The Shakespeare Awards

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Yes I know I am seriously late to this party- so late that the cake has probably gone stale and all the guests have already left- but how could I not celebrate William Shakespeare’s 452nd Birthday/400th Deathday??? (Okay, the second one’s a little weird- and technically that’s next week, but whatever)

Originally I was just gonna publish my faves and be done with it- but then I thought it would be fun if *everyone* joined in. And thus the Shakespeare Awards were born (*whoo silent cheer*). Basically, there are ten categories where you can vote for your favourite/least favourite Shakespeare play. I’ll count up all the votes and then post the results on here!

So here be the rules:

  1. If you would like to cast a vote, write it in the comments or in your own post (but make sure you link back to me (The Orangutan Librarian) or your vote won’t be counted!)
  2. You can answer for as many categories as you like but only one vote per category as many times as you like (yes I changed the rules cos I’m a rule breaker).
  3. The arbitrary closing date I have picked is Monday 9th of May

And that’s it! Here are the categories, with my votes for each of them:

most tragic1. King Lear– because it is the only one to have ever made me cry- I watched McKellen’s magnificent performance online somewhere and was a wreck afterwards!

best comedy

2. Midsummer’s Night’s Dreamcos it’s got a bit of an edge to it- plus who doesn’t love (semi-evil) fairies?

most romantic shakespeare

3. Romeo and Julietyes it’s a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason. Plus it’s got a bit of misdirection going on, because it starts out in the comic fashion and then subverts everything into a tragedy.

most entertaining4. Macbeth– c’mon- this one gave us the three witches- it’s a no brainer. And it’s got some fun/freaky superstitions around it for actors.

best history

5. Richard III– for a long time this was just my outright favourite play- it’s so twisted (like Richard III’s spine- yes I just went there)

best sonnet.png

6. Like as the waves… Just cos.

best film adaptation

7. Al Pacino’s Merchant– I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this play- but Pacino makes everything, even a play as problematic as this, better.

most beautiful language

8. Richard II– cos that Hollow Crown speech is insane


9. Measure for Measure– the plot in this one makes no sense, the characters are mad and the genre flip flops back and forth! It’s safe to say this is one of the weirdest plays ever written.

most unpopular

10. Tempest– okay, okay, this one isn’t technically the most unpopular- and I suspect it’s a lot of people’s favourite- but I have just *never* liked this play. Someone I met once summarised this as: Prospero says “look at me, I can do magic… but I won’t”. (When I told an English teacher that they were horrified- but I still think it’s terribly accurate).

Alright- hope you enjoyed that- and now, *drumroll please*, over to you!

56 thoughts on “The Shakespeare Awards

      1. Okay here we go:
        Most tragic – hamlet
        Best comedy – a midsummer night’s dream
        Most romantic – much ado about nothing
        Most entertaining – comedy of errors
        Best history play – Henry iv part one
        Best film adaptation – 10 things I hate about you (couldn’t help it)
        Most beautiful language – much ado about nothing
        Weirdest play – measure for measure
        Most unpopular – the merry wives of Windsor

        There you go.
        x The Captain


      1. OK… I’m back 🙂
        1. Most tragic: King Lear
        2. Best comedy: tough one… probably A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As long as all the Mechanicals’ scenes are done well and the fairies are more mischievous than mean. Then it’s hilarious.
        3. Most romantic: Much Ado About Nothing (because I love stories where two people apparently can’t stand each other but are clearly meant for each other)
        4. Most entertaining: Macbeth (agreed! I saw a production in which the Porter’s scene was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. So well done!)
        5. Best history play: Henry IV Part I.
        6. Best sonnet: 116: Let me not to the marriage of true minds/ Admit impediments. Genius.
        7. Best Film Adaptation. REALLY hard question. I’d want to give points to Kenneth Brannagh’s Hamlet because it’s uncut and 4 hours long and made it possible for me to remember whole chunks of the text for my finals. But then I think the best true adaptation is probably Ten Things I Hate About You because it was a clever updating of a problematic play.
        8. Most Beautiful Language: Sorry, but The Tempest. Hard to beat Caliban’s speech and Ariel’s poetry. Sorry.
        9. Weirdest play: The Winter’s Tale. “Exit, pursued by a bear” – come on!!
        10. Most unpopular. I don’t know really what other people find unpopular… I’m not all that keen on Taming of the Shrew (in its original form) simply because its difficult to laugh at a play which is essentially about domestic violence.

