The Snack Food Book Tag

Hiya again! As I mentioned in my last post, I have quite a few tags to get through, so it should come as no surprise that I’m taking the time to tackle another one. Thank you so much to the amazing creator of this tag Lucia for tagging me!

  1. chocolate covered pretzelsChocolate covered Pretzels- a book couple you never thought would work/get together

double crossOkay- first can I say how delicious that sounds! Well my first instinct was the same as Lucia’s (the one from Queen of Shadows), but just to mix things up, I’m gonna go with Callie and Tobey from Double Cross (the third in the Noughts in Crosses series). When I read the Checkmate I really did not see them working together, but by the end of Double Cross I was completely sold!


  1. pringlesPrunegales (see what I did there? the names trademarked so I couldn’t use it)- an addictive book you can’t get enough of

Throne_of_Glass_UKHaha- firstly I love “prunegales”! They’re totally addictive. Secondly there are too many to count for this one! I think I’ll go with the Throne of Glass series, cos I’m somewhere in the middle of it and am completely addicted!


  1. trail-mixTrail mix- a book with a variety of characters

Game_of_thronesGame of Thrones!! I mean, there are so many different characters in this series! And they are all so wonderfully different- from the villains to the heroes, I’ve never seen more variety than in the Song of Ice and Fire series. (also I didn’t know what trail mix was- I typed it into google and this was what came up- if google’s right then it looks great!)Invisible

  1. fruit bowlsFruit bowls- An unpredictable character 

the novice(I’m assuming this is just a bowl of fruit- but I could be totally wrong about that- feel free to let me know if this is a kind of sweet I’ve just never heard of :p ) Again, I could easily use Lucia’s  answer, but I’m gonna go with Akkarin from the Black Magician’s Trilogy because it’s been on my mind again a lot recently. And because, quite simply, I love him!!


         fruit-nut.ashx-1 5. Nut  bar- You’re go to book

Hobbit_coverThe Hobbit- cos I’m predictable that way.




  1. popcornPopcorn- A character you can’t help but like

carry onBaz from Carry On- because he’s amazing- he’s one of the best characters I’ve come across in anything, ever! So who better could I pick for one of my all-time-favourite snacks!




I feel like I established my ignorance of some snack foods there… Either way that was fun 🙂 – I tag:

Enchanted Readers


Life and Other Disasters



Lisa Maria Gardiner


River Moose Reads



Quick update: I’ll be uploading my Exquisite Corpse Post in a day or two, so if you’d like to contribute there’s still time 🙂

30 thoughts on “The Snack Food Book Tag

  1. Lol, yep that’s trail mix. I wonder why they call it that. Is it because it’s food you would find on a trail or because it’s food you should have with you on a trail. I might google it if I’m not too lazy.

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  2. I Love Chocolate Covered pretzels but I refuse to eat them after that scene on Mallrats *shivers*. I don’t know many people who have read Naughts and Crosses, but you’re right about that combo! That book is aces.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha not seen that! Not sure I want to know what that is! Oh it is amazing right!! I loved that book growing up, but I think it’s more common for brits to have read it (I think- it was very popular over here when I was growing up) Sidenote: I actually met Malorie Blackman once- it was very cool!

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      1. Haha I promise you don’t! It’ll ruin chocolate pretzels for life – I still can’t look at them till this very day. That makes sense, it’s still never been popular here sadly – I found it by accident. That’s so amazingly cool – she’s a wonderful author!

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