Thank you @kat_impossible !!!

So if you don’t know, Kat over @LifeandOtherDisasters recently hit 1000 followers and held a giveaway– which I am very excited to say I WON!

In case you don’t know, Kat’s blog is absolutely amazing!! It’s pretty much my lifeline for TV and film news, with her awesome Trailers You Might Have Missed This Week and #CurrentlyWatching (which by the way, has already encouraged me to watch, and get hooked on, Timeless). PLUS there are book reviews and discussion posts and all my favourite bookish kinds of posts!!! So WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR- go over there and check her out if you haven’t already! (and if you already know her, go over and say a polite “howdy”, cos why not?)

Her lovely package of Austrian goodies arrived in the post and I just wanted to say a MASSIVE *thank you*!!! (and share it all with you lovely people of course)

I absolutely love Klimt- and I’m so excited to use this bookmark and pencil!! Plus I usually get a magnet when I’m away cos we have a ton from around the world on our fridge- but forgot this time (let’s face it, cos of the cold). And this guide is already making me excited about going back!! (next time I will take your tip about not going in the dead of winter hehe) The personalised note was so sweet and the wristband went great with my outfit today!!

Ok enough rambling! Thanks again Kat! Apologies for the not so great pictures! See you all in the next post!


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