The Winds of Winter Have Arrived…

got 6-10

And they brought a storm with them. I swear, this episode will blow your socks off- in some instances quite literally.

Lots and lots and lots happened- I hardly know where to begin! In true Game of Thrones fashion, there was plenty of action, big reveals galore and some huge shocks! So if you want to shy away from those facts *now’s the time to stop reading* *Seriously, stop reading now!*

Crowning Glory

Because finally it has been proved that R + L =J!!! Who saw that coming? Okay everyone- but it was still spectacular to see years and years of speculation finally be confirmed. Jon is not just “a motherless bastard from the south”, as Littlefinger called him. In fact, if Lyanna married Rhaegar as many fans suspect, he’s not a bastard at all- but the true heir to the Iron Throne. In fact, he could very well be more important than that. Because now that this fan theory has been proved, the rest could follow like dominoes. As the literal embodiment of Ice and Fire, there is no doubt in my mind now that he is Azor Ahai and he weilds the power to defeat the Night’s King.

winter is here well father always promised



And while our attention is still on the North, one of my favourite scenes was the exchange between Jon and Sansa. Now while I loved their unity here, knowing Game of Thrones as I do, I have my fears that Jon saying that they need to trust each other is a signal that distrust lurks on the horizon. Considering how much Sansa has changed, I don’t doubt that she is capable of great and terrible things- I only hope Jon doesn’t get caught in the middle of whatever is going on between her and Littlefinger! I can only take heart at her saying “Only a fool trusts Littlefinger”. But let’s not forget…

night king

The North certainly remembers- in fact this scene was so incredibly reminiscent of when the North declared its allegiance to Rob that I found myself tearing up. It was all incredibly moving and the Northerners showed their true calibre- especially the young bear (aka Miss Mormont- gosh I love that child!) Really though we know that Jon Snow is more than just THE KING IN THE NORTH. And speaking of new monarchs…

Lioness Rampant

Okay- it seems a bit harsh to make a reference to Alanna from Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness Quartet and Cersei Lannister in the same breath- but I hardly know how else to describe it. Cersei delivered a sublime bit of political manoeuvring.  In an unbelievable stroke of brilliance, she cut down the roses and used her little birds to kill the Sparrow. Marjery did show a certain amount of savviness in her last moments- but those were her last moments nonetheless- she was never a match for Cersei after all. Finally we saw that the lion still has claws. “A Lannister always pays his debts”- and goodness didn’t we get to see that was true in her scene with the Septa.

cersei confess

But in getting her vengeance, she lost the one thing left she truly cared about. Tommen had a bit of a fall from grace- yes I can joke about it; he’s been a bit of a crap character. Still, she’s got what she’s always wanted- she’s queen at last. In her own right.

I’m actually relieved for next season. Finally I feel like that we now have a good opponent for Dany to deal with. I worried that after half the kings and queens of Westeros were wiped out, the path to the Iron Throne would be clear. But looking at the creepy cult Cersei has built around her, I have no such fears. If anything I’m more afraid of the new Grand Maester (Just look at what he did to the old one!) And, just in case we don’t think there is enough to get on with next season, the brief interlude in Dorne set up all the big players looking forward to taking the lions down! Not least of all, Varys playing his hand and promising “fire and blood”. Make it rain Dany! Now that she has finally set sail, it’s as Tyrion says…

great game

And while we’re making predictions about next season- since a male relative is destined to kill Cersei according to the prophecies in the books, I now believe that to be Jaime. Because that look in his eyes as she ascended the throne was not one of love. If/when she becomes a true tyrant, I have no doubt that he will be the one forced to take her down. Because he’s the kingkiller after all- he does what is necessary.

Just Desserts

freys and lannisters.png

Speaking of Jaime- he made a very brief appearance in the episode. But when he did he proved again that he is a more noble man than most in an absolutely brilliant confrontation with Walder Fray. One of my absolutely favourite lines in that scene was when Walder said he wouldn’t kill the child because it would “give the family a bad name”- which I thought was hilarious, all things considered.

But of course that wasn’t the most significant scene involving Walder Fray. Because in a totally Tantalus move (yes, the Classics dork in me is making an appearance) Arya Stark literally fed him his own sons! It’s very poetic way to kill someone that broke the guest rights. It is the best way to punish him for killing his dinner guests. Frankly, if anyone had it coming, it was that slimeball Walder Fray.

And Lastly…

In a scene to delight book lovers everywhere, Samwell Tarley had his Beauty and the Beast moment- and by that I mean he discovered the most incredible library in the world…


And that’s it- the end of another season. Time to get the violins out… And speaking of which, I have to say the thing I noticed most about last episode was the cinematography and in this episode it was how incredibly poignant the soundtrack was. It created the most incredible atmosphere and the perfect note to end the season. I adored it!

What did you think of all the incredible revelations and action this episode? Are you as distraught as I am about the series being over? How are you gonna survive until next season- I need tips!


