Bookish Resolutions

Is it too late for some bookish resolutions? Probably. But I don’t care. I think now that some of January’s gone, I have a clearer idea of what kind of things I wanna read this year. This will only be a quick update, because I only have three, so let’s get to it!

resolution 1

Basically I want to read more classics and acclaimed books. I mean I know I read quite a few last year, but not as many as I usually do and not as many as I would have liked. I felt like I went for quantity over quality last year. Granted, I understand that was because I was feeling wiped after finishing uni, but now uni has been finished for 6 months and I’m still reading a lot of rubbish. I mean, it’s halfway through January, I’ve already read too many rubbish books. Honestly, I’d prefer if I just never read another rubbish book for the rest of my life, but you can’t always help these things.


resolution 2

This will be more of a challenge, because I always feel like buying more. But I think it’s about time I read more of the books I actually own instead of going to the library and restocking at which ever book store I stumble into.


resolution 3

Which is another reason for writing this post. Because I have an announcement. I have decided I have wayyy to many tags lying around that I just need to do already. So the plan? Tag week! Yup, that’s right, I’m doing an impromptu tag week in an effort to get my ginormous tags list down. Granted, I don’t think I’ll get through all of them anyway. But it’ll be a start! The plan is for 1 tag post a day for the next week- which might be tricky given that I have a lot on this week :/ – I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this goes- wish me luck!

19 thoughts on “Bookish Resolutions

  1. Is it ever too late for resolutions? I don’t think December 31/January 1 has a monopoly on creating goals for yourself; a new year is simply an easy time to reflect and feel like you have a clean slate. You can achieve your goals beginning at any time of the year, month, or day. Happy reading!

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    1. Nope- completely agree- in reality I don’t actually do new years resolutions, I usually stick to mid year’s ones. But I think given that goodreads lets me track my reading by year, it’s a good time to try and figure out what I’m gonna do about my absolutely enormous tbr! Thanks for commenting- happy reading 😀

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  2. Good luck! I need to stick with number two as well. I keep checking out books from the library when I have at least twenty at home I need to read.
    I feel you about classics though. After I graduated from college, I read only “rubbish”. I majored in English, so I read a lot of classics. I have set a goal of 3 classics a month this year, so hopefully I can stick with that.

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    1. Thanks! Me too- it’s like an illness- I just can’t help myself!
      Yeah exactly- I also studied English at Uni, and after that I just felt like reading something completely different. But now I’ve gone too far the other way and haven’t read a good classic for ages :/ I need to do something about that.


  3. You’re second resolution is actually apart of a challenge I’m doing, and I absolutely agree with your first resolution. Last year was seriously lackluster for me in the reading arena, so hopefully this year quality will rule. Good luck!

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