Top 20 Underrated Books: Part 2

The best books you may never have heard of…

Okay, welcome to Part 2 of my list. I hope you enjoyed the Part 1- and if you haven’t seen it you can check it out here. I have to tell you I’m even more excited to share this list than the first one, because these books are *even* better. That being said, some of the books on this list are admittedly more well-known than ones on the first list. But who cares, cos they’re amazing, and deserve a little more love than they’re currently getting! So, without further ado, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce (at least some of you) to these brilliant books.


  1. The Doomspell

doomspellI was really surprised to see this has only got 1529 ratings, because it’s a lot of fun and has really excellent world building. I’m hoping it’s just not got as much attention because it’s old and loads of people my age have heard of it. But if you haven’t, check it out! You also can’t really go wrong with books by Cliff McNish. If you’re interested, I recommend his creepy ghost stories.


  1. I, Coriander

I_Coriander_coverI cannot believe that this has just 4993 ratings on goodreads!! This is a phenomenal book. It’s another YA historical fiction, but with a fantasy twist. I won’t say anymore in case I accidentally ruin it, but I seriously recommend this one if you haven’t read it.


  1. Chinese Cinderella

Chinese_CinderellaThis book is quite well known, but I thought I’d recommend it anyway for people who haven’t tried autobiographies (basically people like me who don’t usually try things like this). Chinese Cinderella is one of those books that’s just stuck in my mind, because it was just such a fantastic story, it takes you on an emotional rollercoaster and it has some of the most memorable scenes I’ve ever read. Fundamentally, though it can have some pretty dark moments, it is a story of hope.

  1. The Wind Singer

wind singerHow does this have just 12000 ratings? (I know that’s still big, but compared to others it’s small and deserved a shout out). I’m hoping that’s cos it’s old, because I’m sure this book was a huge deal at one stage. It’s got adventure and love and beautiful relationships. The world building is stellar too. I can’t recommend it enough!


  1. The Shadow of What Was Lost

shadow of what was lostWhy is this not the next big thing yet? Granted, it’s nothing new. But unlike so many other regurjitated fantasy books, this one is actually well written. It’s very tight and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. I actually cannot believe how underrated this book is- it only has 8000 odd ratings on goodreads and it’s amazing. I’m really hoping it gets the credit it deserves. So if you’re looking for an excellent fantasy book, look no further!

  1. Poison

c2813_poison_4cc_zI’ve mentioned this book before because I loved it so much when I read it. It left a huge impression on me because it’s so unusual and dark and quirky. And there’s a huge twist in the plot! Most people haven’t heard of it, but in my opinion, you won’t get a better dark “phaerie” tale.


  1. Charlotte Gray

charlotte grayYou may have heard of Birdsong, but have you read the much less well known Charlotte Gray? It has 6766 ratings compared to Birdsong’s 46611, and in my opinion, it’s a brilliant book. (I also recommend the film version- I love the ending in that adaptation)


  1. Hitler’s Canaries

hitler's canariesUndoubtedly, this is my favourite book set in WW2, but somehow it only has 692 ratings on goodreads. It is a wonderful story that really shows the depths of human kindness. I really can’t do justice to how much I love this book, so you’ll just have to go away and read it and you’ll see what I mean!


  1. A Company of Swans

a company of swansThis is another one where you may have heard of one or two of the author’s books, but might not have read others. And I really recommend you give these a try. Eva Ibbotson had such lyrical prose, exquisite characterisation and wonderful storytelling. You won’t regret reading any of her books!


  1. Daphne Du Maurier

frenchmans-creekAnd last, but certainly not least, Daphne Du Maurier is one of my mum’s favourite authors- you may have heard of Rebecca but have you heard of Frenchman’s Creek or The King’s General? Amazing books! They’re well worth picking up!



So that’s it for this list- hope you liked it!

Did you recognise any of the books on this list? What books do you think deserve more hype? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

9 thoughts on “Top 20 Underrated Books: Part 2

  1. Oh, I’ve actually read one this time- A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson: I really enjoyed it. I have also heard of I, Coriander, although I haven’t read it.

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  2. I used to love Eva Ibbotson’s books, have you ever read Journey to the River Sea? Plus I’ve only read one book by Daphne Du Maurier which is The Scapegoat… it’s not an excellent book but the premise is really interesting. Great post! 🙂

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    1. Yup- I love that book 🙂 Yeah I don’t like everything by Daphne Du Maurier (I wasn’t a fan of Jamaica Inn) but the two I mentioned in this post are great, and since you haven’t read it, I recommend her most well known book: Rebecca. It’s phenomenal!

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