The Last of the Wilds Wasn’t Too Tame

last-of-the-wildsSince I started reading the last in this series today, I figured it was high time I reviewed this! And if any of you remember my review of Priestess of the White (or my whining about Trudi Canavan’s consistency in general) you’ll know I have had my doubts about this series, but luckily this series is turning out to be pretty good! I actually found I was pretty pleased with this one- though it wasn’t fast-paced, it turned out to be a much wilder ride than the last one.

Unlike so many middle books, the story actually picked up and got more intriguing. Slowly, slowly the hidden depths of this world are starting to be revealed. I loved the development of the gods and what it means. I’m also really starting to get invested in the characters- particularly Laird and Minar (No spoilers- but I love the drama that goes down between them). There are also far more emotional elements to the story now!

I still had problems with it– for instance the ending didn’t completely make complete sense. The gods seemed a little too forgiving and I didn’t quite understand why they didn’t just punish the protagonist. Perhaps that will be revealed in the last one.

This series is still not quite there yet- but I have a feeling that it’s only gonna get better and I’m gonna like how it ends.

Rating: 4/5 bananas

half bananahalf bananahalf bananahalf banana

Have you read this book? Are you a fan of Trudi Canavan? Let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “The Last of the Wilds Wasn’t Too Tame

  1. The Black Magician Trilogy made me a fan of Trudi Canavan, but I suspect she may have peaked with those books. I was really disappointed by the Age Of The Five Trilogy when I read it, especially with the final book. That said, Last Of The Wilds is actually okay, and its main redeeming feature for me was the introduction of the characters Imenja and Reivan. I think they’re great characters, and I love the dynamic between them. It’s just a shame they couldn’t appear in a story worthy of them.


    1. Ah yes me too!! I was the exact same about the Age of Five. My issue with this was that while it was good, it still didn’t end up being the super awesome conclusion that I wanted it to be. Yes I agree with you there.


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