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It’s official. My tags list is getting downright scary. Hopefully I’ll get round to doing more of them around the holidays! Or when I have more time! Okay, so no more excuses, welcome to the Childhood Book Tag, which was created by rivermoose books– who kindly tagged me to do this (ages ago!)


  1. First book you remember reading on your own?

Harry_Potter_and_the_Philosopher's_Stone_Book_CoverLike Rivermoose reads, my answer is fairly cliché: Harry Potter. I’ve mentioned this on my blog before, but it was the first “big” book I ever read, after it was recommended to me by a friend when I was 7. I devoured the first three (the only ones that were out at the time) in one sitting. And from there, my love of reading began!


  1. First book you remember having your parents read to you?

doggerErmm I don’t really remember my parents reading to me- although my mum assures me she read to all her children- I must have been really young to have forgotten completely! Maybe Dogger, cos I loved that book- it was my favourite as a child. But I remember reading that to myself a lot (incidentally, I was reading aloud and my brother came in and told me to read in my head- so I wasn’t at the “read it aloud” stage for very long).


  1. Book you read because of your parents? Because of a friend?

rebeccaThere are so many! The top picks from my mum are Return of the Native, East of Eden and Heidi. I think Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier was the first big book she recommended me.

I kind of already answered my first pick from a friend- and if I mention any more the list will go on forever!


  1. Favourite book from school?

all my sonsThis is so hard! Because I loved so many! I’ve mentioned To Kill a Mockingbird before, so how about All My Sons by Arthur Miller (technically a play, but whatever). It’s really dramatic and the characterisation is phenomenal. I loved it.



  1. Favourite book in elementary?

northern lightsI’m assuming Elementary is Primary School? I reckon it was Northern Lights at that point- cos it’s unbelievably awesome!



  1. In Middle school?

sabrielI have no idea when Middle School is…. Okay, I’ve looked it up and it’s the first few years of High School. So my answer’s easy: Sabriel. I was absolutely obsessed with this series and used to get the books out of my library (both school and public) every few weeks. Actually, I used to alternate because my friend was obsessed with it too- so if I couldn’t get hold of it, I knew she was probably rereading it.


  1. In high school?

judeProbably Jude the Obscure by Hardy, cos I was obsessed with Hardy at that point (I know, typical teen, obsessed with all things dark and miserable) and that was my favourite by him. That being said, it’s still in my top picks, and you can read my review here.


  1. Book you gave up on as a kid that you’d like to revisit?

Well, I didn’t really give up on books as a child- I was pretty obstinate about finishing everything- so I can’t think of anything to be honest. It’s only more recently that I’ve decided not to bother.

  1. Book you checked out from the library the most as a kid?

nemesisApart from Sabriel? Probably the Nemesis series, cos I was addicted to that too.



  1. Book you made all your friends read?

twilightOkay, this is probably my biggest point of shame- but when Twilight became popular, I passed the book around my entire year (about 60 people) so I feel somewhat responsible for infecting everyone. No excuses. I wasn’t even a super fan, I just happened to read them before they were cool (cos I’m a total hipster) and liked that I was the one to share it (okay, that was totally an excuse). But yeah, this was my most memorable recommendation, though it certainly wasn’t my best.

11.The book that made you love reading?

Gonna have to say Harry Potter again.

  1. Favourite middle grade read?

holesAgain, not really sure what this is, but I’ve looked it up and seen Holes on a list and I liked that a lot when I was in primary school- does that count?



  1. Favourite young adult read?

we were liarsHaha there is no way I can pick a single favourite!! Because I just love so many- apart from all the ones I’ve already listed in this post, I’m gonna recommend We Were Liars for anyone that hasn’t read it, just cos it’s great and if you haven’t checked it out you probably should. That said, that book is like marmite, so there’s no guarantee you’ll like it (NB for all you readers over in the states, marmite is something you either love or you hate, though admittedly, I’m indifferent to it)

14. First long series you read as a kid?

Unquestionably Harry Potter

15. How did you learn to read? How old were you?

peter and janeI honestly don’t remember! I can remember what I mentioned earlier about my brother telling me to read in my head, but before that, I really can’t recall. They taught us when I was in Kindergarten (preschool for everyone in the states)- so I was either 3 or 4. And I think they taught us with a book called Peter and Jane- particularly Peter and Jane go to the Seaside– don’t ask me how I remember that!


16. How obssessed were you with the scholastic book fairs as a kid?

dear zooOh my god I loved them!! My mum used to buy each of us a book from the scholastic fair! It was always so hard choosing which one, so when I got older I used to save up money from my birthday so I could buy more! I remember getting so excited about picking up this Dear Zoo book one year 🙂


That was a great little trip down memory lane!

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21 thoughts on “Childhood Book Tag

  1. I’ve never read Holes or seen the movie, but everyone seems to love it and is always so surprised when I mention that I have no idea what it’s about… I guess I should probably get around to reading it eventually! Thanks so much for tagging me! 😀

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  2. Thanks for the tag! I really want to read We Are Liars; it’s been sitting in my Amazon cart for ages, but I’ve never gotten around to purchasing it.

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