Wine Book Tag!

Day 5 of impromptu tag week!! Thanks to Embuhlee for this tag! And as an added twist- I’m gonna have a glass of wine while I drink, I mean write this, so don’t be surprised if I get my words muddled up :p

The Questions:

  1. Box Wine – a book that people will judge you for liking but you like it anyway!

never kiss a rakeHmmm straight away with the embarrassing questions! I secretly quite liked Never Kiss A Rake– it has to be one of my guiltiest pleasures!




  1. Organic Wine – a book that doesn’t have any added crap in it and is just written perfectly.

we were liarsWe Were Liars- it’s probably a weird one to pick, because for some people, this has loads of added crap. But to me, all that added crap just makes it one of the most perfectly crafted books I’ve ever read- if that makes sense. Boy- the wine must be getting to me already!



  1. Gluehwein – a really spicy, wintry read.

snow like ashesErmm I’m gonna go with Snow Like Ashes, cos it’s a really fast tempo, exciting read. And it has “snow” in the title- so I win!




  1. Sauvignon Blanc – a really sharp and aggressive read that you couldn’t put down!

the martianHow about The Martian– it’s really popular at the moment- and for good reason!





  1. Pinot Noir – a book you didn’t expect much from but ended up getting blown away!

red queenWell, because of all the hype, I really didn’t expect much from Red Queen– but I was actually pleasantly surprised. I also think the same could be said of The Young Elite– but that was cos I didn’t much like the Legend series.



  1. Chardonnay – a good summer read that was super-zesty?

to all the boysTo All the Boys I’ve Loved Before– it’s a great summer read- though I’m not sure it’s the zestiest book though…




  1. Rose – a book that has a little bit of everything in it.

carry onCarry On by Rainbow Rowell- I know I mention this book a lot, but one of the reasons is cos it’s got *everything* you could possibly want in a book in it. Don’t believe me? Check out my top ten reasons you should read it.



  1. Shiraz – A full-bodied book that is dark and juicy

Trudi_Canavan_The_High_Lord_coverGonna go with The High Lord by Trudi Canavan- just cos. It’s the third in the Black Magician Trilogy, and I’ve always said that series gets better as it goes along- because, well, it just does.



  1. Merlot – a smooth easy read with a soft finish.

secret countessEasily Secret Countess– I can’t say how many times I’ve read this book. It’s just one of those very satisfying, light reads.




  1. Champagne – Your Favourite Book

How do I pick something like that? Don’t be silly! That’s like asking me to pick a favourite child or something!

Okay, that’s that- I tag:

Marwhal Reads

Emma The Book Lover

Flowless Books

Books at Dawn


My Tiny Obsessions

Creatyve Books


Rapture in Books

Galaxial World

Enchanted Readers



And anyone else that fancies it! No pressure to do it! And if you’ve done it, feel free to send me the link so I can check it out 🙂


24 thoughts on “Wine Book Tag!

  1. Annette says:

    I keep meaning to try Eva Ibbotson, partly because she’s living her in the UK and partly because her YA stories always have a historical beat and some romance to them! RE Never Kiss a Rake, I’ve not read anything by Anne Stuart before, but I love the sounds of this trilogy. I might just have to try it! Great tag post honey, hope you enjoyed the wine!

    Liked by 1 person

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