Well hello there! Happy-nearly-Christmas! I have been pretty rubbish this last week about getting on the blog- I blame it on “end of year exhaustion” (a diagnosis I just made up but whatever- it could totally become a thing…)

Anyhoo- cos this is a particularly nostalgic time of year I thought I’d do the Nostalgic Tag, which I was tagged to do (*coughs*) ahem, a long time ago, by the awesome Rosypop! Thank you! 



1.) Make sure to thank the person who tagged you and leave a link to their blog 

2.)Answer all of the questions, if you don’t know just leave the question. 

3.) Remember to copy and paste the lame picture and rules!

4.) Have a good time>:D

5.) Tag as many people as you want! You are never limited.

  1. What are some of the tv shows you remember watching?

witch tv shows.png

No wonder I was obsessed with witches!

  1. What were the classic movies? 


I remember Fantasia and Bambi being my two favourites (I was weird). Oh and I was obsessed with with movies like Bugsy Malone and Pollyanna!! I also had traditions about when I would rewatch Prince of Egypt (spring) and Hocus Pocus (Halloween) etc!

2b: movies you remember watching?

older brother movies.png

So my childhood was a weird mix of Disney and also the things my older brothers liked that I secretly watched- like Enemy of the State, Gone in 60 Seconds and Con Air. To this day I have oddly childlike nostalgia for those movies!

  1. Best memories about being little?

Running around and actually believing if I just wished hard enough I could fly!

  1. Some of the things you did when you were little?

Running around in the garden making potions out of leaves and singing made up songs. Wrapping myself in my favourite blanket and hiding under the stairs cos the Orcs were coming (that’s totally logical!) Writing myself letters from Hogwarts, posting them and then acting surprised… Yeah, ok, I was strange.

  1. Some philosophy from your childish “Socrates”. Jk just list some things that you used to think.

I used to think people got married by bumping into each other on the street and saying “hey, let’s get married”- that way it was potluck whether you end up with someone good or not.

  1. Favorite toys?


Cuddly toys! I was very fickle about it though and had a new favourite every time I got another one!

  1. Games that you played?

I used to play with my brothers a lot. One of my brothers would tell us all what to do and then we’d do it! Also I learnt how to build epic forts.

  1. Make up your own question and answer here if u want to lol. – what music reminds you of childhood?


The Beatles, Van Morrison and Buddy Holly! (and no- I wasn’t born in the 60s!)

I tag:




Bookish Underdog

Musings of a Girl 


Rivermoose books

Wow- I feel like some of my answers to these make me sound about 50 years older than I am… anyone else have strangely old fashioned tastes? And what makes you nostalgic at this time of year? Let me know in the comments!


25 thoughts on “THE NOSTALGIA TAG

  1. Your #5 made me laugh out loud!

    I find it amusing to see what others remember from their “childhood” because it dates them so accurately. Your Hogwarts letters by the way, made me feel old. I was out of college by that time 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha yeah that was a weird thought I had- I remember telling my younger sister that with a real sense of authority! haha yes, it’s really strange though, cos mine must give me a really weird age cos I grew up with a really old-fashioned taste in music. Actually my taste in music is still old-fashioned- #noregrets 😉

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  2. Sabrina was great kids’ programming – it was just fantasy enough and just cheesy enough, that the kids wouldn’t care. But it was also clean and always appropriate, and you never had to worry about your 12-year-old coming across something you’d really wish she/he hadn’t.

    It sounds like you had a great imagination! And a lot of our early memories – of music and pop culture especially – comes from what our parents were interested in when we were little – I was familiar with all the “old people” of pop music because my parents never got past the 70s!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh yes!! I loved that show!! Yes absolutely!!
      haha yes- I did- but I was also a bit weird 😉 Yes definitely!! haha my parents were the same- though with a fair bit of 80s music thrown in (my mum loves ABBA) I’m really glad about that though, cos it meant I got to listen to some great music growing up. On a sad note though, when one of my brothers told me John Lennon was dead and the Beatles were no longer a thing I cried my eyes out. (I hadn’t quite figured out how recordings worked)


  3. Oh wow, I loved Enemy of the State too! Haven’t thought about that film in ages. Maybe it’s time for a re-watch 🙂 I always wonder with these old films though if they’ll be as good as they are in my memory. Sometimes they are, but sometimes I have to wonder what I was thinking back then (e.g. I used to think Ace Ventura was awesome, now I can’t handle more than 5minutes of it cos it just makes me cringe).

    Btw I love how you thought people got married, so cute 🙂
    Great answers, very nostalgia-inducing!!

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    1. It’s a great movie!! I think I need to rewatch it too! Yeah that’s true- but that movie is one of the best Will Smith movies (back in what I consider his hey day 😉 ) ahh that’s true though- I think those films are better for children!
      Haha yeah it was really funny!
      Thank you!! So glad you liked it!

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  4. Hahahah brilliant tag! I felt nostalgic seeing those shows and movies too. I actually used to watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a kid. 😛 I also had a funny blend of animated and action movies as well. Maaaan, that was the life (and still is? :D). Thanks for sharing!

    – Lashaan

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