Game of Thrones is “Completely Effing Mad”

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Yes, I know I’ve censored Davos’ amazing line- normally I wouldn’t- but just this once I thought I’d give people a massive warning to *look away now* if they haven’t seen this week’s episode/don’t know what happened last week/just find swearing offensive in general. Because Game of Thrones just got fucking crazy.

*So spoiler warning if you didn’t get that loud and clear- cos I’m about to dive right in*

I’m gonna start with talking about how much I loved Davos in this episode. I have to say the straight-talking knight was always too much of a Stannis loyalist for me to be overly fond of him, but last year and this year, I’ve warmed to him considerably. And the opening to this episode really reminded me why I’ve come to love him so much. He is the voice of reason and normalcy in a completely insane world- and I just adored how he grounded the plot of this episode in reality with his no nonsense approach. Once again, the writers proved how Game of Thrones can have a dose of realism in high fantasy.

What I also loved about this episode was how we got to see *some* of the Tower of Joy scenes. Let’s be honest though, when Ned Stark said “and now it ends” I had hoped all our speculation about Jon’s parentage would finally come to an end there and then- but that was obviously not to be- so it was a little less joyous then I hoped. We will have to wait (probably not too long, I’m sure) to see if R + J = L is true.

Here we actually saw something I did not expect- which was Ned actually getting his hands dirty and not being the man of honour we all thought him to be. This was an interesting character development, because it actually shows how his path to his noble nature was not actually as straightforward as we had always assumed it to be.

Dishonour was clearly a theme in the episode- particularly as we saw some of *the most* dishonourable c-words (hey- I’m just quoting the show!) in Ramsay and Umber. Oh my goodness, this scene could not have gutted me more- because when they dumped that direwolf’s head out, I was devastated. Seriously- CAN’T THE STARKS EVER CATCH A BREAK?!?! GAH!!! Seriously- stop playing with my emotions Game of Thrones!

But the really solidifying moment of the episode was seeing the Oathbreakers get their just deserts at the wall- including Olly. I know we were supposed to sympathise with him at the end of the episode, but I couldn’t bring myself to care- especially after seeing what he has done to my poor Jon Snow. Because Jon’s story has just become tragic. It literally broke my heart when he said “and now my watch has ended”. And while I expected Jon to change and there to be scars, I hadn’t expected it to take such a psychological turn. Now it feels like his story is taking a real existential turn- and I think it’s a bold move and reminds me why I got hooked on this show in the first place. Ending the episode with the mournful notes of Rains of Castamere really drilled home that message of Jon’s loss. The people may think he is a god, but he is less than a man.

Overall, this episode really pulled its punches. There were of course some forgettable bits- such as Dany’s plot and King’s Landing (I don’t know how many weeks I can go on saying “nothing new happened”, “kill the Sparrow” or “Tommen’s useless”) And there were moments where characters and plots were reintroduced- I hadn’t actually expected to “sea” Samwell Tarly- but I would have hoped the scene could have been a bit less sickly. But there were also bits that solidified my entertainment- like the Arya scenes, Tyrion’s wit and even watching Varys show off his skills for once. I for one, am loving this new season.

Well- what did you think of this episode? Enjoy it? Do you like the route the show’s taking? Are you, like me, excited for more? Let me know in the comments!

26 thoughts on “Game of Thrones is “Completely Effing Mad”

  1. I agree with everything you said here. This was a soild episode, the great moments definitely outshone the weaker ones. What I love the most about this season is that we’re finally getting some answers since S5 (even though I enjoyed it) kinda felt like a filler.

    I loved the Tower of Joy scene and I really thought we going to go inside and see Lyanna but that stupid Raven had to kill it short.😅 I hope that when it does come to fruition, it pays off. Like the Olly scene did. I also felt nothing for him, I’m so glad he got his comeuppance.

    That bit when they showed the dead direwolf broke my heart. I was more shocked at that then poor Rickon returning. I wonder what Ramsey does to him?

    I am enjoying the direction the show is going in but the whole Dany and King’s Landing storylines need to step up. They’re not nearly as engaging as the others. (Bran’s and Jon’s are currently my faves)

    This was one of those episode were I wished I had the next one available. The wait between each one is killing me.😫

    Sorry for the long comment lol!

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    1. I agree with you. I know a lot of people didn’t like last series, but I agree with you- I still enjoyed it- but also felt it was a bit too much like filler- and the book hadn’t felt like that.
      Me too!! Arghh I get why the raven did it- and I’m sure when I rewatch the series I’ll be happy with that decision to cut it short- and I’m sure I’ll find it satisfying like you said- but right now I just want to know!!!
      And yes- I completely agree that Olly scene paid off- he looked so stony eyed and was actually the most unrepentant of the lot of them- he really deserved it!
      Oh me too- I was absolutely devastated about it :/ I don’t know what Ramsay is gonna do with him because I didn’t see them coming under his control- and truth be told I don’t want to think about it!!!
      Yeah they definitely do- they’ve been a bit stale for a while- I’m hoping having Samwell in King’s Landing will make me care more about that. And I’m hoping Dany learns some lessons fast so she can go back to being awesome too.
      Me too!!! I don’t know how I’m going to wait!!
      haha no need to apologize- I enjoyed every second of it- there’s nothing I like more than getting properly into a GOT discussion!!

