Snow Like Ashes Book Review

snow like ashesAs I mentioned in in my Dashing Through the Snow post, I just finished this book. I whizzed through it one evening. Which is great- because I love things that are fast paced. What was not so great is that when I finished I did not feel like I’d connected with it as much as I wanted to.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the drama, the action and the concept. The world building in particular had me going “wow!” But, as good as all that was, world building is not going to keep me up at night, itching for more.

Some of the characters were well developed (especially Meira) but a lot of them were pretty flat. Most of the side characters could have been anyone- they were basically just names and nothing more. Then there was Mather. My goodness he was dull. The narrative relied wayyy too much on convincing the reader how much Meira liked him- and yet he may as well have been a big hunk of man candy, cos he had no personality beyond that. I just found him really, really boring. It didn’t help that he was compared to someone like Theron- who in comparison was fairly interesting. But he also wasn’t someone to set my heart racing, because, let’s face it, he was just there to shoehorn in a love triangle conflict- which was soo not appreciated.

In terms of plot, it was pretty solid. While I liked a lot of the drama, I found the whole “I don’t want to get married thing” got really old, really fast. As I said, I didn’t connect with her love interests, so I really found it hard to care about all that. Then there were the supposed *shockers* in the plot (you know, where the not nice guy does something, well, not nice) which was pretty underwhelming. And the main twist turned out to be exactly what I thought it was- which is not always such a bad thing, but it didn’t get me all excited like some of the big twists I’ve read recently. Mostly because it was fairly predictable.

So, yeah, clearly I wasn’t terribly impressed by it. I kept comparing it to Throne of Glass- which isn’t such a bad thing. Because I have confidence that it will get better in the sequels- so I’ll definitely be watching this space for more. I have high hopes that the series can go in interesting directions and am confident it will keep me future instalments will be entertaining, if nothing else. It just didn’t have the emotional punches it needed to make me happy just yet.

Rating: 3 ½ /5 bananas

half bananahalf bananahalf banana  half banana

Bit odd that I’m giving the exact same rating twice in a row, but I kind of have to give it that because while it was a solid 3 bananas, it deserves extra kudos for the incredible world-building. Also, look at that incredible cover!


19 thoughts on “Snow Like Ashes Book Review

  1. Ugh, the dreaded Love Triangle! It doesn’t even sound like it’s an interesting love triangle, which is worse than even having a love triangle. Besides that the book sounds interesting and worth a read. This is a dystopian right? I really enjoyed this review, short and sweet.

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    1. Haha no it wasn’t- I almost deducted loads of bananas just for that! Luckily, it was a short book so I wasn’t reading it long enough to be properly annoyed about that- another 100 pages and I’d have been enraged. And there wasn’t too much focus on that, so it wasn’t such a big issue for me. Actually no, it’s fantasy set after a kingdom’s been destroyed- although the cover looks fairly dystopic. Thanks very much! 🙂

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      1. The cover does look dystopic, but that’s a nice switch from the popularity of dystopians this year, and last year. Haha, that book is lucky it didn’t receive a banana peel, but I’m glad that the book wasn’t centered around the love triangle.

        You’re welcome! 🙂

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        1. Yeah- I’m still wondering *when* that craze is gonna fizzle out. I mean, I like dystopias, but they’ve got to have a point, and not a lot of them do right now, which is annoying.
          haha- it wasn’t that bad- I mean, I got through it without sighing to myself and everything :p

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          1. I think next year. Most of the new releases next year are going to be time travel novels and high fantasy, except the continuations to dystopian series. Lol, soooo true! Some dystopians don’t make sense, while others don’t make sense and are pointless.
            That’s an achievement 😀

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  2. I kept comparing it to Throne of Glass too but I prefer Snow Like Ashes to Throne of Glass though. Judging from these first books, I find Meira more believable than Celaena (I’m probably misspelling names here) and totally think she can take Celaena in a fight. 😉

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    1. haha no one can take Celaena in a fight! Actually judging from the first one I’d have said Throne of Glass marginally beat Snow Like Ashes, but now I’ve read four in the series, I’d say there’s no question that I prefer Throne of Glass. I also think Celaena’s character is more developed in later books in the series. But I see what you mean, cos I think the world building is better from book 1 in Snow Like Ashes. Meira is a great character though- I just prefer more bombastic, insane characters like Celaena. But yeah, I’m coming from the totally biased view of having read more in the Throne of Glass series- which, honestly gets a million times better in books 2 and 3 🙂


      1. Lol lol, yea. I said that to see your response because you TOG fans do stand by your Celeana but I stand by it too because I only read the first TOG book and Celaena wasn’t very strong in it. But I’m curious so I might pick up book 2 in the new year.

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        1. hahaha well I totally fell for that then :p I just really like the balance of Celaena’s character- that her faults perfectly reflect her nature- she’s arrogant because she’s really gifted and awesome (which becomes more apparent as the series develops) and because of some spoilery things I can’t talk about. I really respect a well crafted, well thought out character- so that’s why I’m totally sold on Celaena. But I definitely wasn’t sold until I read books 2 and 3, so I get where you’re coming from. Maas realy steps up her game in those two. I feel like unlike Snow Like Ashes, it’s more of a slow burning series- but then the whole thing just ignites! If you’d told me after book 1 that I would absolutely love the series and rate it among the best of the year I’d have definitely laughed. But now I’m totally sold and a predictable TOG fangirl :p

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          1. That’s where I am now – ambivalent about the series – but everyone says to read book 2 before hopping off the train so I will. Her balance of character is one of the popular reasons I’ve seen for why many like her character.

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    1. Oh I’m definitely up for that- it was definitely good enough for me to want to continue, and as I said, comparing it to Throne of Glass made me think there’s a good chance it gets better 🙂 I’m glad you said that- cos that makes me even more eager to continue 🙂

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