I wish the Book of the Stranger had set me on fire….

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But Episode 4 didn’t quite ignite the usual spark. Don’t get me wrong- there were still moments of TV gold- still the majority of the episode felt very repetitive. And I’m more annoyed about that than anything else- because I’ve said that in one of my reviews before and now I’m being repetitive.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed this episode- I just had quite a few niggling problems with it that when I came to write down my thoughts, it comes across as mostly negative (which I’m actually sorry about for a change)

*Spoilers abound*

The ending with Dany was entertaining enough- but in all honesty *we’ve been here before*. And I know that’s the point of her story arc this season “to go back to the beginning” (which is what it says in the book), yet it doesn’t make it any bit more interesting. Honestly, when she said she had a plan, I was hoping she’d come up with something a bit more spectacular. Which I recognise is a ridiculous thing to say, given that she just set herself on fire, however given that she’s done that before *with dragons*, you’ll have to forgive me for being unimpressed. It just failed to stir the same emotions in me this time as it has in the past. In all honesty, I would’ve preferred Dany finding a way out using subtler and more political tactics.

Now that I’ve got that bit out the way- what more can I say about this episode? Sadly the answer is: not much. Littlefinger was back, Tyrion’s still doing politics, and the Lannisters are plotting with the Tyrells, Reek made it home and Jorah still has dragonscale (in case we needed another reminder where he looks dramatically at his arm)- it all felt like this episode was setting the scene- much like the first one in the series. And while I had patience back then, I’m going to lose it quickly if it keeps on this way.

The one glimmer of absolute joy in this episode was the exquisite scene where Jon and Sansa were reunited. Tell me I’m not the only one who squealed with delight over that? Because that was glorious. After so many seasons of watching the Starks lose everything, it was pure magic to see at least some of them having a moment of happiness. It made me want to cry! (in a good way). That, added together with Ramsay’s sinister note and the murder of Osha, provided for some truly entertaining moments that saved this episode for me.

Overall (no spoilers), this episode would have been fine if I didn’t hold Game of Thrones to such a high standard. The fangirl in me wants to blot out my own criticism by jamming my fingers in my ears and shouting “I’m not listening, I’m not listening”

gollum not listening.png

But sadly I’m not Gollum and I have to listen to my own thoughts :p

So what did you think of this episode? Love it or hate it? Don’t keep me in suspense!

33 thoughts on “I wish the Book of the Stranger had set me on fire….

  1. Have to agree with you about Sansa and John, it was a great moment add in Ramsey’s sinister note and it was by far the best part of the show. While entertaining everything else just seemed abit ‘meh’ this week. Everytime we see Jorah he shows us his dragonscale in dramatic fashion! 😂

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    1. I know- so glad you agree!! Yeah that’s exactly what I thought- shame really because it picked up in episode 2 and 3, but this one was lacklustre. Haha I know right- I’m half expecting dramatic music every time he looks at his arm now- it’s getting a little old :/

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                    1. Makes sense- I’m pretty sure I read them all in 2012, shortly after Dance with Dragons came out- and only found out after I finished that George R R Martin takes ages between books! I was so disappointed cos of that crazy cliffhanger!

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  2. Aww I thought it was the best one so far this series! I got SO excited when Sansa arrived at Castle Black. I have been waiting since series 1 for a Stark reunion!!!! I rarely fangirl, but I went into PROPER fangirl mode during that scene!

    I see what you mean about Danaerys – I actually really liked that scene BECAUSE it was going back to how she used to be, but you’re right that it was better the first time around.

    I’m so so interested to see what happens with Ramsay – they’re bigging him up to be the most horrible person since, like, Hitler, so he needs a brilliant death. Osha made me so sad 😥 why bring her back just to kill her like that?!

    And you made me laugh so much about Jorah and his dramatic grayscale XD Great post!

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    1. Well, in fairness, that was *literally* one of the best scenes I’ve *ever* seen in GOT- so I get what you mean. ME TOO!!
      I get that- and it was along the lines of how I thought her story would go- but I found it a little too predictable considering that :/ and like you said, it was better the first time round :/
      Oh gosh me too- how desperately do you want him to take the fight to Jon and get OBLITERATED?!? He really does!!! Me too :/ I was so disappointed, cos I thought when she turned up, it meant Rickon had a chance- after that I just thought “damn there’s no hope, he’s dead”. haha yay!! Glad you agree! Thanks so much!!

