Vampire Academy Book Review

vampire academyAlrighty- welcome to my first book review of 2016!

For the most part, this was a pretty decent book- nothing too special, nothing too crazy. I had very low expectations, so it was highly unlikely it was going to disappoint me. But then it didn’t exactly surprise me in any way. When I was thinking whether to do a review of this, I pretty much checked everything off in my head: the characters were fine, the romance was standard and the plot was mediocre.

So why am I bothering to do this review? Well, there was one huge issue that left me with a gazillion question marks. And that was the world building. While Rose’s personal motivations are understandable, because of her friendship with Lissa, I literally do not get the world Mead has created here. The lore for this book makes no sense.

Because the whole vampire/guardian thing does not work.

I mean, I sort of get the fact that half-vampires (Dhampir) want to kill evil vampires (Strogoi), but c’mon why would they want to save the “nice” vamps (Moroi). I mean, the Moroi may have special powers and everything, but they’re still vampires. Why would the Dhampirs care about that? They’re half human after all- so where’s their humanity? I mean, vampires are glorified parasites for crying out loud. So why would the Dhampir want to protect them?

Oh that’s right- Mead answers that question by explaining that the only way the Dhampirs can reproduce is by sleeping with the Moroi. Riiiight. Cos that makes total sense… Oh no wait- it doesn’t. I mean- at what point did Dhampirs decide that having children was worth protecting with parasites?  Do they think their race is so important?

The simple answer to that is no. The Dhampir are pretty much fine with being second class citizens and looked down on by the Moroi. I mean, the Dhampirs literally get compared to mules for crying out loud. But it’s all a-ok, because the Moroi do them a *massive* favour by helping them reproduce- right? *Heavy sarcasm* What is going on here?!?

And of course, as well as having no chance with the snooty Moroi, there are silly rules in place so no Dhampir can go off with another Dhampir (cue obvious angst for future books) so there’s no way of them ever having a decent relationship. As if this sucky situation couldn’t get any worse. Remind me why the Dhampir go along with this again? Can anyone please explain this to me??

So yeah, not a terrible book, and definitely not the worst one I’ve ever read about vampires. But the world-building has no logic- it’s almost as bad as sparkly vampires… almost…

Rating: 2.5 bananas

half bananahalf banana  half banana

24 thoughts on “Vampire Academy Book Review

  1. Twilight made me avoid any modern attempt at vampires, and I know so many people who love this series, but it just didn’t seem promising. From the sound of it based on this review, I think the illogical nature of the series would drive me insane.


  2. I like this review. I haven’t read it yet, only saw the movie. But from what I saw in the movie, I didn’t get it either. Dhampir are looked down upon, and yet they are the defenders. Like the Moroi and their magic isn’t enough? The movie left out the reproduction, except that Dhampir were half Moroi, so it was obviously possible for them to conceive. I liked it primarily for the Rose/Dimitri arc, but know (from reading spoilers) that their romance isn’t really found until Mead is done with her story. That alone makes me doubt I want to read the series. But you’re right, it’s definitely better than sparkling vampires and women with no gumption to take control of their lives… 😊

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      1. I tried very hard to make the world I created in my books understandable and practical. Perhaps I didn’t, but I definitely didn’t dive into weird hierarchical rules like these young adult urban fantasy books are.

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        1. I’m sure it’s great 🙂 I don’t think it’s so hard anyway- usually the issue with YA is that they overcomplicate things. Vampire Academy would have worked if she’d not had such batty reasoning for their relationship. Out of interest, what kind of world did you create? I saw on your blog that it was urban fantasy/paranormal- which is awesome 😀

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          1. Thanks for the interest. The world is supernatural, but humans are unaware (hence urban fantasy). Their world is full of all kinds of creatures (vampires, were-animals, witches, etc), but it’s in ruin. Back before the seventeenth century there were twelve witches with a special kind of power that made them like royalty, because they were capable of protecting everything else. But they were killed. Trust is a rare thing in the world these days. The books start with Aisling learning she’s a witch, but she doesn’t know what that means. Turns out, she’s the first Earthen in centuries, and there’s plenty of people that want her power.

            I have three novels published now, with more to come. The books are free, if you’d like to read them. 😊

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  3. Sparkly vampires OMG I never ever want to read about sparkly vampires ever again for as long as I read I hate them so so much STEPH I’M SORRY BUT I HATE YOUR BOOK WITH A VENGEANCE.


    Richelle Mead recently came out with Soundless, didn’t she? I’m thinking of reading that next, but it seems quite different to what she’s already read, what with Vampires, etc, and now coming over to Soundless. Have you read Soundless yet? Should I read this first? It seems like you didn’t like this one though

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    1. hahaha yes!! I could have gone my whole life without ever having thought about what would happen when you mix vampires and glitter- I would have been so happy- but Meyer had to destroy that dream forever! And now I have to picture hideously ugly shirtless Edward because of the dumb movies as well- whyy?? It burns my eyes!!! (Ok I could go on like this forever)
      Yeah that sounds really good and I want to try it. To be honest she’s not a bad writer. I mean, I had no problem with her writing ability- her book was nothing special, but it wasn’t terrible (it was just the idea that was terrible). But to be honest, I think Soundless has a better concept- but, then, I haven’t read it so I really don’t know (gosh that answer was really inconclusive)

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  4. Yay! Great first review of the new year! But, I’ve never had any intentions to read this series because it seemed awful. I too shy away from Vampire books after the whole Twilight debacle, and this review just solidified my never reading this series. Thank you 😀

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  5. This is great! I’ve never read the series, and you’ve managed to let me know that a) it’s not for me (despite the fact that I do sometimes enjoy good vampire fiction) and b) the plot makes as little sense as I’d understand from hearing people talk about it.


  6. Lol I didn’t even consider that when I read it but now you mention it, it really doesn’t make sense that they protect the moroi. I was more focused on Rose when I read it and also that psychic link with Lissa, which I think is creepy. If I was Lissa, I’d be pissed.

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