Wanna know what it feels like to have a Kindred Spirit? Read this book!

kindred spirits

I am literally so excited to do this post!! I won this book- yes I WON IT– which I totally cannot believe!!! I’d never won a giveaway before!!! So first of all, I want to say a massive thank you to Kat @ Life and Other Disasters who hosted the giveaway on her site in celebration of reaching 500 followers! THANK YOU SO MUCH! And cos I don’t do this nearly enough, I want to tell you why you *need* to check out Kat’s blog- now- like RIGHT NOW!

Kat was one of the first bloggers I ever discovered (I can’t remember who discovered who first)- either way I am grateful to have found her corner of the internet! She literally has the *best* posts! Her reviews and discussions are brilliantly in depth. I also really love her Trailers You May Have Missed This Week- which has become my bible for catching up on the week’s new trailers. On top of that, she’s lovely to talk to and really supportive 🙂 I highly, highly recommend checking out her blog if you haven’t already!

Now I wanna get on to discussing Kindred Spirit by Rainbow Rowell- I’m gonna keep this short and sweet like this book. (In fact I’m gonna do it like a diary entry for each day, in the spirit of the book.)

Day 1

I’m so excited for this- but a part of me might be buzzing about the fact that I just received this in the post. But also cos while I’m not a Star Wars superfan, I do really like the movies and this book is reminding me why.

Day 2

I love how the book tackles the issue of justifying geekishness or nerdiness- because it’s a really interesting discussion for anyone that’s ever been called a “fake geek girl”. Once again, Rowell brings depth to her stories in a totally unexpected way.

Day 3

Speaking of discussing interesting issues, like justifying geekish identity, I love the other important issues like who’s your favourite Star Wars character (mine’s Darth Vader- cos I’m a sucker for a redemption story- and yes I totally see it as a redemption story- even if that’s totally controversial cos he’s a genocidal maniac).

Day 4

This is really hotting up- particularly as it starts talking about the Star Wars prequels (I couldn’t watch beyond 1- cos Anakin was ruining Darth Vader for me- and I couldn’t deal with that). Gosh I identify with Elena so much! Much more than I expected! Above all, I think that’s what this book does well- it’s a book for anyone and everyone that’s ever loved something- because it captures that feeling beautifully!

Day 5

That ending is just perfect! I couldn’t stop laughing! Rainbow Rowell has done it again! Pure bliss 🙂 The only thing I wish was that it was longer!

Rating: 4 ½ bananas

half bananahalf bananahalf bananahalf banana half banana

Hope you liked this post! Have you read Kindred Spirits? Are you a fan of Rainbow Rowell? Let me know in the comments.

34 thoughts on “Wanna know what it feels like to have a Kindred Spirit? Read this book!

    1. YES! I loved this book and I connected with the characters so much- but there were points when I thought that I would’ve connected even more if it’d been talking about, say Lord of the Rings.
      Oh sure- all the time- cos I don’t fit the right “stereotype”- whatever that’s meant to mean :/ It’s silly cos with these are people I feel I have a lot in common with, but they only see the differences between us (aka I love fantasy and superheroes but have never really been into video games or comics- and while I can be a total dork, I also like a lot of popular “mainstream” things). Personally I think it’s a shame that people feel that way- but it always has everything to do with what they feel about themselves and not about other people.


      1. People really do love to find differences within each other, don’t they? Hmm. Seems like it’s a part of human nature that we’ll never over come as a whole. Sigh.

        The fact that this idea of a fake geek girl exists is horrible in my opinion. I can’t think of an equivalent negative stigma for men. Ugh!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah such a shame- luckily though that’s not everyone- it’s usually just people that feel bad about themselves.
          Yeah, it’s so silly. Good point- although I have seen men berating each other for not liking something geeky (0r not) in the right way- so it cuts across both genders


            1. haha I know right- every time a new marvel film comes out I thank my lucky stars I was born in the 90s :p I mean- who cares if it’s mainstream- because geekdom has become mainstream we get superhero films every year, epic fantasy tv shows (like game of thrones) and all these incredible books!!!


    1. I KNOW!!! BEST FEELING EVER!!!! Definitely- I loved Carry On and this- although I have to admit I wasn’t a massive fan of Eleanor and Park- but loads of people are, so I’m in the minority with that one. I just think she’s a really fun writer, very quirky and with a great sense of humour 🙂

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  1. AWE! YOU JUST MADE MY HEART BURST! That was so kind and sweet of you to say about me and my blog. You simply don’t know how much it means to me and I am even more happy that you are so happy that you got this book. I wish it was longer as well, that’s really the only thing I have to complain about with Kindred Spirits.
    I get your love for Vader, I think probably more people do than they would like to admit. I have to confess a weak spot for Kylo Ren though … I know I shouldn’t, because he’s like a petulant child, but I can’t help it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww I’m so glad you liked it!! You’re very welcome- I meant every word- I really love your blog! And thank you so much again for telling me about the giveaway and giving me the book!! I was so excited by it!! 😀 Oh I definitely agree- that was my only complaint too. Well I’m glad you do (a lot of people get mad about it) I understand- even if he is petulant (and a little ridiculous) he makes for an intriguing character- I’m really excited to see how that develops in the other films

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤
        Well, it was fate that you won 🙂
        I don't get why people get mad about stuff like that. Everyone can like whoever they want to like. I refuse to believe that that's all that there is to Kylo Ren. I am sure he will show some different sides of him in the future. Also, I have heard that the next movies will be a lot more controversial.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Aww that’s sweet 🙂 Yeah it’s a bit odd- ah well- I get their reasons- I mean he does do some terrible things…. But then he’s a fictional character so *shrugs shoulders* Definitely- I think there’s a lot of room for character development- that already happened a little when he took the step to kill his father and fully give himself over to the dark side. Ooh sounds promising!

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  2. I won my first giveaway this week and I CANT WAIT TO RECEIVE THE BOOK!! Congrats for winning this one 🙂 I am not a Star Wars fan. At all. So I’m not sure I’ll like it, but I love your review

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahhh congrats!!! I know right- it’s such an amazing feeling!! Thank you! Fair enough- I only watched the films in the last few years and I enjoyed them, though I wouldn’t consider myself a proper Star Wars fan. I think it’s a good book just for describing that feeling of loving something so much and fangirling over it 🙂 Thanks so much!

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