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  3. I thought this episode was much better than last week’s because at least some plot that moved the story forward happened. I didn’t realize that it was a bit repetitive until you pointed it out, which is true, but I don’t seem to mind as much as you. Shrug.
    Sansa and Jon reuniting really was special. They haven’t seen each other literally since episode 1, which blew my mind when I thought about it. I can’t wait to see more of their plot together. The Starks unite to take back Winterfell! I hope poor little Rickon survives, but I’m not sure. Who knows, maybe he’s scheming with the Umbers…I sure hope so. If Osha was in on the plan, whatever role she was supposed to play in it is so done.

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    1. That’s absolutely fair- I think I didn’t mind it as much while I was watching it- it’s the problem of reviewing something- it made me analyse a lot more of what I thought of the episode :/
      I agree with you there though- that was marvellous. AHH I KNOW!! Me too!!! YES! That would be so darn good!! Me too- but I think his days are numbered :/ maybe- I thought that might maybe be the case- but I’m not sure now :/ yeah that’s for sure :/

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  4. I think I consider this one of the best episodes simply because I never thought I’d actually see a Stark reunion. I mean, that’s what we were all hoping for seasons. Now, I thought Jon had left Castle Black and when he didn’t – I ALMOST CRIED HAPPY TEARS! And Sansa has grown so much. I love how one of the first things she does (after they caught up obviously) is apologize to Jon for her behaviour when they were younger. She’s so mature and gracious and she didn’t complain about the food but was very kind. I am glad she wants to fight Ramsay. I am rooting for her! (and I can’t wait for her confrontation with Littlefinger next week!)
    Also, how hilarious was that one wildling dude (who’s name I always forget) making sexy eyes at Brienne?

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    1. YES! I agree with you there- I could’ve watched that scene a million times over!!!! I loved that so much!!!
      She really has- I think what I missed out was how proud I was of Sansa for growing so much- and even apologising to Jon! As you said, it was so mature and gracious!! Me too- the fact that she wants to fight him again shows how much she’s grown. And I have definitely done a 180 on her character from season 1- I desperately want her to win! Me too!!! I feel like her convincing Jon was proof she can scheme as well- not in a bad way, but that she knows how to get someone to follow her- which is so brilliant!
      haha yes that was so funny!!

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      1. I have weirdly liked Sansa from the beginning in the books, but not on the show. It took a while longer to fully connect there, but I just think she is one of the strongest people out there and that she is constantly underestimated. She’s not a spoiled brat anymore and I saw this wonderful comment the other day.
        All the Starks went on their separate ways and learned things they never would have learned otherwise, because they are now being taught by the best. Sansa will be a great schemer, because Littlefinger was her teacher and I hope she outmaneuvers him one day.

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        1. ahh I didn’t like her at the start- but I agree with you about her being underestimated and one of the strongest characters. Definitely!
          Ah I definitely agree with you- I’ve been saying for ages to my friends that sansa is littlefinger’s weakness and so she will be his downfall! I’m glad you’re thinking along the same lines!! 😀

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    1. Yes- I completely agree! Those were some great scenes, but the rest of the episode was lacking. If this had been any other show I wouldn’t have had the same reaction to it- but this is GOT we’re talking about. Glad you agree. Yes! It’s promising for sure!

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  5. Have to agree with you. I wasn’t super impressed with Dany’s scene in the end. I absolutely LOVED Jon and Sansa’s scene; I thought it was beautiful. The other two scenes I liked was that Littlefinger is back in the game and I even liked the greyjoy scene.

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  6. I really enjoyed it, especially the reunion of Sansa and Jon! And Tormund attempting to eat seductively to flirt with Brienne had me laughing.
    I agree with the Dany bit because I called it as soon as she put her hand near the flames.
    I’m also getting bored with Kings Landing so hopefully that story picks up.
    I’m excited to see what happens with the Kingsmoot though! That could spice things up a bit.

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