Should I unhaul these books?

Hello all! How’s October treating you so far? Getting in the Halloween spirit yet? Well, I have just the ticket! After all my talk of book-buying lately, I thought it would be good to talk about something that spooks all us bookaholics- and that is the horror of giving books away!

I know, I know- *shudders* all around. This is no easy thing to talk about. But it being the month of scary things, I thought it would be a good time to confront the fear and face this head on!

So recently I was reunited with some of my most beloved books. (But don’t worry I have no intention of unhauling these!!) While I was going through this box of books from teenagehood, I found a few scarily bad books… my copies of the Twilight saga. I was then confronted with a terrifying question I couldn’t immediately answer: should I unhaul them?



Now I know what many of you are thinking: “Of course!! Don’t you hate Twilight?!?”

Yup- totally true. (I mean it’s got sparkly vampires and werewolves imprinting on infants- need I say more?)

“Alright,” you say, “would you want to read them again- is that what this is?”

Nope- I’m never reading them again! If I wanted to be bored for a couple of hours, I’d just stare at paint dry (or Kirsten Stewart’s face)

“So,” I hear you ask, “why would you even consider keeping them???”

Well- that’s not the easiest thing to answer. Because while the rational part of my brain instantly went “unhaul!!” the less rational part started feeling super nostalgic. Nostalgic that I had these books for such a long time, nostalgic about sharing these godawful books with equally boy-starved friends (I went to all girl schools) and even nostalgic about waiting for the last one to come out (even though that one inevitably made me throw up in my own mouth a little). Something about them reminded me of my younger self. For a moment I felt like memories, even of bad books, should be cherished.

But maybe that was just cos they were nestled in besides my copy of Noughts and Crosses and Harry Potter. (Yup I might just be confusing this with my nostalgia in general and my usual indecision about giving away books!)

So- what’s the verdict? To unhaul or not to unhaul- that is the question… And who else has trouble unhauling unloved books? Help me out here!


60 thoughts on “Should I unhaul these books?

  1. daleydowning says:

    I have chosen to unhaul certain books for reasons of “I honestly didn’t like it in the end and will never read it again” getting the better of sentiment. I think it’s a good thing. 🙂

    If it helps, you are so not alone in the Twilight debate – I’ve seen *dozens* of copies of each 4 novels available for a dollar at multiple used book sales. 😉

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  2. Marcia Strykowski says:

    I have great trouble getting rid of books, even ones I don’t especially care for. Before even reading the comment above mine, I was planning to say Twilight books are frequently donated to my library’s book sales. If you do decide to get rid of this chunky series, think of all the space you’ll gain!

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  3. Nicola Alter says:

    Hmm good question, I faced the same question when moving countries last year (had to do some serious unhauling for my whole collection!) – I gave away the three sequels but decided to keep the first book… I guess my rationale was that I’d never re-read the whole series, but might refer to/re-read bits of the first one in future just for nostalgia or curiosity’s sake. Also I guess I liked the first one when I read it, but never really liked the sequels (just felt compelled to see how it ended!).

    So you could do the same if you wanted to clear your shelves but retain one nostalgic remnant! Unless you’re someone who doesn’t like to have incomplete series on your shelves… in which case if it were me I guess I’d just unhaul them all 🙂

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  4. rivermoosebooks says:

    The rational part of my brain tells me to tell you to Unhaul them. If you don’t like the books and aren’t going to read them again, there is no point in allowing them to continue to take up valuable book space.

    But I am a notations pack rat who cries when ANYTHING is given or thrown away. (Seriously it’s a problem). So I feel like I can’t tell you to Unhaul when I myself could never (especially with my twilight books, my grandma bought them for me when I was nine, and I have many a memory of being sent to the guidance counselor because well, twilight is not for nine year olds).

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  5. thesarahdoughty says:

    Well… That’s a tough one. All tropes and hidden abuses aside, those books were there for me when I needed them. Absorbing the awful news of a miscarriage and the idea that I may never had children required that I escape myself as much as I could. I think I read them at least 7 times each. But then I discovered other urban fantasies I liked. I eventually unloaded my physical books for digital ones, because I didn’t want to be without them entirely.

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  6. foxtaylor says:

    When I’m considering an unhaul I think about how easy it would be to get copies of something again in the future, if I changed my mind. Because Twilight does have copies floating around everywhere I’d say go ahead and unhaul!! Make space for new memories!

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  7. erinksexton says:

    I hate getting rid of books. HATE IT, hurts my soul, is truly impossible. But I’m definitely going with unhaul on this one. I’ve never been a Twilight fan so I don’t feel the same sense of nostalgia, but I’m proud of you for moving on to green pastures 😉 You are sure to find about 10 copies in any used store you visit, so if you’re desperate you can always buy them back. But I doubt that will happen!

