A Monkey Themed Giveaway!

So last week something massive happened…. something I can’t even explain…. I reached 500 followers!


I am literally speechless! Thank you so much for being such awesome bananaholic, monkey brains and following this blog as I ramble on about books! I can’t tell you how ecstatic, excited and extraordinarily wonderstruck it makes me to have you all on board!

To celebrate I have decided to run a giveaway, where I will be giving away this gorgeous edition of Mort- the first Discworld book I ever read and the start of my long term Pratchett fanaticism.

mort nice edition

Isn’t it so pretty? Obviously I’m trying to lure a few of you over to the darkside of Pratchett fandom with this delicious eye candy… but honestly even I’m getting book envy looking at this cos my copy isn’t nearly as nice! So if you’re burning to get your hands on this exquisite book, you can enter with rafflecopter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will run until midnight on the 11th of June (GMT London local time) and I’ll announce the winner shortly after. It is open to anyone who lives in a country where bookdepository can deliver to 🙂

As I am going away with work next week this will probably be the last time I post for a while (*sobs*). Until then- ttfn! And good luck!

94 thoughts on “A Monkey Themed Giveaway!

  1. woah, congrats! 500 would be a lot for me and I’d probably be like, “how did I even GET here?” but again, congratulations on 500 followers! You deserve them all with the amazing posts you make (trust me, even though I may not comment a lot, I do read them!)

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  2. CONGRATS! That’s amazing! You deserve every single one of them (if not more)! 😀 I love Terry Pratchett as well, his books are simply wonderful! ❤ Though I haven't read Mort yet (no idea why!? it's the one that I have wanted to read for the longest time). Thank you also for the giveaway, that's such an amazing edition – definitely entering! 🙂

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  3. Congratulations!!! You so deserve it, your posts are always awesome. I love Pratchett, and the hardcover editions are so prety. I have been collecting them since they started to come out and my collection is almost complete 😀 My local bookshop doesn’t have the last 4 though…

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    1. Thank you!! Aww that’s so sweet of yu to say 🙂 Me too!! I know right- I was debating over what to put in the giveaway, but when I saw that I thought it was perfect 🙂 I need to build up my collection now- who cares if I already have diferent editions- these are too perfect to pass up lol! Good luck getting the last 4!!

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  4. I can explain it, you and your blog are BANANA GOOD! Congrats!!!
    Don’t go awaaaaaay, don’t leave ussss. Okay, I’ll stop being a 5 years old now xD Come back soon!

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  5. Congratulations on the massive achievement!! 😀 I love reading your posts, and it’s not a surprise that all your followers do too 🙂

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  6. Congratulations!! 500 followers seems like years away to so many people, including myself. You totally deserve it, your blog is amazing!

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  7. Congrats on hitting 500! That’s awesome 😀

    Mort is a fantastic book! I can’t quite decide which Death novel is my favourite, but he’s one of my favourite Discworld characters, I read all of the books featuring him as the main character 🙂

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    1. Thank you!! So far that’s my favourite Death one- but I still haven’t finished them all- so we’ll see!! He’s one of my favourite ones too- I also have a soft spot for the death of rats. And Vetinari. Although obviously my favourite is Ook :p

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      1. I find Vetinari soooooooo interesting, he’s so menacing and yet he cracks me up in his own way (and I can’t get the image of Charles Dance as him out of my head even though I never watched the adaptation of Going Postal). And same here re: the Death of Rats, he’s cute (in his skeletal way) xD

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  8. Totally out of date but congrats on hitting 500! That is amazing.
    Mort look like such an amazing book I must add it to my collection soon 🙂
    Hope you are well x

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  9. Congratulations!! I can only imagine I’ll get to 500 followers! So awesome!! Love the blog. 🙂

    My favorite thing about monkeys? How inquisitive they are!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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