T5W: Most Misleading Synopses

Hi all! Now I don’t usually do this meme (*insert usual disclaimers* and find goodreads group here) but today’s topic was particularly awesome- so I had to weigh in on this one! We’ve all been misled by book blurbs from time to time! (sometimes this isn’t the fault of those doing the marketing- as you’ll see from my list, sometimes they’re doing the best they can with what they’ve got!)

Anyhoo- here we go:

wings1. Wings– the blurb promises fairies, but *spoiler alert* it’s about plant people. Plant people!?!



long-way-to-a-small-and-angry-planet2. A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet– well the blurb promised an actual plot for starters…



twilight3. Twilight– the blurb did say there would be vampires- but let’s be honest- did anyone expect them to sparkle?



The_Bone_Season_cover4. The Bone Season– again this one hinted at an “otherworldly race”- but did anyone see the kooky alien vampire thingy coming? No? Didn’t think so! Plus, this one was being marketed as the next Harry Potter, just cos Scholastic published it, when “yet another Twilight knockoff with weird twists” would’ve been more accurate. (Okay, you can kind of blame the marketing one for that- even if the book was a hot mess)

carry on5. Carry On– I wanna finish on a more positive note- cos this book was unexpectedly amazing! I got a little of a hint that it would be a play on Harry Potter- but not to much- and nothing about its sheer awesomeness was spoiled!



What do you think? Were you misled by the blurbs for these books? Have you been misled by others? Let me know in the comments!


24 thoughts on “T5W: Most Misleading Synopses

  1. daleydowning says:

    Yeah, misleading jacket covers are the worst! It’s late for me, and Muffin is throwing a fit from Hades, and bedtime approacheth, and I’m not even going to pretend to try to think of others. But I really like the points you made!

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  2. peculiarb says:

    I never know what to think of misleading blurbs because sometimes (like with Carry On) they turn out really great, you know? What I can’t stand though is when the synopsis is better than the book because that’s just unreasonable, like with Wings. I went into it expecting fairies and got, as you nicely pointed out, plant-people. I suppose it could’ve been a decent book but my fairy-obsessed 14yo self never forgave Pike for that.

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  3. Zezee says:

    Lol “kooky alien vampire thingy”. I haven’t read Bone Season though. The marketing for it turned me off. Whenever they say “next Harry Potter,” I immediately think it will flop cause that phrase sets my expectations very very high.

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    • theorangutanlibrarian says:

      Hahaha it really really was not the next harry potter!! Besides if it was going to be good in its own right it would have lost the tagline “the next…” Very quickly. Books like harry potter and hunger games never have these taglines!! This book was just plain weird though!


  4. Donna says:

    I hate when this happens, almost as much as I hate a blurb that gives away major points of the storylines or massive hints at twists that are not supposed to be known BEFORE YOU START the book, haha
    Plant people? I’m curious but I don’t wanna know xD I’ve never even read the blurb for Twilight, or 50 Shades of sh… so no disappointment 😀

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  5. Lois says:

    I think Twilight ruined vampires for me haha. I’ve not been able to get through a Vampire book since I read that series…it could also do with the fact that i think vampires are overrated but still the sparkly vampire thing didn’t help.

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