younger and it somehow stuck to me so much until today! I’ve probably reread that book at leas three times, and now I just wanna reread it again :”)

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