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So absolutely ions and ions ago, I was tagged by the incredible Kat to do this tag (if you’re not following her already, you should get on that asap!) I thought I’d get on to doing it before time catches up to me :p

Name a movie/book/show that makes you want to go back in time when you were younger and enjoy it all over again!

hobbit legend of the seeker pans labyrinth.png

Book: Easily The Hobbit– I remember how enchanted I was with it the first time I read it (I actually went running through some woods near where I lived yelling “Oh wow- this is Mirkwood!”- which was totally nuts- but hey, I was 10).
Show: Pff I still watch children’s tv- although the one thing I wish I could revisit with fresh eyes is Legend of the Seeker– not because it’s my favourite all time show, but because it has just the perfect dose of magic to it that I would love to fall in love with all over again.
Movie: I’m kind of breaking the rules here, cos this isn’t a film from when I was younger, but I would go back to last year when I watched Pan’s Labyrinth and watch it as if I’d never watched it before, cos no movie has ever broken my heart as much as that. I would love to feel that all over again (although- who knows- maybe when I rewatch it, it’ll have the same effect).

What’s your favorite sci-fi and or fantasy book/show/movie?

Since I’m a huge fantasy fan and there would be too many to choose from, I’m gonna make my life easier and just showcase the select few sci fi things I have read/seen.

martian firefly star wars.png

Book: The Martian – I absolutely love Mark Watney!
ShowFirefly! I *loved* that show and I will never get over the fact it didn’t even get a full season of episodes- and no- the movie is not the same!
Movie: Star Wars 5 cos it’s basically fantasy- and as I said before- I love fantasy.

What’s a moment in a book that takes place in the past or future that you’d like to visit?

Usually I pick the roaring 20s cos of Gatsby’s parties. But this time, after having read Emma again, I feel like visiting regency England- cos I want my life to be like an Austen novel- is that so much to ask?!?

ball pride and prejudice.jpg

What’s a fictional store, cafe, etc. in a book/show/movie you’d like to visit?

Central Perk! I practically lived there in high school cos I spent wayyy too much time watching Friends!

friends central perk

Name an automobile or way of travel in a book/show/movie that you’d like to take for a ride. What book/show/movie is it from?

floo powder tardis hoverboard.png

Book: I’m really tempted to copy Kat’s answer here and go with the portal from The Mortal Instruments, but in the interest of originality I’m gonna go with Floo Powder from Harry Potter cos there’s an element of this-could-go-totally-wrong chaos to it- which I can appreciate.
Show: Okay- there’s no way I can’t pinch Kat’s answer of the Tardis here- what  better way is there to travel? I mean- not only does it go anywhere in space and time- but it’s also BIGGER ON THE INSIDE!
Movie: Hoverboards from Back to the Future– could I legitimately pick anything else? (Incidentally I was super disappointed when I found out hoverboards in real life do not hover- I mean what’s the point in that? – I’m completely devastated to tell the truth. Ah well at least scientists are actually working on jetpacks….)

Favorite fictional scientist?

Doctor Frankenstein!

That was great- time flies when you’re having fun, eh? :p Hope you enjoyed it!




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50 thoughts on “Back to the Future Tag

  1. My first tag! How exciting. ❤ ❤

    I'm so with you on the hover board thing. I just road one for the first time (it is quite difficult let me tell you) and it is cool but… nowhere near as cool as the one in Back to the Future!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I get your disappointment over hoverboards not hovering – I WAS THE SAME! And totally legit that you borrowed my answer for the TARDIS, it is the only viable one if you ask me 😉
    And I have all the love for Mark Watney so I definitely am with you on that one as well 😀 So glad you did the tag, your answers were perfect! And thank you for the kind words in the beginning ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right!! Oh I definitely agree with that- it’s got to be one of my favourite inventions in anything ever! Yes- me too 🙂 He’s so awesome- I reckon he could make any bad situation better just by being him. Thanks so much!! And thanks again for the tag 🙂 And you’re welcome

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s literally one of my favorite shows ever made, and I’m still bitter about the cancellation 😦 So happy to find another fan though (I salute you)!

        Liked by 1 person

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