My Most Disappointing Reads of 2016

2017 is fast approaching and it looks like it’s time to start wrapping up 2016! But what would be an end of year wrap up be without discussing my most disappointing reads of 2016? These aren’t necessarily terrible books by any stretch of the imagination- but they are the books that I had high expectations for and that let me down. All the books I did reviews of will be linked to- enjoy! Without further ado- here are my worst books of 2016 in order of how much I disliked them:



While this had a pretty cover, what’s inside wasn’t up to much. This was made worse after I went to Amsterdam and saw the real dollhouse this was based on. It was just too pretty to have such a rubbish story attached to it!! Here’s my mini review for more details of why I wasn’t overly impressed.


queen of the tearling

As you may or may not have seen in my review yesterday I was left pretty deflated after this one- frankly it bored me to tears- I did get to write a fun book trailer about it though!


paris winter

I don’t know why, but I thought this might be a really good romance. It wasn’t though. In my review I talked about how I wasn’t sure about the plot- and you know what? Months after writing that, I’m still not sure…


thirteen reasons why

I had a ton of issues with this book- but here’s a list of 13 problems that I had.



Really blah- I can’t remember much about it except that I didn’t get anything out of it.



I have only read one other book by Wilkie Collins and I loved it- sadly this book did not live up to that at all- with a plot I couldn’t follow and characters I didn’t relate to in the slightest, this book bored me senseless.


court of thorns and roses

I have loved every single one of Maas’ books before this one- so I was incredibly disappointed with this one- you can read my review here to understand why this left me prickly. That said- I have good feeling about the sequel!


one hundred years of solitude

This book is one of those books that’s supposed to be one of the best books of all time… but it didn’t do it for me. Not at all. Here’s why…



I can’t say I wasn’t warned that this wouldn’t be romantic- but the true title should have been “This Is A Love Story About A Road”- a very specific road in North West London that the author seems obsessed with even though most of this book takes place in Amsterdam.



Oh gosh this one is easily my least favourite book I read this year. This book made me absolutely furious. I think this book has the longest rant I wrote this year! Plus it spawned a rant about why I hate moralising books.

So what do you think of this list? Agree? Disagree? And what were your worst books of 2016? Let me know in the comments!


62 thoughts on “My Most Disappointing Reads of 2016

  1. You didn’t like the Moonstone? I don’t know what to say to that. It wasn’t fantastic, from what I can remember, but as one of the first “mystery” books I thought it was rather well done.
    Which just goes to show that there is no one perfect book that will please everyone. Except of course, for my favorite book, Dune. Only villainous villains who specialize in villainy don’t like Dune 😉

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    1. Yeah that was honestly the biggest disappointment of the year for me in terms of expectations, because the only other book I’ve read by Collins, Armadale, is one of my favourites of all time. I was really determined to like it as well and kept powering through- it was only when I was approaching the end that I finally admitted to myself that I really didn’t like it. haha that’s true- not that I’ve read Dune yet- but I will- as soon as I get hold of a copy! (and I’m sure I’ll love it 😉 I’ve heard only amazing things!)

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    1. Yeah I was just saying to someone else- in terms of expectation that was my biggest disappointment of the year- I love Victorian novels and Wilkie Collins’ Armadale is one of my favourite books of all time- but I just did not like this book- no matter how I tried! (and believe me- I tried! 😉 )

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  2. I’m only surprised to see Thirteen Reasons Why on your list, because I actually loved that book and have mostly heard positive reviews of it from everyone. I loved ACOTAR too but I know a lot of people hated it; however the trilogy gets much better with ACOMAF. I’ve heard way too many bad things about The Miniaturist now and it’s officially off my TBR 😅

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    1. That’s fair- a lot of people loved it- I had a lot of problems with its portrayal of depression tbh. Yeah I’ve heard that- so I’m still really open about this series! haha yeah- a lot of people felt the same way I did! A lot of people were like me and just bought it for the cover- I mean it’s so pretty that even though I didn’t like it, I don’t want to unhaul it 😉

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  3. I read The Sin Eater’s Daughter and agree that it was basically unmemorable. I saw the sequel in the library last week and couldn’t even recall what happened in the first book, so I passed. I was also confused by the fact the religion seems to be both true and not true.

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    1. Ahh well lots of people love 100 years of solitude- and I can see why, even if I didn’t like it. I always have a problem with stream of consciousness, so it was never going to be my thing. The Miniaturist is ok, I just didn’t get much out of it and hoped for so much more. Hope you end up liking those two more than I did! Thank you!

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  4. I haven’t read any of these books (which might be a good thing since they landed on this list), but it is always nice to see someone brave enough to tell everyone the books which did not work for them. This time of year everything is focused on the best of everything. Nothing wrong with that. Hell, I am even now working on my Best Books of 2016 list, but I still like to get other opinions, so I can make an informed decision. Between us, whenever I see only love for a book, it immediately causes my radar to go crazy, since it usually means everyone is jumping on the societal bandwagon with something.

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    1. haha yes that is a good thing!! Yeah absolutely- I mean, I’m also working on my best books too, so I hear you 😉 Ahh yes I feel the same way- it’s usually good to hear mixed opinions about books I feel! That’s why I like reading reviews on both sides before going into something hyped!

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  5. I’m totally with you on 100 Years of Solitude – I think I get what it’s doing, but the repetition of the names and the events just annoyed me too much to appreciate it. On the other hand, I loved The Moonstone, though I couldn’t stand The Woman in White! Funny how that happens 🙂

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  6. I love this post! Expectations have killed a few books for me too, I hate when it happens. Some books promise you so much then bam, you get a cold shower! The worst is when it’s a book everyone loves or that received the supposedly awesome title of “book of the year”. I did not post about mine because I wanted to end the year on a happy note 🙂

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  7. Great post! I read the Miniaturist at the beginning of the year, too and OHMYGOD it was so boring. That cover is a beaut, though. I finished it, but boy it waqs a struggle of the worst kind. Also, in regards to the Sin Eater’s Daughter this line basically sums up my whole thought process/review hahaha: “Really blah- I can’t remember much about it except that I didn’t get anything out of it.”

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  8. Sooo many disappointing books! Didn’t expect 100 Years of Solitude to make the cut (I didn’t get the chance to check out your review till now!). I’m definitely looking forward to the endurance test when I get my hands on a nice little copy of it! 😀

    – Lashaan

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    1. Ahh yes! I was surprised and unsurprised. I was surprised because I like beautifully written books, and it is a beautifully written book. I was unsurprised though because it is stream of consciousness- and I really really dislike reading stream of consciousness. Anyway, it’s the kind of book I can understand why other people like, but didn’t personally enjoy- I hope you like it! 🙂

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  9. I can’t believe you don’t like the Moonstone, but only because my husband spent forever making an radio play of the book while he was in college, so in my head it’s a book with a lot of weight. I haven’t even read it 😀


  10. Aww, I’m sorry these didn’t live up to your expectations! I’ve only read one from the list and I can definitely tell you that ACOTAR gets better in the sequel! I didn’t quite believe uch it could improve despite how much everyone loved it but it really did live up to those expectations, I hope they do yours!

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