Now that’s more like it! Game of Thrones comes home

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Well, once again, Game of Thrones proves it can be messy, intense and poetic. I made no secret that the first episode of this season felt like a bit like a recap. But this episode was more like the old school Game of Thrones I know and love.

For those of you that haven’t watched it yet, I will say that this had *everything* I complained was missing from the first episode. The narrative was cohesive and so many times there were references to “Home”, so that everything tied in perfectly. It also had a much more intense tempo and there were only a couple of scenes when I felt like it slowed down- which was a vast improvement. Add to that some very quotable witticisms from Tyrion and some poetic lines from the mouths of the villains, and you’ve got one happy orangutan.

Now let’s get into it properly… (SPOILERS ABOUND)

I was so excited by Bran’s visions. I’d seen the hints of flashbacks of Arthur Dane and Ned Stark in the trailers for the season (and in all the leaked spoilers) but I was delighted to see how that would be shown through Bran’s training. I also loved that this set the tone for the episode, by having Bran have the chance to go home, if only through his visions.

Since we’re talking about the theme of Home, I loved the connection between Theon’s longing for home and the intrigue going on in the Iron Islanders. I can see already some really awesome stories being set up there. I cannot wait to see what the mad Greyjoys do next!

And speaking of mad characters- the Boltons never fail to give us those insane moments Game of Thrones is famous for. Somehow, in spite of his psycho tendencies, I didn’t see Ramsay killing his father (in fact, when they went in for the hug, I thought his father was the one that was going to do the stabbing). I did suspect (ok more than suspect) that Ramsay would murder his new brother- so that was no surprise. Either way it was great drama and a nice poetic death for the backstabbing Bolton.

Of course when I heard Ramsay saying he wanted to take the fight upto Jon Snow, I thought “come on then- even dead he could take you!” (Yes my inner football fan came out) And I thankfully I wouldn’t have to wait long! Because- shockingly- Jon Snow came back from the dead! (okay, okay, that’s not a shock at all- we all saw that coming- but I had expected it to happen later in the season) I won’t say we didn’t have to wait long, because I’ve had to wait FIVE YEARS for this cliffhanger to be resolved! Finally my suspicions have been proved correct and Melisandra has brought Jon back- *thank all the unholy gods of Westeros*!

I could easily spend the rest of this post just talking about that, but I have to give credit where credits due, because that wasn’t the only fantastic thing about this episode. As usual, Tyrion practically stole the show with his witticisms and had me laughing out loud more than once

Please don't eat the help.png

That dragon scene could easily have been the highlight of the episode for me (if Jon hadn’t inadvertently stolen the show later on). I love how we’re getting to see his passion for dragons, because that’s a really big thing in the book. Plus it is my not-so-secret theory that he is secretly a Targaryen. I’d love it if that were true!

My only low point of the episode was king’s landing, because there’s no one I really care about there and nothing new ever seems to happen lately. It just seems to endlessly be the Lannisters promising to punish people- which of course never happens cos they can’t even manage to stop that bloody sparrow already! I swear, every time it goes there now I spend half the time hoping the sparrow dies and the other time hoping someone does away with poor useless Tommen. (Is it bad to feel that way? Ah well, it’s Game of Thrones– I’m bound to have some subversive thoughts about it)

But really ridiculously nitpicky of me and I’m just going to end on how excited I am to see where this goes now!

26 thoughts on “Now that’s more like it! Game of Thrones comes home

    1. Oh yeah I completely agree with that- he’s just not as interesting to watch as Joffrey- and he hasn’t got the smarts of a lot of the other lannisters :/ but I agree he’s got all the loveable kitten traits!


  1. Yeah, I’ve been waiting for the Tyrion scene for years. So excited to finally see it with my own eyes. He’s definitely a Targaryen — the dragon affinity and immunity to greyscale give it away.

    I liked the scene with Tommen and Cersei. I think it was the turning point for Tommen He won’t ever be as bad as Joffrey, but it seems he will be more amenable to heeding his mother’s advise, which we know is in no one’s best interest but the Lannisters.

    This episode proved that R’hllor is the one true god, IMO. :p

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    1. Me too!! Yayy so glad you agree with that theory!! So many people I’ve spoken to on here lately don’t :/ exactly!! and I’ve always thought his affinity with targaryens and dragons in general hints at it. I thought it was a good scene, but I was still groaning at tommen, and I don’t think he’s actually gonna change. I’d be really shocked if he does anything of note before he inevitably dies- though I’d be happy to be proved wrong- which I often am with GOT. It definitely would be in the best interest for the lannisters- but I don’t really want them to succeed- so there’s that too.
      It did!! (sort of- cos it could just be magic that’s not necessarily a god- or it’s all the same god- I don’t know- either way it was so good! 😀 )


      1. I’m partial to Asshai and R’hllor, so yes I do think the Lord of Light is the one true god. lol, but the show does keep it very unclear. The old gods have proven to hold power over the North as well. What this all means is that these gods are probably people’s way of rationalizing magic an the unknown in the world. It surely couldn’t happen naturally, they figure, so a god must be the source! It’s all good and fascinating stuff.