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  2. I also loved this latest episode… just frustrated I have to wait a full week every time before I can continue!! And you’re so right about Davos… he seems to always be the voice of reason when everyone else is being stupid or crazy. Sadly everyone seems to rarely listen to him so hopefully now that might change…

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      1. Yeah that was the worst thing about him, he just followed Stannis around like a lost puppy (and got kicked and abused for his trouble). Now he is free to team up with better people – hopefully Jon Snow!!

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  3. I have to say, I am not a GOT fan (I read the first book, and foundit fascinating, but it also thoroughly pissed me off with everyone dying. EVERYONE. Randomly, it appeared. SO I swore to read no more of them. But my husband loves the show.) But I love reading your re-caps! I feel like I get the story without the pain of slogging through 1000+ pages at a time! 😀

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    1. hahaha that’s a great way to sum it up- yeah it is frustrating/distressing that everyone keeps dying! But I do love it! And usually I don’t think it’s for no reason- it’s usually cos everyone makes mistakes (big or small)- and in the world of GOT everyone is accountable for every little thing that they do (but that’s just my take) Thank you!! haha glad you’re enjoying it!!

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  4. I definitely agree with everything you’ve said here. I think this season so far has been the best one yet, especially with regard to Bran and Jon’s story lines. I love that we get to see some Ned flashbacks and they are literally dangling the truth of Jon’s parentage in front of us. The truth will be revealed eventually. I’m also excited to see how the resurrection affects Jon and where his path takes him next. I feel like he’s in a bleak place right now and that moment between him and Olly before the hanging was so sad and haunting.

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    1. I agree!! I never really enjoyed Bran’s story before, but now I’m in love with it. I know it’s driving me crazy!!! I need to know already!! Me too!!! He is and it was- but I felt like he made the right choice with Olly- Olly betrayed him in the worst possible way. His betrayal was so much worse than all the others because they were actually friends with each other and (in my opinion) had each other’s trust before that

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        1. Yeah you’re 100% right- unlike the other characters he was the most unrepentant and didn’t even feel like he needed to justify himself- if he’d been even slightly sorry then Jon would have forgiven him I’m sure- but he was a tool in the end :/ It really did

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  5. Totally agree with what all you guys are saying. Bran’s part of the story is finally interesting, allowing us to see some amazing history in the Ned Stark moments. They and Jon Snow’s resurrection have been the highlight of the show for me. Can’t wait to see Ramsay get his just deserves though. I don’t ever recalling another character I have despised so much.

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    1. I love Bran’s part of the story (which is surprising cos I haven’t found him interesting before- as you said that’s owing to seeing Ned’s history) They have for me too! Me too! I’m hoping he trots up north, takes on Jon, and dies a horrible death!


  6. I was having dinner while watching which was probably a mistake. Particularly at the Samwell bit.

    Have to admit I’m getting a bit confused about the Bran/Ned bit but that may be due to the fact that I never focus 100% on the TV and am usually doing something else at the same time 🙂

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      1. Honestly I think I just tuned out on the whole Bran bit. Why is there a man living in a tree? Who were the people Ned was with and who was he fighting? I have a feeling I may need to watch it again or at least watch Thronecast and by watch I mean actually look at the screen and listen to what’s happening 🙂

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        1. ahh yes the man living in a tree bit- don’t ask me to explain that- cos it’s a bit lost on me. ned stark fighting on the other hand… it’s during robert’s rebellion, ned stark went to find his sister Lyanna who had supposedly been kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen and was being held at the Tower of Joy. The people Ned is fighting are Rhaegar’s personal guard/bannermen that had been tasked with guarding the tower. The scene is in the first book- and it’s when he killed one of the best swordsmen in westeros to rescue his sister.

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  8. Rickon is back! Finally.
    I’m curious to know if you think if Rickon is a Warg as well. And was that really Shaggydog’s head or just a fake? Probably real.
    I have a theory that whether or not the direwolf is alive corresponds to the Stark child’s warging abilities. Wolf alive = Jon can warg. Lady is DEAD so dead = Sansa cannot warg and probably never could. Nymeria is alive = pretty sure Arya can warg. Robb is very dad = could not warg. Bran obviously can warg. Rickon??? Probably not now that Shaggydog is dead.

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    1. I know! Though I wish he’d stayed gone! I really cannot believe Shaggydog is dead. Maybe- I hope so- maybe the Umbers are still loyal??? Here’s to hoping!
      Yes I completely agree with that theory. I also think it’s symbolic of them being Stark-like in nature- I didn’t used to like Sansa because in my opinion when she lost her wolf she became more like a fish than a wolf (now I’ve realised I like fish too). Killing their wolf is also a symbolic killing of their character and means they do not have much long left for the world- like Rob, or in the case of Sansa, it seriously weakened her and is why she is always a bit of a wallflower and struggles to defend herself (unlike Arya- who’s wolf is as wild as she is) But I agree- if Shaggydog is dead as he appears to be then Rickon will not be able to warg- and it also symbolises he’s gonna die soon (which is pretty obvious now he’s in ramsay’s hands 😦 )


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