I love endings!


I don’t think I ever properly explained what I was doing this month for Nano. Basically, I had an 85000 word manuscript I wanted to overhaul– of which 20,000 words were edited. I was feeling ambitious so I decided I wanted to do the rest… and I did it! I finished last night!

Honestly when I stopped for the night on 29th and had 4 whole chapters left to go, I never thought I would make it. But as luck would have it, I got off work an hour early. And then- even with all my best procrastination techniques- I still managed to pull it off!

(Okay, I sort of finished. Right now I’ve got all my track changes on and it’s pretty much every colour of the rainbow. And I may have 5 chapters that I edited by hand and need to type up. But who cares- cos I completed the challenge I set myself! Even though I never thought I would!)

Most importantly of all, I am finally, finally happy with the story- so yay!! After hacking away at it, the plot is now streamlined (3 chapters and 5000 words lighter), the protagonist is now my bestie and the story just feels more real (well, as real as fantasy ever gets).

As I was writing the last few lines, I began to feel the euphoria of it all clicking together began to sink in and it struck me that I loved endings most of all. Nothing really beats that moment when you get to tie all the stray strands in place, nothing makes me happier than playing out that last cathartic note, and nothing is more satisfying than writing “the end”.

All it needs now is a little proofread and a polish- and that’s not too daunting. Wish me luck!

So did you do Nano? Did you win? (Cop outs like what I did totally count!) Let me know in the comments!

64 thoughts on “I love endings!

  1. Congratulations!! One of these days I will participate in NaNo. I definitely would not have the time/patience/energy to do while I’m in school though haha

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  2. Good for you! Yeah, even with hearing from prior NaNo winners/participants how tough this task is, somehow I didn’t think it would be *so* intense. I’m super glad I finished, but it was really down to the wire the last couple of days. And I trimmed a lot out of my outline, once I got going, too, which meant in mid-November I was “behind” by about 2,000 words…and for a few days I was *really* worried about catching up.

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    1. Aww thank you!!! Haha i have no idea- I’d say watch this space, but as my friends have been pointing out for years I’m notoriously bad at getting it together for that kind of thing- I definitely plan to put it out on the world one day!! 🙂

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  3. Ah I didn’t realise that you did Nano as well! Or a personal version of it 😉 Nice one on finishing your editing. I really want to carry on and actually finish my novel as well, but seeing as I started it about a year and a half ago I’m not too sure when it’s gonna happen.. some time in the future HOPEFULLY!!

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  4. Yaaaaay! Congratulations! I’m filled with all the joy for you, holy crap. Sounds like you’ve been working incredibly hard, and I’m glad it’s paid off! That’s such an amazing feeling. And I know this probably sounds dumb, but you and your experience are incredibly inspiring, so thank you for sharing the good news! That’s given me motivation to work on my own writing stuff, with hopefully results that are half as awesome. 😀

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    1. Aww thank you!! 🙂 I honestly don’t know- it’s not really a priority right now (although some people that know me would say it should be- I’m notoriously bad about that kind of thing). I think both have their upsides- I haven’t really figured out which would work best for me to be honest! Out of interest, what made you decide on self-pub?

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      1. I went with self-pub because I don’t feel like wasting time querying agents. I sent out 9 letters for my first novel that I’m planning to publish in May, and I received nice responses back about how the writing is good or the story is intriguing but it’s not the right fit for what they’re currently looking for. I sent out 2 letters for the book I’m publishing now and got back “I think this has potential” but not what I’m looking to add to my list. That’s when I said enough. I know some people send out 100 or more queries, but I don’t have the patience to keep querying agents. It takes too much time to try to personalize their letters. I write because I want people to read my stories not so I can have some gatekeeper, who is probably a wanna be author who never made it, tell me that it’s not right for their list. I think my personality is more suited to self-pub. I like to have control over my work.

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        1. Ahh I understand that!! I don’t think I have that kind of patience either!! Yeah that’s the difficulty- it can be be really time consuming to personalise these things and I never really know what they want to be honest. When they get into the whole bio things, for instance, they usually contradict themselves a hundred times over. And I don’t know why they need their ego stroked with me saying “I really like x author on your list”- it’s not like I’m hoping for a personal introduction (although that would be nice). It usually just makes me not want to send them anything… okay it always does 😉 hahaha I agree with that assessment one hundred percent!! Ahh I can understand that

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          1. You might be better suited for self pub then. And you already have a dedicated fanbase. That’s something most authors don’t have going into it. I have no idea what agents are looking for. I’m not going to suck up to them. That’s not my style, and I could never force myself to do that. I had one agent tell me she couldn’t connect with my letter because I didn’t personalize it to her. I felt like writing back I didn’t realize you’re famous! Who do they think they are? Seriously. No one knows who they are. And most of their bios are too generic to get a sense of their personality and what they’re looking for.

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            1. Ahh thank you!! Haha i get that!! Good for you! Ugh what does that even mean??? How egotistical! Yeah exactly! I often see it say in their bio that they like “literary fiction and bio”- and nothing in their list indicates they actually have any interest in popular fantasy… So why put it in there? And what kind of fantasy? It’s so vague! And what about the fact that they say “compare it to other books, but nothing too popular” clause… Haha apparently I’ve picked up on quite a lot of things I don’t like just from my research

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  5. Congrats!! That’s great to have that feeling at the end as everything is coming together. I intended to do Nano because I also have a manuscript I wanted to edit, but unexpectedly going to visit family in November kind of put a spanner in the works for that. Guess December will have to be my writing month instead 🙂

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