French Themed WWW Wednesday

 Bonjour mes amis! Aujourd’hui, je vais seulement parler en français… Just kidding! (Let’s not pretend I can actually speak French! I’d be surprised if I even got that right!)

Anyhoo- why am I feeling especially Francophilic today? Because I just went to Paris for a couple of days! Need proof? Here is a pic I took of the Eiffel Tower:


And here’s a spooky one of Notre Dame at night:


And because I’m feeling in the mood to talk about French books and it is a Wednesday, I thought I might try the WWW meme- but with a twist! (aka I will be bending the rules!)

If you’re not familiar with the meme, it is hosted by Taking On A World Of Words (SamAnnElizabeth) and we answer three questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you just finish reading?
  • What are you planning on reading next?

I will of course be tweaking these for my purposes!

What FRENCH BOOK are you currently reading?


Okay- I didn’t really need to change the question for this one, because among other things I am currently reading Le Petit Prince. And yes, I know it’s a children’s book that should take me no time at all, but I chose to read it in French- so I’m not done with it yet!

What was the last FRENCH BOOK you read?

les mis

I believe that was Les Mis- and no that was not in French- that would be wayyy too hard! (I mean see above- I’m at the “it’s hard to read children’s books” level)

What FRENCH BOOK are you planning on reading next?


After my trip I am super inspired to read Victor Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. It’s been sitting on my kindle for ages and now I feel like I should really pick it up already! Of course, as I’ve already said, I won’t be able to read it in French unfortunately, BUT that leads me onto the questions I have for *you*:

What French book would you suggest I read next? Do you know a book similar to Le Petit Prince that I might be able to try in French? And if you just like French books in translation- what can you recommend? Because I haven’t read nearly enough French books!!


32 thoughts on “French Themed WWW Wednesday

  1. daleydowning says:

    Ahh, your French wasn’t that bad! (I took 4 years of it in school, but haven’t really spoken it since about then…still, the rudimentary stuff hangs around in the brain!)

    The only French novels I know are those of Msr. Hugo and The Little Prince. Hmm, well, the Madeline children’s stories… Oh, and Babar the Elephant King! 🙂

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  2. Emily | RoseRead says:

    Bonjour! J’aime les livres. That’s all I got, lol….

    I’m so jealous – I’ve always wanted to go to France. I also want to read Les Mis and Hunchback, but I know those are big commitments, lol! I love the Little Prince, though!

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  3. alilovesbooks says:

    I was forced to read 2 French books in school (I did 6 years of it) and the only one I vaguely remember is L’etranger by Albert Camus. I should really read the English translation as I’m still not 100% sure what it was about 🙂

    We’re reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog next for book club. Have heard good things about it.

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  4. Anna @MyBookishDream says:

    Wow. I’m really impressed that you read Les Miserables! That’s basically the only book on TBR that I’m intimidated by and am actually not sure if I will ever read. I read The Little Prince ages ago and should probably reread it some time soon, as many people say you get a different perspective if you read it when you are older. (I read it when I was 10 or 11 or something like that.)

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  5. Diana says:

    OMG You went to Paris! I am so jealous. I have always wanted to go there and the pics look great.I have heard about the size of Les Miserables, impressive that you read that. Enjoy your trip and all your books this week.

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  6. Anne says:

    Jeez, you’re one traveling monkey aren’t ya?! 😀 Paris is best during the fall, you couldn’t have picked a better moment to go there <3. My favourite French book of all time is Sans Famille by Hector Malot. It's a children's book, but I'm not sure enough about the actual level of the language in it to tell you to go try it in French :D. When it comes to simplicity, I enjoyed Le Grand Cahier by Ágotha Kristóf. It's about a creepy grandmother who has to take in her twin grandsons during WWII. I remember a lot of cruelty in a house in the woods. It's written in the language of a child, so easier for some of us who's French got a little rusty on the way ;).

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    • theorangutanlibrarian says:

      hehe would it sound slutty to say “I get around”? 😉 It is!! I’ve never been there at this time of year before, but I quickly discovered it couldn’t have been a better time to go! Ooh well, it’s worth challenging myself! (or aspiring to challenge myself!) ooh I love the sound of that too- thanks so much for the amazing recommendations!!! haha especially for those of us who are rusty and have the language skills of an illiterate child! 😉

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  7. Donna says:

    Oh my, I really thought my brain had stopped working when I read your French, hahahahahah! You actually got it right! Je suis fière de toi! Et pour te récompenser je vais écrire ce commentaire en français! *evil laugh* Je n’ai lu aucun de ces bouquins, est ce que ca fait de moi une mauvaise française? xD Je n’arrive pas à lire dans ma propre langue, je trouve ca trop saoulant! Je n’ai pas en tête d’histoires qui ressemble au Petit Prince mais je sais qu’étant petite je lisais les livres de Daniel Pennac, dont Kamo et Moi. J’adorerai avoir ton avis sur les livres de Maxime Chattam, mais j’ignore s’ils sont disponibles. Son site dit qu’ils ont été traduits mais je ne les vois pas sur Amazon!
    Now, am I nice enough to translate this? xD

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    • theorangutanlibrarian says:

      Hahaha how is that a reward?!?! This is so hard!! (ne pense pas que je vais ecrire en francais!! C’est trip difficile!!) (Also my keypad on my phone keeps auto correcting to English) that doesn’t make you a bad frenchie (just an honourary English person 😉 ) gotta confess i don’t know what saoulant means! I will have to check out pennac then! And chattam (though I just looked him up and don’t know if he’ll be too hard! And I don’t know what disposables means lol!) Hahaha and I just got to the end where you (kinda) offered to translate- gosh I wish I’d waited till the end before ploughing through and translating (must of it ) myself- damn haha!

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      • Donna says:

        Mouhahahahaha, you actually went through it on your own, poor banana! *hugs* Saoulant means annoying/boring and disponible means available 🙂 I can’t believe you actually only saw my offer for a translation at the end, I feel so guilty now! Pennac’s are definitely good for you, and I’ll try to find Chattam’s in English for you!

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