Travelling in Northern Europe… The Story of One Very Cold Orangutan

Hello again- in case you don’t know I was travelling round Europe recently. So even though us monkeys usually prefer hot climates in general, I went to visit a friend in Copenhagen and then dropped into Munich, Vienna and Budapest. I’m gonna skip over Copenhagen cos I’ve been before and it was more “hygge” time than anything else. Here are some of the highlights of my whirlwind trip:

I went to the world’s most famous enchanted castle…

I found Narnia…


I went to a very deserted (and somewhat creepy) Prager fairground…

I went to a ruin bar…


And I got caught in blizzards… lots and lots of blizzards…

I had an amazing time- but I can’t tell you what joy I felt when we touched down in London and they said it was 10 degrees out!

And that’s everything from me for now! See you all in the next post!

53 thoughts on “Travelling in Northern Europe… The Story of One Very Cold Orangutan

  1. What a fun trip!! So cool to see Neuschwanstein when it’s all snowy like that – would make it extra enchanting I imagine. That photo with the moon is like something straight out of a fairy tale! And I know the feeling with the temperatures – I just got back from a trip to Lapland. It was SO much fun, but after experiencing -20 degrees I was quite pleased to return to a balmy 8 degrees back here 🙂

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    1. Thank you!! It really was amazing!! It was lovely! I kept thinking “wow this is never gonna get old”. So beautiful! Ah wow that’s unbelievably cold!! Ah I know what you mean- i hated it before I went away, but now I think it’s almost like the med 😉

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