2015 Blogger Awards

You may have already heard already that the Ambivert did a fantastic thing and created the 2015 Blogger Awards. If you haven’t check out her post here. I’m very excited to share the love for my fellow bloggers, so let’s crack on! This is a great opportunity to give a shout out to the bloggers that maybe don’t get as much attention as they should 🙂

Rules and Info

– You can nominate someone for multiple awards
– The blogger of the year, and the blog of the year are the most important awards, so please think about those before the other ones.
– Please nominate people and link back to the original post (click here), don’t just comment under any of other posts or under anyone’s reblogged posts.
– The deadline for nominating people is the thirtieth of December 2015, at midnight GMT time.
– The Ambivert will post the winners of the awards the day after, on the 31st December, so look out for that!
– This is for all age bloggers, but I have a feeling it will be just us teenagers!
– The tag for the 2015 Blogger Awards is 2015BloggerAward spread it around!!

My Nominees

blogger of the year
– Blogger of the year: Zezee

Just great at sharing the love, all-round fantastic posts and really wonderful insights. I highly recommend you check out her blog if you haven’t already!

blog of the year
– Blog of the year: My Tiny Obsessions

I feel like this one’s gonna get loads of nominations- because it’s just a great blog!

kindest blogger
– Kindest blogger: Codie

For all your kind words!

best adviser
– The blogger who gives the best advice: Matthew Wright

His whole blog is dedicated to giving expert writing advice- so definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for pro-tips, or even if you’re just looking for writing prompts.

newbie blogger
– The newbie : The Ambivert

Because she’s new to the game and came up with this fantastic idea!

prettiest blogger
– Prettiest blog : Ellis Nelson

Because her blog just makes me go “wow!”

helpful blog
– The helper :Embuhlee

For great tips and sharing the love 🙂

optimistic blogger

– Most optimistic blogger : LibroLiv

Okay, those are my nominations- go check ’em out! The only problem is I wish was that there were loads more categories to nominate loads more bloggers!



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