Sunshine Blogger Award #2!!


Happy (Easter) Sunday- hope you’re all having a nice relaxing day! It’s been raining non stop today- so what better way to bring a little sunshine into my life than to do this tag 😉 Thanks so much to the incredible Napoleon Split and Eve Messenger for nominating me to do this!!

The Award Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you!
  • Answer the 11 questions you were asked.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and let them know they were nominated.
  • Ask the nominees 11 questions

Napoleon Split’s Questions:

  1. What is one of your favourite words? Why?

Pontificate- because I just love the sound of pon-ti-fi-cat-ing :p

  1. What is the third book on your bookshelf (from the left)?

The Great Fairytale Tradition

great fairy tale tradition

  1. What was your favourite childhood series?

Well I had different ones at different ages, but Harry Potter was the first.


  1. What book would you recommend to everyone to read?

Ooh that’s hard- a book for everyone? Picture of Dorian Grey I reckon, cos it’s one I tend to recommend to people who don’t read much. It’s got a bit of everything: colourful characters, humour, descriptiveness, drama and villainy.


  1. If you could see any band in the world in concert, who would you see?

The Beatles! Although… they’re not exactly around anymore… What? No one specified that I couldn’t time travel in this question.


  1. Name your favourite bookstore to visit.

I’m gonna be totally boring for a change and go with Waterstones- the one in Picadilly- cos it’s pretty much the only bookshop in London that’s guaranteed to have whatever I want (well, it is the biggest in Europe).

  1. Name three book to movie (or miniseries) adaptations that you love.

Okay, gonna go full on old school here cos sometimes I just roll that way: East of Eden, Rebecca and Great Expectations.


  1. If you could invite any author over for tea, who would you choose?

Oscar Wilde! He’d be so entertaining! We’d have such a laugh! (I’m talking pre-Reading Gaol days of course- he might be a bit of a downer after that). (Again time travel wasn’t specifically disallowed for this question)


  1. Name one way in which the blogging community has changed your life.

One way? That’s so difficult! I guess it’s made me get out of my comfort zone on the internet and actually put myself out there for a change!

  1. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Mars. Mark Watney style. The only issue is that I’m not a botanist (well, that’s not strictly speaking the only issue…)

mars surface.jpg

  1. What is your favorite book that falls into the genre of mystery/thriller?

Great question! That’s not something I read so often, but I can tell you I liked Engleby a lot when I read it.


 Eve’s Questions:

  1. What are three things that make you laugh?

Seinfeld, Seinfeld and Seinfeld. Nah I’m kidding- it’s Seinfeld, Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm :p


  1. What’s your favourite daydream?

I *love* daydreaming about my characters in bizarre situations- cos I’m weird that way.

  1. Would you rather have the power to shapeshift or to make yourself invisible?

Shapeshift!! I mean, how cool would it be to turn into a bird or a cat or a dragon? (obviously, there would be no point transforming into a monkey- I’m already a monkey).

  1. What’s one of your favourite stupid pun jokes? (Example: “Why did Adele cross the road? To say hello from the other side.”)

Haha that’s a good one! I like fangtastic puns about vampires and ghoulish ones about ghosts. Can’t think of any actual jokes off the top of my head.

  1. Do you like stickers?

Not especially

  1. What’s your favourite social media and why?

I use Facebook the most- but to be honest I have more of a love-hate relationship with it. Especially since they keep adding new features.

facebook dislike


  1. Do you sleep with the light on or off?


  1. If you performed in a talent show, what would your talent be?

Haha this made me laugh, cos I am not the kind of person that performs in talent shows- my skills aren’t exactly the kind of thing you can make a performance of- I imagine standing up in front of an audience going “look I drew a picture” :p

  1. Have you ever handwritten a letter? If yes, to whom did you mail it and when?

Yes I did actually- when my sister went on a gap year, we wrote letters to each other. The only issue is the mail was so bad that we barely got any letters across to each other. In the end we just went back to facebooking, but it was nice while it lasted.

  1. What’s your favourite thing to do with friends?

Loads of things! Most of them involve talking!

  1. Big or small, what’s something you’ve done that you’re really proud of?

Well today I woke up at 10 am- which I was pleased about cos the clocks went forward and usually I sleep in till 1 or 2 when that happens. Obviously that was a BIG thing I’m proud of :p

My Questions:

  1. If time travelling was an option, which historical figure would you most like to meet?
  2. And who would you like to meet if it wasn’t an option?
  3. When daydreaming about time travelling (c’mon we all do it!) do you worry about the butterfly effect?
  4. What are your feelings about James Bond?
  5. If you were a spy, what gadget would you most like to have?
  6. Would you make a good international superspy or a bad one? Why?
  7. How often do you fly in dreams?
  8. If you could reinvent the world- what colour would you make the sky?
  9. If you’d been born in the dark ages, do you reckon you’d have believed the earth was flat?
  10. On a scale of one to ten, how surreal do you feel like these questions are getting?
  11. I’ve run out of questions- do ten star jumps!

My Nominations:

Aspiring Blue Cat

Lucia R




A Novel Glimpse

Dreaming through literature


I Wuv Books

Galaxial Word

Tumbling into Wonderland

(I sincerely apologise for the bizarre questions)

37 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award #2!!

    1. Thank you!! It is! He really was- but he was also one of the greatest wits and funniest men to have ever lived- I can’t imagine better company (well other than Larry David or Seinfeld- what can I say? I like funny people 🙂 )


  1. What do you mean “The Beatles are not around”? They’re everywhere! 😀 I was curious so I found the DVD for Rebecca, I hope I won’t be disappointed, I always have trouble with adaptations. I looooooove handwritten letters, but everyone is so used to emails and texts than people just don’t want to bother anymore 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha well they’re everywhere (especially in my life)- but they’re not exactly doing concerts anymore (what with two of them being dead) :p Oh it’s got a lot of differences to the book- but the Hitchcock version is wonderful!! Yeah I know what you mean- the issue for me was inconvenience as well :/ it’s a lot of effort!! especially if you’re talking on the phone and messaging anyway


            1. Oh definitely!! I absolutely adore picture of dorian gray above all his plays 🙂 They don’t have the same level of depth. And you’re right- it’s incredibly complex and exquisitely written! It’s one of my all time favourites

              Liked by 1 person

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