Reading Between the Lines of Harry Potter – Part 1

Ron Weasley Is Secretly the Dark Lord

ron who me

So if you read my last post, you will know what a “fan” I am of people saying “read between the lines” (and if you don’t know you can read my rant here). After that post I just thought it would fun to share an example with you all of how you can read between the lines of just about any book! And since it seems to be Harry Potter month on the Blogosphere, I thought what better time could I have to write out my “best” interpretations of Harry Potter. Today- I’ll be starting off by debunking the biggest Harry Potter myth of all: that Ron Weasley is Harry Potter’s loyal friend and sidekick. THE TRUTH WILL SHOCK YOU- because I’m about to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Ron Weasley is in fact the Dark Lord:


  1. Ron seems particularly fond of calling the Dark Lord HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED- obviously that is something Voldemort would do, as he would want to make people more afraid of the Dark Lord himself
  2. In the earlier books Ron’s never in the same place at the same time as Voldemort- coincidence? I THINK NOT! (obviously when they are in the same place at the same time it’s cos of the whole “split soul personality disorder horcrux” thing- duh- I mean, read between the lines!)
  3. peter pettigrewHe harbours resentment towards Harry for being the Chosen One- he pretends this is just jealousy to cover up the fact he is the Dark Lord
  4. He harboured his buddy Peter Pettigrew for years, pretending he was just a harmless rat called Scabbers, and then played innocent when the jig was up (the duplicitous snake!)
  5. Did you ever read Molly’s version of giving birth to Ron? No? Well nor did I! That obviously never happened
  6. If I was the Dark Lord, I’d also want to hide in plain sight, but I’d want to be someone no one would suspect: that’s why he picks a pure blood family with a soft spot for muggles- no one would suspect!
  7. And lastly, the most important reason of all… because I said so!

Still not convinced? Well here is a pic you can’t argue with:

ron avada kedavra

Caught in the act! Stay tuned for part two where I will reveal more Harry Potter theories truths to you all!! And I’m not going to ask if you agree with my interpretation- because if you read between the lines you are certain to reach the same conclusions I did! 😉

47 thoughts on “Reading Between the Lines of Harry Potter – Part 1

  1. Haha! These are such good examples and you’re so right. There’s so much one can assume by “reading between the lines.” I’m with you on that one. I can’t stand when people say that. I’m like no I don’t want to read between the lines just tell me what I need to know. I could rant all day about that, too. Awesome post! 🙂 And extra bonus points for making it Harry Potter themed. 🙂

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  2. Oh, and have you noticed the way that Ron acts like he can’t stand his love for Hermione, because she’s Muggle born, and of course the jig would be up in that regard – that’s why Voldemort has to hunt down more Muggle borns since coming back to power, to prove that he won’t hesitate to show just how much he hates them – so of course he couldn’t love one! 😉

    Great example of the silliness that is too much analysis of a straightforward topic. 🙂

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