Four in Four Parts

Four_A_Divergent_Collection_cover*With spoilers*

When I first read Divergent, I loved Four as a character, and then Allegiant came along and ruined it all. But still clinging to the idea of the character I had loved, I made the rather silly mistake of picking up the Four collection of stories from my local library. And then I made the even bigger mistake of reading them. Whoops.

So that’s why you get to read this review of each of the stories. Because it’s linked so heavily with the Divergent series, I’m afraid I can’t talk about this collection without massive spoilers for Divergent, Insurgent and Alliegant- so you have been warned.

The Transfer

Well this was interesting enough- I suppose saying I enjoyed seeing his relationship with his father in detail wouldn’t be quite right, but it was done well. The intensity was just right and it was not too heavy handed with the issue. I also liked the way Roth showed how conflicted he was about his decision. I thought that was even better than when Tris made her decision. Unlike Tris, he had a good reason to leave, so it wasn’t just about being true to himself- there were other emotions at play that made for a good story.

Rating: 4 bananas

half bananahalf bananahalf bananahalf banana

The Initiate

I also liked this part, although it did go over old ground and wasn’t nearly as dramatic as Divergent. But it was good to see his relationship with Eric and Amar. My main issue with this part was that it reminded me how much I *hated* that Four was not supposed to be Divergent in Allegiant. Honestly, having read this story, I can’t see how it makes sense. He’s just as good at playing the system as Tris. And there’s no alternative explanation. Except that he was told what to expect by his father in the first one- but that doesn’t explain why he can manipulate the simulation, cos everyone else knows it’s not real too. Even more importantly, he shows signs of having more than one trait. He’s definitely got elements of Abnegation, Dauntless and even Erudite. If we’re supposed to believe (from Allegiant) that he’s brain damaged to only have one trait, then this doesn’t add up. I’m not saying I didn’t like this one, I’m just saying it makes Allegiant make even less sense.

Rating: 3 bananas

half bananahalf bananahalf banana

The Son

Gosh this part was pointless and unnecessary. It would have made so much more sense if Roth had just made it so Four did not know his mother was alive in Insurgent and found out when Tris did. That would have made for better reading. In terms of the writing, I felt like Four’s reaction went too quickly from shock and anger to acceptance and forgiveness- which was not good.

Rating: 2 bananas

half bananahalf banana

The Traitor

I really did not enjoy this part. This made it seem like he knew wayyy more than he seemed to in the book. I mean, how could he know about the attack before it happened? How could Marcus have known and not done anything? Roth also didn’t need to include their reunion- again that would have been better without it. Also, it just went over old ground- and not in a good way. By this stage, I’ve also realised I do not like being in Four’s head. I don’t know why, but for some reason Roth makes his voice sound really robotic. Which I guess is my biggest problem with Roth’s treatment of Four in the books and in this collection- she just doesn’t do it justice.

Rating: 1 banana

half banana

Huh- looks like I’ve been docking bananas as I went along- that’s disappointing. Let’s end on a positive note then:

four character

Isn’t he pretty? Also- on a more serious note- what do you think about Four? What do you think of what Roth did to his character?

19 thoughts on “Four in Four Parts

  1. I love Four in Divergent and Insurgent too but when I got to Allegiant he frustrated me as he was so upset that he was not 100% divergent like Tris so I kind of detached from his character in Allegiant a bit. Some people may enjoy this novella bind up but for me personally I just didn’t think it was neccessary..

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    1. Yeah oh my goodness- I agree so much! It totally ruined his character for me- and it didn’t even make sense. It also made Tris the “special snowflake” character- cos she was the only “proper” divergent. Which irritated me so much. Nor did I- I really had no intention of reading it- I just saw it there and picked it up and once I started I just wanted to know what happened :/

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  2. I actually rated this four stars in Goodreads and I didn’t know why because I agreed with most of the things you mentioned.
    Granted, I listened to it in audio so maybe that makes the difference. Four was actually one of the very few audiobooks I managed to complete, which is an accomplishment by itself. lol. You mentioned that Roth made Four sounds robotic, and I suppose the audio narrator managed to inject a personality into his otherwise sterile characterization. Just a guess.

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  3. Great post! I totally agree with everything you said! I love Four in Divergent and Insurgent but Allegiant left me a bit dissapointed. I was really excited when I found out about the fourth book ‘Four’ and I found it really interesting reading about his background. Loved the bananas 🙂 xxx

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  4. Love the banana take on it haha!! Four.. hmmmm he got cast really well!! *cough cough* I like him the best in the whole series though and yes his best role is as the ultimate transfer. Um I haven’t read Allegiant yet since I knew Tris dies it put me off, but if its going to leave low opinion of Four, should I keep reading? lol.

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    1. haha thanks very much! Yeah me too 🙂 yeah it wasn’t great- shame it was spoiled for you with that though. I wasn’t crazy about how she handled Four 😦 I’m not gonna recommend it, but if since you’ve read the others you might be curious anyway

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  5. I loved Four in Divergent and Insurgent but agree things went a bit wrong in Allegiant. I do particularly love him in the films and I get the feeling they’ve changed things in Allegiant (I’m basing this on the trailer) so hopefully it’ll be better.

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