        What we know for sure is that The Seven are a hoax. LOL

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        1. Well firstly I’m very impressed with your GOT knowledge. Secondly I kind of see R’hllor as the same as the Faceless god aka death. Yes I think along the same lines- a lot of my theories are inspired by some of the things George R R Martin says about atheism and his work- like you said, I think of it all as a metaphor for the middle ages and how people found explanations for things they didn’t understand through mysticism and belief in gods. I’m the exact same with that thought process! So glad we’re thinking along similar lines!! That I definitely agree with. I’m always curious about the old gods- in a way, they are the ones that seem the least like gods- they’re kind of just there

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  2. Ahh, we both agree on Tyrion being a Targaryen, I remember when it was mentioned that the Mad King had a fixation on Joanna Lannister, and that he also visited Casterly Rock way before Tyrion was born, so yeah it’s very plausible. Also I kinda was expecting that from Ramsay, I didn’t see it coming, but I wasn’t shocked either, I don’t know, that was a very Ramsay thing to do, I always though he’d kill Roose at some point, and I was 100% sure he was getting rid of the baby brother lol he had previously killed his other brother so… I was actually like RUN WALDA RUN FOR YOUR LIFE aw poor woman, I wonder what repercussions that might bring in case the Freys find out about her death, but at the same time I feel like Walder would’t even care that much hahaha. And OMG JON. I don’t know I didn’t like the way they brought him back, it was what everyone was expecting, and the ritual was kinda…short? like too simple? Anyway, if that’s the way he was going to get back from the very beginning, and that’s was George intended to, then it’s okay, I guess. But Overall, the episode was AWESOME. I think I actually SQUEALED when Jon opened his eyes.

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    1. Yayy!!! I’m so glad you agree with me on that!!! Yeah- my belief in the theory hinges on that too. It’s totally possible!
      It is a very Ramsay thing to do for sure. I definitely thought Ramsay would kill Roose- it was just the way they staged it in that moment with Roose saying “you’ll always be my first born” that I thought Ramsay was done for. I definitely agree with you about him killing his brother- that was obvious- for a moment I thought he’d do it out in the open, but he didn’t. aww I felt so sorry for her! Even if she is a Frey! Oh it’d be so good if the freys and the boltons tore themselves apart. But you’re right- Walder won’t give a damn. Then again- he gets pretty pissy when someone goes back on their word and embarasses his family- just think of the red wedding… That’s fair- I thought it would be more complicated than that too. But it made the most sense like that so I can’t really complain. And since, like you said, it’s probably following Martin’s plan then that’s fine by me. We shall have to wait and see what he’s like after as well. I know right!! Me too!!! It was so good!!!!!! Glad you agree 😀

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  3. Noooo, I don’t want them to do away with Tommen. Just image what that would do to Jamie, whom I really like and still need to reunite with Brienne. They were such a great team … but other than that, King’s Landing is boring.
    I wasn’t really surprised about Jon being resurrected, but I do wonder how he will be now. Is he still going to be himself? Does dying change a person? I just often think back to the resurrected Katlyn Stark in the books …
    If I had to complain about one thing, it was not enough Sansa for my taste hahaha but I am glad she is thinking of her siblings.
    How cool is it that Hodor once talked?

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    1. haha I didn’t expect that to be a particularly popular opinion! I agree with you on that one- I love Jamie- and i want him to reunite with Brienne (preferably after Cersei dies) But I agree- King’s Landing lost a lot of interest for me- mostly after tyrion left.
      Nor was I- but now he’s back I have theories about it, but I really don’t know anything for sure, and that’s really exciting!! That’s a really good question- you’re right- in the books you lose bits of yourself every time you come back. I always hoped Jon would “warg” himself out of that catch and not have that problem- but who knows!
      Haha I agree on that one! Definitely- how good would it be if she got to see them again?
      I know right!! I never saw that one coming- I desperately want to see where they go with that one

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      1. Hahaha I wouldn’t be super sad if Tommen went away, but I just don’t want that much more pain for Jamie …
        I am really excited about everything being unpredictable now! Even though I haven’t actually finished the 5th book, I know almost everything that has happened and I am intrigued about the turns they are taking now.

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  4. Good this one didn’t disappoint 🙂 I loved it too. And man, just when you think someone can’t be any worse than Joffrey, they give us Ramsay… Patricide, fratricide, baby killing and feeding people to the hounds all in one day!

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  5. I loved the scene with the dragons 😀 Definitely one of my highlights, too ^^ Jon Snow being alive could have been one if we hadn’t seen it coming 😛
    I agree, when they went in for the hug I thought the stabbing would happen the other way around, too!

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    1. Me too!! It was amazing!! Definitely- it was very obvious- but I enjoyed it anyway because it was done well.
      Yup- that’s exactly what I thought too- especially cos he said “you’ll always be my firstborn”- that made me assume he was about to kill him- it would have been just like Game of Thrones to do that


  6. My one friend and I were talking about how we thought Tyrion might actually be a Targaryen yesterday! I’m not completely sold on it but I think it could be possible, especially after that dragon scene!

    And I’m so excited for more seeing into the past with Bran!! I’m hoping the Tower of Joy is soon!!

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    1. Wow! That’s a cool coincidence! I’m so glad I’m not the only one to think this. I wasn’t convinced the first time I heard of this theory, but over time it’s become one of my favourite theories.
      Me too!! The Tower of Joy is probably the thing I’m most excited for this season- and in the trailer it looks like it might even be in the next episode

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      1. I heard a rumor that it was coming in episode 3 so I’m really hoping we see it!!
        And I’m going to sit on that theory a little bit more because I’m not completely sold but it would be so cool if it was true!

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