Souvenirs From Across The World – Food Edition #SFATW

Well hello- I am super late for this!! I wanted to do it ages ago- but kind of failed! For those of you that don’t know- Marie is hosting a second round of her incredible Souvenirs From Across the World Project! If you don’t know about it- you should really check it out! There’s still time (a day maybe- cos I’m rubbish at organisation) to get involved!

Anyhoo- enough of the preamble- let’s all tuck in to the main event! Because today we are talking about FOOD!

Now- disclaimer- I’m a bit obsessed with food. (Who isn’t?) so this post might get a little overstuffed 😉 And cos I wanna make this personal, I’m gonna talk about my own food influences.

Let’s start at home with some British cuisine. There are a few obvious things that are quintessentially British:

british food.png

  • Tea with scones (pronounced “gone” if you’re British, “cone” if you’re American)
  • Fish and chips, or egg and chips, or basically just chips (“French fries” if you’re from the States)
  • And… curry (yeah we stole that one- and by the way, if you’re at all offended by food stealing, this isn’t gonna be the post for you! You have been warned!)

But, I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m not quintessentially British- so the food I’m used to is a little bit more Eastern European in origin– I’m talking:

eastern european food.png

  • Salt beef
  • Kugel
  • Schnitzel
  • Goulash! (or as my brother calls it “lashings of goo”)
  • Chicken soup with lokshen!!

Etc etc- all the kind of food that smells hot and will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside just by looking at it!

Now- since this is “around the world”- I’m gonna take you to one last stop, cos in my culture we also eat a fair amount of Middle Eastern food– I’m talking about the most important thing in the world:

middle eastern food.png

  • Falafel and shwarma!

This is where I could get really really serious- it’s pretty easy in my book to get into a serious debate over the merits of hummus over tehina (and vice versa)- buuuut luckily for you, I’m not gonna torture you with all that!

So- where does your cuisine originate from? What kind of food are you used to at home? I wanna hear all about it in the comments!!

And if you really want to discuss hummus/tehina in the comments- I’m happy to do so (though you might regret asking!)

Now- if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go eat lunch…

34 thoughts on “Souvenirs From Across The World – Food Edition #SFATW

  1. Mmmmmmm, now I’m hungry! My background is Eastern European and British, so I am big on the comfort food too! I love winter cooking – beef stew and chicken pie and roasts and soups of any kind. Ooooo, and bread. Warm, squishy bread with butter to dip in the above foods… Now I’m REALLY hungry and I’m sitting at an ice rink watching a hockey practice, with no food in sight. *sigh*

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  2. Sorry posted without completing
    and sabzi( cooked vegetables/ curry), pickles and curd.
    Just had dosa( fermented flat bread made with pulses and rice) and potato sabzi and coconut and mint chutney for breakfast.

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  3. YUUUUM!! I’ll take Middle Eastern food every day, yes please! ❤ Hummus and tahin! And don't forget baba ganoush *drooooools*. But I'll take those scones as well. I'll just take it all, muahahahaha! Yummy post!

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  4. What a YUMMY post! And thank you for your contribution to my little feature, this makes me so happy -and hungry, I’m not going to lie. I ate fish and chips the last time I went to England, so this summer, and… I love it, a LOT, ahah. can you believe I haven’t had tea and scones while I was there, though? I can’t, and I’m kind of mad, but well…an excuse to come back, isn’t it? 😀

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    Thanks for the pronunciation guide 😀 I’ll go with the US team! I can eat fish and chips every day. There’s a pub not far from my apartment that makes the best in town. I hope to get the real treatment when I visit England, it’s a must-do!!
    Contrary to what some might think, all French don’t eat fab and light cuisine every day. I’ve been eating cheeseburgers for two days xD But tonight I’m having duck with French fries and tomorrow a Rosette-sandwich!

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  6. Yumm!!! You are making me hungry 🙂
    I think the only one on your list that I haven’t tried is the chicken soup with lokshen.
    And I had no idea that you pronounce scones like “gone”. Wow!

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