        I’m sure I could probably be talked out of half of these. There’s just too much good stuff to chose from! 🙂

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        1. Yay!!!! I’m so glad you decided to do this!!! 😀 Yeah I agree with you about the mechanicals. Oh yes, love that sonnet! Ooh ten things I hate about you is a stroke of brilliance- such a clever choice- well done! haha that is a great speech- and a lot of people will agree with you- so it’s really me who should be apologising. Agree with you about winter’s tale! And I don’t know taming of the shrew very well at all- so I’ll take your word for it
          Loved your answers and thank you so much for participating!!! 😀

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    1. haahahaha HORATIO BRING IN THE EATING PIGS! haha just kidding! since you didn’t let me get eaten by the pigs over the whole harry potter debacle I guess I’ll let you off the hook- just this once!!!
      You really should give it a go- maybe try watching some good films first, just to get in the mood (personally I really think watching it is a good place to start- but you can’t be guaranteed the production will be good and a bad version might put you off for life) Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy it! 😀

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    1. Thank you so much!! Oh that’s nothing to worry about- we all find it hard- even natives (especially natives cos we’re lazy) But it gets much easier because once you pick up the rhythm it’s actually far more comprehensible than something really dense in modern english. I really recommend if you haven’t read/watched much shakespeare, that you start with some films because they can be a lot more accessible and shakespeare really was meant to be watched rather than just read- also finding a good film version is easier than finding a good production (you really don’t want to watch a bad production- that’ll put you off for life!) hope that all helps- and let me know how you get on! 😀

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    1. Oh wow!! Thank you so much for participating!!! I’m so excited to read your votes!!! Haha yeah well I changed that cos a few people have just voted for one category three times lol- the other way’s probs better
      I know right!


    1. Thank you!! He is, isn’t he! Definitely! Oh it’s a wonderful play so I don’t blame you- do you happen to like the dicaprio version bty- my friend was going on about it the other day and it reminded me how much I love it! Thanks so much for your comment! X
      PS I’m gonna go ahead and count that as a vote if you don’t mind :p

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      1. He was on the radio when I was driving home this afternoon and he even managed to make reading a Drake sound sound Shakespearean lol! What a legend. Omg YES I absolutely love it – I went to see a screening of it recently in a church and they had a live choir doing the soundtrack, it was magic! No worries. 🙂 hahaha not at all, do it! X

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  3. What Shakespeare plays have I read? HMmmm.

    Rome and Juliet – Most tragic. Those poor children…
    The Winter’s Tale – Most romantic
    Midsummer night’s Dream – Best Comedy! Obviously.
    Richard III ( blarghh) – Best History Play. Didn’t like any of them, but Richard III is the best one. 😡
    Hamlet – Best Film Adaptation the one with Kenneth Branagh and Kate Winslet ❤
    Hamlet – Most beautiful language. And best play ever made!
    The Tempest – Weirdest Play
    Twelfth Night – Most Entertaining!
    Best Sonnet: Sonnet 116 – Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds Admit Impediments
    Henry IV – Most Unpopular. I forgot what this one was even about. Blargh.

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    1. aww thank you so much for taking part!!!
      yeah romeo and juliet is so sad 😥
      Yayy- I’m so glad there’s another vote for midsummer night’s dream too
      ahh I’m also not a huge fan of the histories- but I quite like a few and *love* richard iii- so I’m glad it has another vote!
      I like that version of hamlet too 🙂 And I adore Hamlet too!
      Tempest is so weird! Twelfth Night is amazing and I love that sonnet!!1
      And I’m really not a massive fan of Henry IV either- I’m rewatching it literally right now to see what all the fuss is about- but I still don’t get it :/

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  4. Okay, so I haven’t seen/read all of Shakespeare’s plays, but of the one’s I have, I vote for:
    Best comedy: The Comedy of Errors
    Most romantic: Much Ado About Nothing
    Most entertaining: Macbeth
    Most tragic: Othello
    Best Film Adaptation: does Ten Things I Hate About You count? (VERY loosely based on Taming of the Shrew)… if not, then I pick Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet (though I also liked his version of Much Ado About Nothing)
    Most Beautiful Language: Hamlet
    As for the other categories, I’m not entirely sure what to choose so I left them out 🙂

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    1. Aww thank you so much for all your votes!! So glad Macbeth is getting an extra vote for most entertaining! And I’m going to watch Much Ado very soon too 🙂 (the kenneth branagh version- I’m really excited for it!)
      Yes it does count and it’s had more than one vote!! 😀
      I love the language in hamlet- it’s probably the one I think is most deep! So I love that choice 🙂
      No worries- I’m so glad you participated!! Thank you!!

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  6. 1.I think Romeo & Juliet falls into multiple categories, most tragic, most romantic and best film adaptation because c’mon Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes just have it!
    And most entertaining and best comedy goes to midsummer night’s dream
    I don’t think there can be a most unpopular one! or at least there shouldn’t be

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  7. Most tragic – Hamlet
    Best comedy – Twelfth Night
    Best film adaption – She’s the Man
    Most Romantic – Romeo and Juliet
    Weirdest Play – The Tempest
    Thanks 🙂

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