Assassin’s Blade and Why I Will Go Down With This Ship

assassin's blade*With Spoilers*

Alright, so for everyone that doesn’t know, I am a massive fangirl and *love* the Throne of Glass series. For that reason I’m kind of duty-bound to write this (perhaps superfluous) post about Assassin’s Blade, even if I’ve covered a lot of this ground before and even if I will basically just be discussing ships… lots and lots of ships.

But I just had to discuss this book anyway. Because it was full of surprises! Let’s talk about what I liked, shall we? Firstly, I was impressed with the fact that the stories all connected and it practically read like a single story- even though it was a collection of novellas. Secondly, I liked how Maas kept Celaena’s thoughts veiled, so it was more consistent with her earlier character. But, undoubtedly, the best thing about this was Sam.

Now, at this stage, I know Maas can create great characters and wonderful love interests- but even so, I was taken aback by just how convincing Sam was. He was such a well-drawn, intriguing character- I only wish there was more of him! In fact, I found myself lamenting the fact that he can’t be in the rest of the series. I mean- what??? How could Maas create the *perfect* love interest and then go and take him away? It just seems too cruel.

And he *is* the perfect love interest. Their relationship, of all the relationships in the books, seems the most natural and organic. Honestly, it made me evaluate all the other guys she’s been with. After this, it feels like her current guy is simply with her because they both understand the pain of losing their true love- and not because they are actually right for each other. The guy before that was all wrong for her because he didn’t understand her and was scared of her (and I don’t even like him- there I said it!- although it’s not much of a secret at this stage). And the first guy she’s interested in is clearly all wrong for her (even though I love him). But Sam is just right!!

Now, having read this and seen how perfect it was, I refuse to believe this ship has sailed. Basically, I want Maas to resurrect Sam. If that’s even possible in this universe?!? (Ok it isn’t- but I can dream- right?)

So, at the risk of sounding a little silly, that is why I will go down with this ship- even though Maas has made that ship sink already and it’s lying at the bottom of the ocean like the Titanic. But I refuse to let that stop me- even if I have to go deep sea diving to drag Sam back from the depths of the ocean myself!

Rating: 4/5 bananas

half bananahalf bananahalf bananahalf banana

Anyone else picturing Rose from Titanic right now…

titanic gif rose.gif

21 thoughts on “Assassin’s Blade and Why I Will Go Down With This Ship

  1. I love Sam sooo much! ❤ He is my favourite love interest. (Though I have read the first book and the prequel novellas only.) 😀 That's also the reason I don't care who Celaena ends up with. My favourite is already gone. :/

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  2. STOP SAM ISN’T COMING BACK. UGHHHHHHHHHH. It like rebreaks my heart any time I read people say she’s going to bring him back. She won’t. She can’t!! What about Rowan?! If Sam comes back then it will literally be the worst thing ever because I ship so many things and ah.

    My brain can’t process this.

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    1. hahaha don’t worry I don’t think there’s any chance of bringing back Sam- I just wish she would… I do like Rowan, I just don’t think he’s as perfect for her as Sam is. haha love your response though!


  3. That’s so sad – I’m reading Heir of Fire at the moment and haven’t read this collection yet but to think that her perfect love interest is already dead is tragic 😦 I’m also impressed she manages to make you fall so in love with a character you already know is doomed – such skilful storytelling. Speaking of which, am up to the part in Heir of Fire with the wyverns, right at the point where Manon chooses Abraxos… such a brilliant and unexpected turn of events. And again I’m impressed by the way she creates such compelling characters – I’m now excited about these awful characters who I should hate!

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    1. Yeah it really is- I hadn’t expected to like him as much as I did! Yes it really is- I absolutely loved that book- hope you enjoy the rest of it! She really is an absolute master- I’m amazed by that too- and really impressed!!

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  4. I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH OMG OMG OMG. except all the love interests are starting to feel a little interchangeable now – chaol i LIKED and now pretty much detest, rowan i liked UNTIL they got together for no apparent reason and sam…well, the one i like is the one i cant have ;-;

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