Kiss, Marry, Kill – Book Characters

Hello all! As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’m currently on holiday, but I thought why should I have all the fun? I saw this ages ago over on angiebooksblog and thought it would be a riot to do- and it was!

Like Angie I’m gonna go with all male characters here- so let’s get to it…

Round 1: Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, Draco Malfoy


Oh dear dear dear… not a good start…

Kiss– Edward Cullen- ughh- I’ll close my eyes to protect them from all that sparkling

Marry– Draco Malfoy- well it could be worse…

Kill– Jacob Black- yeah it may surprise you that I think he’s worse than Edward Cullen, but he does frequently try to get it on with Bella without her permission and when she doesn’t want to. Plus he’s a pedo.

Round 2: Death, Gandalf, Walder Frey

kiss marry kill round 2.png

Wow- I could’ve had a younger selection…

Kiss– Gandalf- I guess a peck on the forehead will do

Marry– Death (from the Discworld)- he likes curry- I have high hopes this won’t end in divorce- til death do us part!

Kill– Walder Frey- there is no way I’m marrying or kissing this guy!

Round 3: Ramsay Bolton, Ronan, Vetinari


Kiss– Ronan- no complaints!

Marry– Vetinari- I’m sure he’ll trick me into picking him anyway

Kill– Ramsay Bolton- god knows he deserves it!

Round 4: Valek, Dracula, Darkling

kiss marry kill round 4.png

Kiss– Darkling- he’s not marriage material, but…

Marry– Valek from Poison Study– easy!

Kill– Dracula- I’ve always wished I could be Buffy

Round 5: Dumbledore, Baz, Mark Watney


Kiss– Baz from Carry On– sorry Simon, I might have to borrow him for five minutes…

Marry– Mark Watney- definitely marriage material!

Kill– Dumbledore- I know this one’ll get me in trouble, but there’s no way kill the other two

Round 6: Richard III, Frankenstein’s Monster, Smaug

kiss marry kill round 6.png

Hohoho this is a bad crop!

Kiss– Richard III- I’ll just close my eyes and pray he doesn’t stab me in the back when it’s over

Marry– Smaug- he can protect me from Richard III! Plus he’s rich!

Kill– Frankenstein’s Monster- yeah I’m sorry I’m not into monsters

Round 7: Harry Potter, Prince Myshkin, Sirius Black


Kiss– Sirius Black- no regrets!

Marry– Prince Myshkin from The Idiot– always been my dream book boyfriend- makes sense we’re finally getting hitched

Kill– Harry Potter- ermmm yeah- I may have killed the chosen one but I saved myself from a bad marriage

Round 8: Iago, Raskolnikov, Voldemort


Oh dear…

Kiss– Iago (he’s not actually a parrot)

MarryCrime and Punishment’s Raskolnikov- umm he’s not the worst murderer on this list, I guess?

Kill- Voldemort- yeah he deserves it- plus I killed the chosen one in the last round so it’s kind of my responsibility.

Round 9: Christian Grey, Theon Greyjoy, Dorian Gray

kiss marry kill round 9.png

All the Greys!

Kiss– Theon Greyjoy- well I can’t exactly marry the guy

Marry– Christian Gray- first may I say EWW- but even if he may be a stalker, at least he’s not a murderer

Kill– Dorian Gray- he does kill people, so I can feel pretty guilt free about it

Round 10: AIDAN, Joffrey Baratheon, The Hound


Kiss– The Hound- yuck!

Marry– AIDAN- this is weird- but I don’t think he deserves to die (sort of)

Kill– Joffrey- come on, he deserves it!

Gosh- that was fun- and admittedly a little weird!! Hope you enjoyed that! Agree or disagree with my choices? Let me know in the comments!

Not sure if this was originally a tag, but either way, I tag: Lost Art of Reading, Rivermoosereads, Martin, Never Seen a Nevergreen, Donna, Zezee, A Novel GlimpseFernanda, J J Azar and anyone else that fancies doing it!


46 thoughts on “Kiss, Marry, Kill – Book Characters

  1. Bloody hell, this had me laughing in tears! Brilliant.. the best KMK tag I’ve ever come across… but The Hound? I love The Hound! He’s a grump but there’s something about him hahahaha… again- fantastic, had so much fun here! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yeah, some of these choices were downright impossible! lol! I love your reasoning behind the tough ones!

    And I have to agree 100% about Jacob Black – I HATED the turn Breaking Dawn took – it was vile – and it’s why I will never read another book by Stephenie Meyer. Ever.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol hilarious!
    Y’know, I don’t think marrying Draco Malfoy will be too bad. I mean he’s an asshole and wimp, but I think he could have been a better person if given the chance and not constantly surrounded by such bad ideologies.
    Death likes curry? I can’t wait to get started on those Discworld books.
    I love Dumbledore but I think he needed to die. I think it’s okay that you kicked him over the cliff. I don’t like Harry so whatever to him being gone and all’s good if you take out Voldemort while you’re at it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hehehe true!!!
      Ooh you’ll enjoy Mort then- it was the first one I read and the second Death went for a curry I was like “yup these books are awesome!!”
      hahahaha thank you- I’m glad you agree with me- this post did end up being a bit of a massacre for Harry Potter characters- ahh well it’s not like Rowling hasn’t killed off a lot of them, so I guess it’s not that bad, right? 😉

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  4. As always, this was hilarious, though I would kill death for irony’s sake! I may have to adapt this to female book characters, though my range of characters is fall smaller than yours would be, so I may not be able to fulfill this one. Nonetheless, THANK YOU for tagging me and THANK YOU for the funny read! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha aww thank you- nah I couldn’t do that- cos I love him too much in Discworld!! Ahh awesome- so excited to see what you come up with!! Don’t worry- if you fancy doing it you can just make it shorter 🙂 Either way, you’re welcome!! And thank you for your comment!!

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