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    • theorangutanlibrarian says:

      Ahh I know right- it’s a real struggle- every time!! haha good answer! I feel the weirdest twinge of nostalgia- cos I actually really don’t like them!! (even the first time round I went ughh too often!!) haha that is so true! I’ll never struggle to get them!

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  8. Claire | Art and Soul says:

    That’s a really tough question.
    I agree these are “bad” books, but I also found them incredibly addictive and I think I skimmed through the whole saga in a few days (turning a blind eye to all the things wrong with it!).
    However. If you don’t think you’re ever going to read them again… I think I would get rid of them. Just think how much shelf space you’re freeing up for greater things?! 🙂

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  9. Anne says:

    I’d say unhaul, but I wouldn’t be able to do so myself. I have never given or thrown away a single book because…it’s a BOOK! But I can always give other some wise advice eh? 😉 Unhaul that shit!

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  10. Alannas world says:

    I still have the books I dislike, I just don’t like parting with him and I’m not sure why. Keep them just incase you need them (i’m not sure why you’ll need them) but I often use mine for killing moths lol

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  11. Zainab Sheikh says:

    I feel you. I have a lot of books that I know I’m not gonna read or reread but I don’t know how to give them away. But, I guess you should. Donate them or something. It will definitely make you feel better (and organized) to get rid of the useless stuff.

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  12. Ceillie Simkiss says:

    I still have my copies, because I enjoyed them when I read them, and there’s a chance I’ll read them again, but if you’re not going to re-read them and they don’t bring you joy, donate them or use them for an art project. They don’t need to take up the precious real estate of your shelf space!

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    • theorangutanlibrarian says:

      Ahh yes- I totally get it- I’ve unhauled so many things before too! (although thankfully I never owned the fifty shades trilogy- so I didn’t have to ever look at them on my bookshelf- I felt dirty enough dealing with them at the library!) hahaha thanks!! 🙂

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  13. Emily | RoseRead says:

    I totally understand the want to hang on to them, even though it doesn’t seem rational! I still have all my Twilight books, and no plans to read them again any time soon. However, unhauling can feel soooo liberating. I need to do more unhauling myself, because the last time it felt so great!


  14. Emily | RoseRead says:

    I totally understand wanting to hold on to them! I still have all my Twilight books, though I don’t know when/if I’ll ever look at them again. Something is making me hang on, and I think it’s the nostalgia factor. However, unhauling feels so good! I need to do more, because last time I did an unhaul, I felt so happy lol.


  15. Jean Ludvig says:

    Belatedly, I should say that despite having given my copies of the books away, I rather miss having them around.

    Were they good books? No. But did I like reading them?

    Well, also no. But there’s something to be said for that nostalgia. Think of it this way: Someday, for some reason, you may want to crack one of those books open again. Not to read the whole thing, but maybe to check a part or to remember something ridiculous. And when that day comes, if you’ve given it away, you’ll have to go to the library and risk somebody seeing you reading it.

    Not to mention that whatever place you end up giving them away to already has eighteen sets of their own.

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    • theorangutanlibrarian says:

      hahah I know right- nostalgia is so strong even for books we didn’t like!! I know what you mean- that’s what I worry about!! hahaha yes- I wouldn’t want that. But if I keep them I risk someone seeing that i own them- and I wouldn’t want that 😉 hahah that is certainly true!!


  16. Melanie Noell Bernard says:

    That depends: Do you want them sitting on your shelf for you and the world to see? Or would you rather clear the space for a book you’re proud you read? And what conversation would you rather have more with someone who comes to visit: Twilight or… well, anything else. :p


  17. yourdaughtersbookshelf says:

    Unhaul! If you are never going to read them again, it will make room for more lovelies on your shelves. 😀

    I go through my shelves once a year to clear them out – any book I did not particularly enjoy and know I will not read again gets donated to my kids’ school or the local library. It’s actually quite quick, very instinctual whihc to donate. But if I hesitate at all, it goes back on the shelf for another year. That said, there are some I will never read again, but just can’t bring myself to donate.

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    • theorangutanlibrarian says:

      Yes you are 100% right!!! I do a lot u of clearouts too cos I am very limited with space- so I definitely need to unhaul! I just give them to charity shops- there are so many locally that it’s easy 🙂 plus since that’s where i buy books as well it’s a nice cycle 🙂 Ahh I understand that- some books are just especially sentimental so it can be a struggle!!

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  18. Emily | RoseRead says:

    What a good question. I recently did a small unhaul and it felt soooo good! I love freeing up space and not being dragged down by old books I’m never going to look at. Frees up space more new ones! 😉 However, I also still have my Twilight series…I’m not sure if I’ll ever get rid of them, because I somehow feel like they are “essential” to my YA collection…even though I’m not a huge fan…

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