I’m not very good at announcements…

Okay- so you know how it’s hard to remember what you have and haven’t said you would post? No? Just me?

guards-guardsWell I am always forgetting to say things on here. Like how I said I would announce the winner of my giveaway soon after I’d picked the winner- well I completely forgot to tell you all that imagalaxygirl won- so congrats to her!!! I’ve sent the book via bookdepository now 🙂

dscn3453And while we’re on the subject of things I’ve been meaning to share- after all you lovely people pretty much unanimously told me to unhaul my Twilight books, I’ve decided to take your advice and part ways with them at last! (Unless of course I take Candid Ceillie’s brilliant advice to turn them into art!) Thanks so much to everyone for helping me out on this one!!

Oh and this happened a while ago- totally forgot!


Annnd that’s all for now!! I’m sure there’s a ton of other stuff! Ah well- I’ll be back *soon* to share some more!

28 thoughts on “I’m not very good at announcements…

    1. hahaha yes!! Thank you!!! I could always do with more 🍌 I know right!! This kind of slipped by the wayside cos I wasn’t expecting it at all and was away when it happened! It’s a crazy feeling- congrats to you too!! I guess I ought to give you a 🍌 too but I’m too greedy 😉

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    1. Thanks!! It’s a good idea- I’m mostly conservative about art though- so it could be some time before I come up with anything! and I have to admit I would find it hard/nigh on impossible actively destroy a book- even if it does contain sparkly vampires! You should do that though on my behalf 😉
      Thank you!


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