Not So Sneakily Going On Hiatus!

Because there is no subtle way to do this- and as painful as this is- I’ve just got to rip the plaster off and say I’m going on hiatus! For two whole weeks! Yes- I know, I know- I don’t know how we will survive this separation…

Which is why I have prepared some scheduled posts while I am away (so hopefully you won’t be as bereft without me as I’m going to be without you all!)

In the meantime- don’t feel too bad for me- cos I’m currently on my way somewhere lovely… more about that when I get back!

Until next time! À bientôt! (No I’m not in France- just a Francophile!)

27 thoughts on “Not So Sneakily Going On Hiatus!

  1. NOOOOO, no, no, no, don’t leave us – can’t handle it – *sobs*

    Yes, I am being overdramatic. 🙂 Have a great time! We’ll be here when you get back (because some of us have no lives!) Seriously, don’t feel bad. Sometimes it has to happen.

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  2. Reviens nous vite!!! Tu vas nous manquer!!!! Ne nous oublie paaaaaas *pleure toutes les larmes de son corps* Yep that’s the only French I’ve written all day. Perhaps all week xD
    Have a great time, and come back to us with more energy and lots and lots of inspiration (not that you need more than you already have, but they say a hiatus is good to refull the batteries!) Enjoy your hiatus, think of us a little only, and take care of yourself! ❤

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    1. Aww that’s so sweet!!! (I’m so excited to read French) (my French isn’t good enough to say all this in French but I’m so pleased I understood that!!) (seriously you have no idea how excited I am- I’ve been trying to learn!) haha- trust me, that’s the most French I’ve read in a while!
      Thank you so much!!! Definitely feel like I’ve recharged my batteries- just wish that would transfer to actually updating my blog! 😉 haha I definitely thought about you all- every time I picked up a book in fact- which, as you can imagine, was a lot!


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