So I meant to post this earlier, but I was detained by a seriously good book and now, *excuses, excuses*, we’re four days into November…

Still- no time like the present!

Confession time: I have never done Nano before and I’m not exactly starting now- buuuuut I am very behind on my writing and have decided to use the opportunity (*ahem indirect pressure of loads of people writing around me*) to set myself a goal and actually get on with it!

So what is my plan then? Well it struck me like I bolt of lightning (or a video in my sub box) when I saw this…

Thanks to this awesome video I feel kind of good about admitting that I will be using Nano to do some rewrites! I have a considerable number of words (I haven’t checked, so it’s a guesstimate to say 50,000) that I need to sort the hell out- because honestly I’ve been really, realllly lazy about it.

And that’s everything for now- are you participating in nano in a big or small way? Let me know in the comments!!

36 thoughts on “Nanowrimo?

  1. You know already that I’m doing NaNo. To say it is a daunting task is RIDICULOUSLY UNDERSTATED.

    I’ve done pretty well these first few days. But what I found to be the most helpful was the time I took in late October to sort out my outline/draft in editing. Yeah, it’s one thing to have something written, but if it makes no sense, then what good will it be? I had nearly 28,000 words in a draft, and as I went through and read it again, I deleted about half of that! Then I proceeded to add a bunch more, and delete more again… and finally I had something that resembled what I want my final draft to look like. Now I can attempt to add 50,000 words to that, and hopefully when I’m all done, I’ll be keeping most of those! 😉

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    1. hahaha yes!! It’s definitely daunting to say the least- I’m not even doing it properly!
      haha I understand that about making sense- I feel like my words are going round in circles at the moment! Ah wow it sounds like it’s going well!! Good luck- hope it continues to go well! 🙂

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  2. That’s terrific idea and a great use of your time. 50k words is already a substantial amount to work with. rewriting and editing is tough work, so good luck!!!
    I’m not doing NaNo this year. Probably not any time soon because I don’t like the pressure. x)

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  3. Hehe I just stumbled across your blog, and it made me smile.. I am currently 14,00o words in, so am a little bit behind. I should be writing right now… but instead I am on here.. Good luck, what is your wordcount looking like?

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    1. Ahh that’s sounds really good to me!! Thank you! I’m doing a kind of backwards nano cos I’m editing instead of writing, but i have (“just”) 25000 words to go- feeling optimistic and nervous in equal measure! Good luck with your nano! Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Good luck with your NaNoWriMo revision tasks. I’ve seen that Youtuber in your post before, on Youtube, having watched some of the tips she presents in her videos. I forget her name, to tell the truth, but her videos are informative. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them. If a video like the one you included in your post is getting you feeling like you’ve got informal permissions to go to work for NaNoWriMo revising instead of writing, I’m sure that could be an effective strategy, as you know, if you persevere and get the revisions done (in the thirty days of November). It is a nice take on NaNoWriMo, which was worth visiting, so thanks to you for that. Have fun.

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      1. It is nice you thought of a suitable workaround for this year’s NaNoWriMo. I understand that it’s a challenge. By the way, it was kind of you to remind me of the name katytastic. I can visit her Youtube channel occasionally, now, in case she posts a video with tips that are of interest to me. I will try to remember her channel! Good luck to you this month as you go forward with your revisions. You found a strategy that could work for you. So put it into effect!

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          1. How did your experience with this year’s NaNoWriMo wrap up for you? I know you were going to make November a month for rewriting. Were you as productive in the greater scheme of things as you’d hope you’d find yourself being? Would be nice.

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