The Get To Know Me Tag

Alrighty then- before I promised to do all of these themed tags in my post the other day, I should have considered the fact that even though I’m an oversharer, I’m paradoxically very reluctant to talk about myself! So it looks like this might actually be a bit more of a challenge than I anticipated! But, as promised, I’ve decided to crack on with this anyway and am back with another cringeworthy “Get To Know Me” Tag- and this time it literally *is* the Get To Know Me Tag. Thanks so much to the lovely Bookshelves and Biros  and the wonderful Quirky Book Nerd for tagging me to do this ions and ions ago!!

  • libraName: The Orangutan Librarian
  • Nicknames: Nada (that’s not my nickname- I’ve just always failed to make nicknames stick)
  • Star Sign: Libra- the (un)balanced one
  • Occupation:  I don’t even know what I do!


(apart from being bright orange and covered in fur 😉

  • Hair color: Brown
  • Hair length: Long
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Best feature: I’ll leave that upto you to decide…
  • Braces: Not anymore!
  • Piercings: Ears
  • Tattoos: Nope- I’m way to indecisive
  • Right or left handed: Right


  • beanoBest friend: Someone in primary school that introduced me to Harry Potter- we’re still friends!
  • Award: Gosh- probably when I won a drawing competition in the Dandy/Beano (anyone else read those comics?)- I can still remember how excited I was!
  • Real holiday: I’ll have to ask my mum… (she doesn’t remember)
  • Concert: Gosh I don’t know- I went to last night at the proms when I was about 10 and I don’t think I’d been to anything before that


  • Film: Lord of the Rings!
  • TV Show: Game of Thrones
  • Color: Something else that’s fantasy related 😉
  • Song: HOW CAN I CHOOSE THAT? At the moment I’m loving this summery song:
  • Restaurant: Some random place called Burger’s Bar
  • Shop: Waterstones! (Or anywhere with books)
  • Shoes: My black heeled boots


  • Feeling: Tired
  • Single or Taken: Single
  • Eating: Chocolate raisins
  • Watching: The screen (no that’s not a hip new show- that’s my way of saying nothing)
  • Wearing: pajamas!

the future

  • Children: Yup- one day!
  • Marriage: I’m open minded (what is this a dating app?)
  • Careers: More writing! More marketing! Basically just more of everything please!
  • Where you want to live: I have no idea- isn’t that exciting!


  • Miracles: Maybe
  • God: *shrugs* I’ve gone through every stage of belief from religious to atheist- right now I find myself somewhere in the middle
  • aliens-milky-way-inLove at first sight: Well, enough poets and people and playwrights have attested to its existence for me to believe it’s real. As long as we believe in it, it’s real.
  • Ghosts: Why? Have you seen any? Are you a ghost?
  • Aliens: Maybe?
  • Soul mates: Yeah, but I think it’s more like kindred spirits and you can have more than one (especially if you count friends as well)
  • Heaven/hell: Nope
  • Kissing on the first date: Why not?
  • Yourself: I have my moments :p

Phew- that’s over!! I tag:

Embuhlee, Nutfree Nerd, The Page Turner, Imagalaxygirl and Keira

And for the rest of you- I wanna know- are you an oversharer or an undersharer? How much do you like to talk about yourself?



49 thoughts on “The Get To Know Me Tag

  1. rantandraveaboutbooks says:

    This is such a fun tag. I think I might give this one a shot. Well, I think everyone already knows that I’m an oversharer. 🙂 Totally agree with you about kindred spirits. I love these getting to know you tags. I’m so glad you’re doing them. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LizScanlon says:

    That was a fun read 🙂 May also steal this tag and have a go :)…
    Funnily enough I;m an oversharer on the webz and undersharer in real life… My blog followers know more about me than my work mates?! It’s strange! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Donna says:

    The blue of your eyes must be so gorgeous with the orange of your fur :p I find it hard to share details about myself, but I don’t mind answering a hundred fun questions that are not too personal. Don’t come up with a hundred questions, please xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • theorangutanlibrarian says:

      haha yeah- I bet a jumpsuit would bring out my eyes too 😉 haha me too, to be fair- and I definitely overshare in real life- I can’t seem to shut up! hahaha are you sure… 1) how fond are you of questions? 2) when do you reckon this will get annoying? 3) how long do you think I can keep this up…? 😉 xD


  4. Holly says:

    What a fun tag! It’s always nice to do a tag that isn’t solely about books every once in a while haha 🙂 I feel like I can be both an oversharer and and undersharer, depending on who I’m talking to and what we’re talking about.
    Thanks so much for tagging me! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Nicola Alter says:

    Interesting post! Also interesting to know that it was not so easy to do because you are reluctant to talk about yourself. Personally I think I’m an oversharer in almost all respects, except I don’t like sharing anything too related to my personal relationships and emotions – e.g. how I feel about family and friends. Not because there’s anything shocking there but just cos it feels awkward to share that. I even found writing my wedding vows awkward because it’s just weird to talk about how I feel about my partner and what I promise to do in our relationship etc in front of a crowd of people. Guess I’m just not one for public declarations of love 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Keira says:

    Chocolate raisins are great- and yogurt covered cranberries as well. Thanks for the tag! Now that I have internet again and time (I was on a course and then had no wifi for a week 😦 ), I’ll be sure to do this very soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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