Should I continue the Shatter Me series?

So a couple of days ago I did a post about continuing series I hate. Now while Shatter Me doesnt really fall into that category- because I did quite enjoy it- I did have my doubts about the series. So I figured I would lay it all out in a slightly different take on a book review and enlist your help to determine whether I should continue reading!

Shatter Me Review


Rating: 3/5 bananas

half bananahalf bananahalf banana

What I liked:

  • It was well written and had a strong voice
  • The fast paced drama made for a fun quick read

What I disliked:

  • The world building was underdeveloped and left too much to the imagination- I have so many questions about it and given the author’s style, I don’t feel like they’re going to be answered!
  • I’m not invested in the characters at this stage in the narrative… And I should be

Other things to consider:

  • I’ve heard good things about the direction the series takes and I have to say I’m intrigued…
  • They’re readily available online- and as I’ve said many times before I HAVE A BOOK BUYING PROBLEM (not sure whether that’s a pro or a con to be honest!)
  • And lastly…Β the covers are so pretty!!! I mean- just look at these:


Okay, now that I’ve laid it all out I am more undecided than ever!!

What do you think? Is it worth investing in this series? Love or hate this series- let me know on the comments!

43 thoughts on “Should I continue the Shatter Me series?

  1. i think just give the next book a go at least and you’ll know quickly whether to continue or not… 😊 even better if the next book isnt too expensive considering the risk factor of being on the fence about the series. good luck 😊

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  2. Here I am with really bad advice (maybe): I say don’t continue if you can’t stand to read another of the books, but get them anyway because of the pretty covers, lol.
    I’ve never read them though but have been tempted to get the 5th book. I like the colors around that eye.

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      1. Oh wow. A search engine! Damn wish my area had that. We only have one library. Then you’ll have to buy them. 😦 maybe borrow from a friend?

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  3. I have the first book, but I still need to read it. If you’re not connecting with the book, you might not want to continue on. Totally up to you though. Sometimes the later books in a series are better. Btw, I’m loving Golden Son right now. Things are getting crazy. πŸ‘»

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  4. I hope you’ll want to keep on going with this series. The first book takes a bit of time to get into, and the writing is special, but I think you could end up enjoying it, or at least I hope so. I think this series just keeps on getting better πŸ™‚ Hope you’ll want to continue, and you can always quit if the second book isn’t for you πŸ™‚

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  5. I’d advise you to not stop at the first book, you can have a better view of the entire series with one or two more tries. Look at me, I started really liking Throne of Glass xD It took me 4 books to care about the characters, haha!

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    1. Ahh awesome- thank you- that seems to be the consensus!! Yes that is an excellent point! And it was true for me too- I quite liked Throne of Glass but wasn’t in love with it till a couple of books down the line- haha it was a quicker process for me though!! haha!!


  6. So far I have only read the first book (and the novella in Warner’s point of view). I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t my favourite or anything like that. I will continue with the series – as I have heard that it gets a lot better, the writing style is already really beautiful and I want to read more about Warner (who is my favourite character so far). Sooo I don’t see any reason for not continuing with this trilogy! πŸ˜€

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  7. The world building doesn’t get any better, imo. It was all very vague. I have a love-hate relationship with this series, lol. The writing is good, but the actual plot… Eh. They’re quick reads, but probably not worth buying them.

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  8. I haven’t read the series but I’ve heard so many things from both sides of opinions! Some people love it, some people hate it, its feels SO GOOD to have a middle-ish kind of perspective XD The covers ARE SO PRETTY! Unfortunately my copy of Shatter Me is the old one so there is no pretty eyeball. WHERE IS MY PRETTY EYEBALL? IF you do decide to continue on with it, good luck! I hope you enjoy it! I heard Warner is a DREAM.

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    1. Yes I’d heard so many things too before going in- it read hard to avoid at one point! Ahh that is a shame! Hahahaha I know right- I need a pretty eyeball in my life (good that sounds weird!) Thank you!! Yes that’s one of the things I’m sorry curious about! Thank you!

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  9. I’m having the same problem right now. I’m reading a book and I’m just not connecting to. Every turn of a page is a struggle. It’s like playing “loves me, loves me not”. I’m flipping the pages thinking “love it, love it not”. But I have never not finished a book and this will not break me. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I think you should read the series, otherwise you’ll keep wondering. And if not, check out my romance novel (completely subtle promotional suggestion;) ).

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  10. I wasn’t overly impressed with the first book but decided to continue this one since I didn’t really dislike it either but after reading them all I just wanted my time spent back…. Hope you like them better than I did. LOL

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  11. Five books is a LOT! Especially if you’re at the risk of forcing yourself to read all of them even if you end up disliking the next one in the series ;). Then again, you will never find out if you don’t try it, right? And if you don’t like book 2, you can simply leave it for what it is. Right?? πŸ˜‰

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