10 thoughts on “The Winds of Winter Have Arrived…

  1. Couldn’t have summed up the episode any better!!! The music, the acting, the twists, the setup, EVERYTHING was just toooo puuuuurfect! Only way to survive the wait now… is to rewatch the whole show!!! :O :O Or start the books? XD Awesome post!

    – Lashaan

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    1. Ahh I know right- I’m so excited by it all!! haha that’s my plan (I *may* have rewatched the last two episodes already) I’ve read all the books- hopefully winds of winter will come out before next series and sate my appetite!! Thank you!

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  2. This episode was just amazing!! I wasn’t sure if anything could top the Battle of the Bastard episode but this totally did. I agree with you about the cinematography and sound track – that opening where not a single character speaks and it’s just the music and the slow deliberate shots… very powerful. And I love the library… actually it felt very much like an episode of everyone finally getting what they want (except the people who died of course 🙂 ) – Sam gets his library, Cersei gets to be Queen, Arya kills probably the most important person on her list, Sansa and Jon get their home back, Jon becomes King in the North, Bran becomes the Three-Eyed Raven, Daenerys finally sets off to reclaim her throne. No wonder it felt so satisfying! I think that helped me to feel better about needing to wait ages for the next season – at least some people are finally getting what they want.

    There really were so many stirring moments. I also teared up a bit when they all proclaimed Jon King in the North – I think it was especially poignant because he was always a ‘bastard’ and outcast and he’s finally being accepted. And I got emotional when Daenerys pinned the ‘Hand of the Queen’ broach on Tyrion… just seeing how much it meant to him! And a kind of gut punch of a moment for me was Tommen’s suicide. I was still reeling from the epic firey murder of everyone at the trial, and then to just suddenly have this understated moment where he steps out the window… wow. Cersei got what she wanted, but at a high price. And the prophecy has come true… she’s lost all her children.

    Speaking of prophecies, I’d forgotten the bit about being slain by a male relative. That could also end up being Tyrion though, couldn’t it? I think it would be WAY better if it’s Jaime like you say, as the betrayal and conflict involved would be huge, and it would also be Jaime getting rid of his achilles heel (he would be a person you could root for if he wasn’t loyal to Cersei!). Also Cersei probably always presumed it would be Tyrion and that’s maybe part of why she hated him, so it would be poetic if it was Jaime instead, the one she loved. Anyway, guess we’ll have to wait and see. So excited for the next season, things are really in motion now!! 😀

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    1. Ahh I know right!! Just when I was thinking “nothing could be better than this”- it went and stepped it up for the finale! it was incredible. I agree- it brings some very powerful players into the game- I thought doing away with all the old players would ruin the show- but now it’s looking up! Ah so did I- and a friend of mine said it’s the most emotional scene they’ve ever seen on the show! But the bit that really did it for me was Jon becoming king! Exactly! I was really really shocked by that moment- I never saw it coming!! Yeah that’s what she always thought- and that’s why she hated him- and that’s why I think it’s more likely not to be him. I expect it to be Jaime instead- but time will tell! Exactly- especially cos he wouldn’t do it out of hate, he’d do it cos it would be the right thing to stop a tyrant (he’s done it before, he’ll do it again) exactly!!! I know right!! CAN’T WAIT!!

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  3. Brilliant recap! This may be one of my favorite episodes ever, but I can’t be sure because there were so many. And episode 9 was incredible. We’re so lucky to be fans of this show. It just gives and gives and keeps us happy.

    When I saw the sept blow up, I didn’t even feel complete shock and boiling rage towards Cersei. I was not surprised. Of course, she would do this. She’s CERSEI. It was very sad to see Margaery die, though. 😥 I genuinely though she would survive.
    One of my favorite scenes was seeing Arya kill Walder Frey. I was so thrilled to see her keep the Faceless Man skills. It doesn’t make sense to me that she should have them because she just left and abandoned the training, but whatever! I’m glad she can now be anyone and kill her enemies. Lmao, I can’t believe I’m saying this.

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    1. Thank you so much! Ah I feel the same way- I’ve enjoyed a lot of episodes before now, but this was up there with the best of them. It really was!! And we are!!! I was delighted with the last 2 episodes this year 🙂
      Yeah that makes sense- I thought it was very in character for Cersei- she would do that. But I was shocked when Tommen killed himself- I thought someone would kill him but I didn’t expect him to kill himself. I was sad to see Margaery die too :/ Me too!! I loved that- it’s great to see those skills being used to serve up justice. haha I know the feeling! But it’s the kind of show that makes you pleased when villains get what’s coming to them- and in the case of people like the Freys, what’s coming to them is a very bloody end.


      1. What did surprise me was that Cersei didn’t express the utter anguish I though she’s feel when Tommen died. I mean, it was basically her fault. Perhaps she’s used to see her children die and kind of expected it due to the prophecy? I just thought she’d cry a little more. lol


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