So Where Was I? Romeing About Italy!

(Yes it took me two weeks to come up with that godawful pun!)

Hello again folks!! And by “again” I mean hello for the first time in a really long time! Because I’ve been pretty pretty absent lately. Well, we all know that sometimes life gets in the way of blogging- and sometimes that’s a good thing, because sometimes life is going on an *incredible* trip round Italy!

I went to Naples…




And Florence!

For anyone that’s never been to Italy/would like to go/has been and likes reminiscing, I can sum up my trip thus: gelato (every day), pizza (almost every day), landscapes, beauty, art, classics, and… stories! Now if you’ve followed this blog for even a second you will know how obsessed I am with stories. But what you might not know is that I am equally obsessed with visual stories. I love more than anything how a single sculpture or painting can capture the beginning, middle and end of a whole epic narrative. A sculpture like this…


…says more than a thousand words.

Sure, I could go on about some of my favourite classics (go and read Ovid’s Art of Love that’s all I ask!) but that’s really not what this trip was about for me (teaser: if you’re interested in what I read while I was away I’ll probably discuss it in my next post). For me, this trip was all about rediscovering my love for stories without words. I mean, just think about Hemingway for a second- his greatest attempt at innovation was his creation of the six word stories, and yet for thousands of years artists have been creating entirely wordless stories.

So instead of recommending a book that resonated with me after seeing so much beauty, I will suggest using your eyes for something other than reading (I know that’s hard for us book worms!), and go to an art gallery or even just a beautiful landscape and find a story with no words!

52 thoughts on “So Where Was I? Romeing About Italy!

  1. THIS blogpost is not doing doing good on my resistance. I WANT TO SPEND ALL MY MONEY ON TICKETS TO GO TRAVELLING RIGHT NOW but hey, plane trips don’t count against a book buying ban which means TAKE ME TO ITALY. I want to go so badly right now and your pictures are so wonderful! Love this post! ❤

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  2. Wow, what an incredible adventure! I’d certainly add Naples, Rome and Capri to my to-visit list after reading this (here’s to hoping I win the lottery and can go travelling for a few months). Stunning photographs! 🙂

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  3. That was some well spent time on that pun :’). But Italy = amazing!! And here I thought you just went to the Shetland islands ;). Beautiful pictures and sound advice at the end!

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  4. I have never been to Europe, but if I ever do I my first stop will be Rome for sure.
    These are such gorgeous shots. I’m so happy for you and jealous!
    I certainly have neglected wordless stories recently. You’ve inspired me to go to a museum soon. My city has so many of them!

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    1. Ahh awesome!! It really should be on the top of your list- it’s such an incredible place- I wanted to stay forever!!
      Thank you!! Aww I’m glad!! Ah that’s fantastic- I know what you mean about neglecting museum visits in your hometown- I’m actually guilty of the same!!


  5. Whoa, beautiful pictures! I have to agree about visual stories – they say more than words could ever say sometimes. Never been to Europe, would love to go sometime next year (especially depending on how this Trump v. Hilary election pans out). So glad you had fun and were able to share these awesome pictures 🙂

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  6. Wow, what a trip!! Looks like you had an amazing time – I have been to Rome but would love to go to all those other places.

    You know, one of your photos reminds me of an experience that recently gave me a whole new level of appreciation for classical sculptures – I went to a museum where they had one stone sculpture of a woman you could go up and touch (normally you can never touch things in museums! It was probably a modern replica). The anatomically-correct, expert carving means it not only looks real but actually feels like you’re touching the arm or leg or face of a real person – just a very cold person 🙂 – which I had never realised. It was absolutely mesmerising. Now when I see these amazing ancient sculptures I wish I could break the rules and touch them (don’t worry, I don’t actually do it). Such craftsmanship and artistry!

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    1. Thank you- I really did!! And I highly recommend visiting all of these places, especially Florence (which I fell in love with)
      Haha wow that sounds cool- I get what you mean- I would very much like to touch the sculptures (in a totally non weird way) to get a feel for them and understand a bit more about then and how they were made


  7. Those pictures!!! Everything looks so beautiful! It was totally worth missing you for a bit, hahahaha (but so happy you’re back 😀 <3) I'm so glad you got to visit so many gorgeous places!

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  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I’ve been to Italy a few times–haven’t been south of Rome, funnily enough–and I have so many wonderful memories of the country, it’s absolutely beautiful and so rich in history ❤ Thanks for sharing some of your photos with us! 🙂

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