Red Rising is bloodydamn brilliant!

Red Rising Pierce Browns***Disclaimer- be prepared for the overuse of exclamation points!!***

I confess I’ve been absent for the last few days for the best reason a book blogger could ever be- I COULDN’T STOP READING!!! And what is the cause of this sudden burst of book-lovin’? Red Rising! I am *completely* addicted to this series (I started the first one on Monday and am now 2/3 of the way through the second one!)

A lot of people have said the first part was slow because it spent a huge amount of it world-building, but I’m going to be contrary and say I liked that too. Honestly, it was built on such deep, well thought out and accurate research that not only was my inner history nerd satisfied, but I was also completely in love with it. (I’m gonna try and not be too much of a classics geek right now- but seriously- Pierce Brown knows his stuff!) It was while I was reading and enjoying the part everyone warned me about that I thought “wow, if this is good then I am really in for something special”. And I was right.

Because then it got so much better. When the whole “capture the flag” sequence came up, my first thought was “oh not this whole shebang again, now it’s about to get generic”. But it didn’t! It took me by surprise and blew me away.

It was so gripping that I *literally* got on three wrong trains because of it (and I only have to get one train home from work- so it was a real achievement) Reading it actually gave me an adrenaline rush. After I finished I didn’t even feel like a person anymore- I was just stitched together squeals of delight!

But what made this plot more than just a crazy train ride was the sheer brilliance of the characters. Each one of them is complex, exquisite and delightfully drawn. Darrow in particularly has something so few protagonists possess- intelligence. And this is proved not just by Brown saying “he is really good at stuff”, like so many writers do, but by actually *proving* it. Not only do we get to see him solving problems, but we also get to see him evolve and learn as the story goes along. That on its own is worth picking this up for.

I could easily go on for pages about the beauty and quotability of the language. Or I could go on about the genius of the intrigue. Or I could talk about the divine moment at the end when everything came together. But these are things I think you will have to read the book to discover for yourselves….

All that remains to be said for now is *GO AWAY AND READ IT*. Read it because it will make you happy- and when it doesn’t make you happy it will have you tearing your hair out and crying and making you feel all the things a good book should!

Rating 5/5 bananas


So stop what you are doing right now and go and read this bloodydamn book! What are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this? Go and read it now!!

***Read the Review of Golden Son Here***


46 thoughts on “Red Rising is bloodydamn brilliant!

    1. Thank you!! I really do too- I’ve read far too many books where the author says their main character is the most special of all the special snowflakes, because they’re just so clever, but then they never prove it! (or they prove it in a really boring way) This book isn’t like that at all!


  1. YES I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH! I told myself that I would finish the first book and then wait a bit to get to the second and third book (because when I finished Red Rising, Morning Star hadn’t come out yet and I was too scared to be left on a cliffhanger), and then i just completely forgot! I have Golden Son in my hand (I’ve literally just gone and picked it up from the school library where I am right now). CAN’T WAIT TO START IT

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    1. It is so good!!!! I’ve been hooked on it since I started it!! I swear this series is more addictive than any drug!!!! I’m sinking into book junkie-dom for sure!!! So glad you agree!!!! I think this book is one of the rare ones that is worth the hype!!!

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  2. I was always hesitant of picking up this book… But your review might just have convinced me! Still, I’ll wait for you to read the second book and then decide whether to read it or not 😛

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  3. Your review almost made me cry with happiness. I am one of the, if not THE biggest Red Rising fan. I always talk it down a little, because I know that high expectations can ruin a book, but it worked muhahaha you loved it and I am just so utterly glad about that! I had that same adrenaline rush and I made the mistake of always reading it in the evening before bed – I COULD NOT SLEEP!
    Do you have Morning Star at home already? You won’t be able to stop after Golden Son. It’s not humanly possible. Well, … it is. Because I was so scared of the series ending that I got a book hangover WHILE reading Morning Star. I swear I’ve never been this slow. But it is just perfection and fret not, there will be a sequel series afterwards, probably coming out next year.

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    1. Yay!! I’m so glad!! haha yes I have noticed that you like the book a lot- AND NOW I CAN SEE WHY- you are 100% right about it!!! Thanks so much for all that prodding to go and read it because I might not have picked it up otherwise!!! haha and yes you managed to keep my expectations down at the same time!!
      ahh I may have a sleepless night ahead of me now while I finish off book 2!! So I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! I don’t have Morning Star yet- but let’s face it- I’m buying it on my kindle as soon as I finish golden son- because you are totally right- I *need* to read it immediately after. It’s been such a long time since I binged an entire series in one go-I forgot how good it feels!
      Oh I would kiss Pierce Brown’s feet for a sequel (heck I’d probably do that anyway) I have seriously fallen in love with this series- I CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!

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      1. YAS! My heart swells at reading these words. I knew my constant mentioning of the series would work at some point! RED RISING IS JUST THE BEST!
        The first book didn’t end with a conclusion, but it did end on a sort of closed note. Golden Son won’t give you that comfort. IT WAS A KNIFE TO THE HEART AND THE BACK!

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        1. Ahh I’m so glad!! And it *definitely* worked- I probably wouldn’t have bothered with it if not for this subtle indoctrination!! And I’ so glad I listened!!
          AND I HAVE FINISHED THE BOOK AND IT WAS EXACTLY LIKE THAT- I couldn’t cope with that ending… so I had to pick up the third one…. I swear all I’ve done this week in my spare time is read this series and you know what #sorrynotsorry :p

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  4. I am so happy to hear you love it! I’ve had it on my TBR for ages, and it looks/sounds so great, I’ve been afraid to pick it up in case I’m disappointed. (I’m on about a 6 book DNF streak right now, and getting desperate). I am definitely now going to pick this one up! Such a great review.

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    1. It really is wonderful!!! I hope that you don’t find it overrated- and bear in mind a lot of people don’t find the beginning as interesting. Oh dear!! I hope this can rectify that! It’s really addictive so the series should keep you going a while (if you like the first one of course) Thank you!!

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  5. YAY! I am so happy you enjoyed this book so much. I absolutely adore this book, despite the fact that it reduced me to tears within the first 50 pages haha.I loved how flawed Darrow was as a character because it just makes his journey all the more interesting and realistic. As painful as it is to watch him make mistakes it also helps him grow and become the best version of himself. I also love how Pierce made me care so much about the characters that were only physically present in the book for about 50 pages because you could still feel the essence of their character throughout the rest of the book.

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    1. Thank you!!! I really loved this book and am so glad you agree!! Me too- that’s one of the best things about this series- he’s so complex and he’s not a straight up hero. Yes!! Exactly- I still feel the importance of his relationship with his family and Eo in the second book- even though they’ve not been in it since the start! Exactly!

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