Sadly I Did Not Fall Blindly In Love With All The Light We Cannot See

All_the_Light_We_Cannot_See_(Doerr_novel)Okay, so let me be clear this was extremely well written. I mean, anyone- and I mean *anyone*- would be proud to write a book like this. Technically it is as close to perfect as a book can be. The author demonstrates in the crispness of the writing style that they have *absolute* control over their material. The play with chronology, in particular, was very impressive. And I had to admire the author’s skill for that.

So why didn’t this blind me with its awesomeness? Why was I not looking beyond the literal words on the page and letting it wash over me?

Because it definitely felt like something was missing. Although a dreamlike quality of the book is something I might usually praise, I felt like this distance made me feel disconnected from the characters. Furthermore, this made it feel far from the realistic, raw world of the subject material. The book gave the impression of being a snapshot, a faint outline of the world, rather than making me feel like it was something that could have been real.

More than that, I just wanted to *feel* something.  I just kept waiting and waiting and waiting for it to tug at my heartstrings in some way! And that niggling feeling that it just wasn’t fulfilling my emotional needs (yes I sound like a needy girlfriend- but that’s what all us book lovers are with books) continued as the plot forced its way on past the point when the story was effectively over.

But while it was missing that *bam* factor- I don’t really feel confident about criticising it for anything else. Because the perfection of the writing (and it really well-crafted from a technical point of view) it didn’t go too far as to feel try hard. Granted, I didn’t see it as being up to the all the sweeping statements of praise I read on the blurb, but on this occasion I can’t really take it out on the book. That’s why I’m giving it:

Rating: 4/5 bananas


I’m still away- so this is just a quick *now you see me, now you don’t* (ooh spooky!) Either way- have you read this book? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments!

20 thoughts on “Sadly I Did Not Fall Blindly In Love With All The Light We Cannot See

  1. Blindly in love. Haha. *wipes tear away* I fell in love with this after listening to the audiobook. Maybe that makes the experience better? I understand what you mean though. It felt like we were watching from a floaty space above rather than within.

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  2. I’ve actually heard your exact issue with this novel in other reviews. I might watch the movie (depending on how long it takes to come out) before I actually read the book, maybe I’ll get some emotion from that (I’m sure it’ll be a movie soon, I get that feeling from it). Great review!

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  3. I know I’m jumping on the bandwagon pretty late with this review (you having written this post in September and all) but you perfectly articulated how I feel about this book! Thanks for confirming that I’m not just a heartless monster for not being 100% on board with the hype!

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    1. Ahh no worries- I’m always happy when people read my reviews 🙂 THANK YOU for saying that- I was beginning to think I was the only one!!! Over time I’ve began to think of this book add an “Oscar winner”- gets all the acclaim and hype because ticks all the right boxes, but actually it’s just doing it mechanically so it just doesn’t have the right amount of emotional punch that it should!

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  4. Hey I read this review and I am glad to see someone with a different perspective. Although I consider this book to be one of the greatest pieces of fiction ever, I can understand why someone else may not 😃. The chronology of the events was quite appealing to me too- I felt that it increased the thrill. Good review! 👍🏻


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