What To Read When You Have No Time

Right, so you may (or may not) have noticed my absence in the last few days. I’ve not been online much at all cos I’ve been busy busy busy! This has also meant I haven’t had much time to read- which is no good at all!! (and it looks like my schedule’s only gonna get more manic- ahhh!) But in the midst of all my panicking, I’ve also had a think about the kind of books that are good to read when you have no time- I thought I’d share these thoughts with you. Enjoy!

  1. Fluffy books

second chance summer

Yes, contemporary romance is my go to relaxation genre- because what could beat a seriously sappy story where the only real drama is “will they/won’t they?” They’re the perfect distraction when you’re too busy to think!

  1. Something you’ve read before


Okay- the theme here is quickly becoming not having to think- but if not thinking is what you’re looking for, then an old favourite is exactly what you should be reading. Cos when we pick up a beloved book we know exactly what’s gonna happen and how it’s gonna make us feel- and sometimes that’s just what we need.

  1. Novellas


These were practically designed for when you’ve got no time! Short books make for a brilliant quick read when you’ve only got a few minutes to spare. I love using these opportunities to read something I’ve been meaning to read for ages, but that won’t fill up to much time.

  1. Thrillers that aren’t too wordy


This is a bit of a curveball- cos a lot of the time books like this are too engrossing to put down. But when you need to unwind, a thriller is just the ticket. And while a slow burning thriller won’t do, I’ve found books that you can just whiz through suit me best when I don’t have much time to read.

And when all else fails…

  1. Children’s books

kipper's book of weather

Especially when there’s only one or two words on each page!

Hope you liked that! Let me know what books you like to read when you have no time and I’ll see you soon (I hope!)

40 thoughts on “What To Read When You Have No Time

  1. You are so right! I have been reading with my grand daughter and we have been loving how we can read a few books within just an hour or so before bedtime. I have found some great short stories by Andy Weir. If you have not read his short stories, then you must take a moment to do so. They are amazing. Great post!

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  2. I haven’t had much time to read either. Taking on a new role at work is exhausting. I also attended 3 book signing events, so I was worn out by the time I got home. Got absolutely zero reading done 😦

    Thanks for the tips.

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  3. Kids’ books and rereads are definitely my go-to but I appreciate your list! This is such a nice post idea! I always read Howl’s Moving Castle when I don’t have enough time. Or guilty pleasure reads (urban fantasy!). Fluffy reads sound good too! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. If you’re reading children’s books and reviewing them as politically deep double sided stories then damn you must be either incredibly busy or incredibly free. Either way. I actually really enjoy fluffy books too. Have you read Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda? That’s pretty damn fluffy.

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    1. hehehe in all honesty, that took me about 5 minutes- but I’m flattered you think it took longer!! (That’s my way of saying I’m incredibly busy- I swear!! :p haha) Doesn’t everyone? They’re great! 😀 No but I really want to at some point- is it good?

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  5. Fluffy all the way! Although this week I discovered there was a Kindle app for iphone (don’t laugh xD), that means I can grasp a couple of pages anywhere! That’s a little revolution for me, ah ah! I don’t mind stopping in the middle of a chapter so now when I don’t have time, I can always peek at a few pages on the way to work or the supermarket, or in the elevator or.. you get the idea xD

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  6. I totally agree with number one! I’ve been so busy lately that my kindle is overflowing with fluffy, and sometimes trashy, romance novels. Number two is also a great recommendation because certain books I’ve read over 10 times and sometimes (by sometimes I mean all the time) I skip to my favorite parts because I know it so well. Love this post idea

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    1. haha I know right- I that always seems to happen to me in times of stress :p I know right!! Right now I have such little time to read that I’m just flicking through my massive copy of austen when I get a minute! And I love skipping to the good bits in books I’ve read before!! Thanks so much!!

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