Oh my goodness I have some *MASSIVE* announcements!!!

Firstly I yesterday I wrote my 100th post!! (Sadly the post had 99 in the title- some things you can’t plan).

100 posts

Secondly– and this is the big one- I hit 300 followers!!! I literally cannot believe it!!!!! Thanks so much guys!! I am really grateful to all of you!!!


(*Brief pause to do a little happy dance*)

Okay, now I’m done, mostly- I swear I’m gonna try and not fill up this post with too many *squeals* cos I’m not done making announcements…

Thirdly, in honour of these huge landmarks, I’ve decided to do an exquisite corpse post. A little while back I was inspired by Elm’s post and thought it would be a really cool idea to try out on here.

So the way this is gonna work is simple (I hope). I will write out several fragments of sentences. All you have to do is choose a sentence to follow on from, write it in the comments and I will cobble something together from whatever you write. Write whatever you like- the crazier the better!! And don’t worry about using the same prompts- I will include whatever you write (though I may juggle around its position).

This could work or it could be the most horrible thing I ever do- who knows? “We’re all in it together!” If you have any questions let me know!

So without further ado, here are the bits to follow on from:

  1. She had two…
  2. She could not abide the girl so she…
  3. Now he decided to…
  4. They called her, saying…
  5. When the happy day arrived, they set off to…
  6. It was changed into…
  7. She then gave her…
  8. When she arrived, everyone thought…
  9. He approached her and…
  10. A few days later he announced that…
  11. When she saw this she said:
  12. Once it was over she…

And now- *drumroll please*- over to you!

91 thoughts on “Announcements!!!

  1. Congratulations!!! This is indeed a milestone worth celebrating! 😀

    And… here’s my contribution. 😀

    “”A few days later he announced that… he will quit his job. He’s worn out with his boss’ loud mouth and his daily chaotic tasks. “It’s your turn to work now,” he said to his wife.


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  2. First, MANY CONGRATS ON THE FOLLOWERS! Well deserved 😀

    And second, I like a challenge. See what you can do with that random jumble of sentences I am giving you:
    “She had two mirrors set up in front of her. One was dull and showed her reflection, the other a more twisted world. She reached out, feeling the cold surface give way at the touch of her hand.”

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  3. Congratulations and I happy to be one of your 300 followers.

    Ooh a story to tell. 🙂 I create little bedtime stories for my nieces all the time. Ok. Here goes…

    “When the happy day arrived, they set off to…” the mystical woods to find that special flower that they wanted. It was the kind that had all the colors of the rainbow. But when they found it, the flower was too big to bring back to the castle.

    Ok I was about to go with this. lol. The rainbow colors is for my nieces because they love rainbows. 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome. My nieces and I would’ve added more about how these princesses (because my niece are always a princess in the stories)… they would’ve had a bench made with some sort of flower garden around the big flower so that it wouldn’t be lonely.

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  4. Congratulations! Your blog is SO deserving of its 300 followers, with many, many more to come. Plus, your comments section for this post has positively exploded.

    What a fun idea to celebrate with prompts!
    5 When the happy day arrived, they set of to see if Alexander at McDonald’s would give them a couple of free fountain drinks.

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  5. I hope its not too late. I was hit with a mood to complete things XD
    When she arrived, everyone thought… that she looked like Professor Trelwany from Harry Potter in a batgirl suit.
    He approached her and…and got kicked in the you know where. He regretted it in the process.
    A few days later he announced that… he was going to sell his apartment to live in a tree house.
    When she saw this she said, “Blimey you sure got going fast!”

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