The Great Thing About Hogwarts Houses… And Sorting British Politicians!

If there’s one thing I really like about Hogwarts, it’s the Houses system. What makes it different from, say, Divergent is that it is not just measuring your qualities, nor does it completely define you, but takes into account who you want to be most- it’s what makes it the perfect system. It’s how people perceive themselves, rather than what they are. And it’s why it makes sense to me that Peter Pettigrew was in Gryffindor and that Snape would identify himself with Slytherin. (It’s also why Dumbledore is right about sorting them to early- cos let’s face it, eleven year olds don’t always have a huge amount of self-awareness)

As you can see it’s an area that is ripe for discussion. Now since writing my review of Boris Johnson’s Churchill biography– partly looking into BoJo’s own character- I’ve been thinking about a conversation I had with my friend a while ago where we started “sorting” British politicians into houses. I’d like to share some of my theories with you:

theresa may ravenclaw.png

I’d put Theresa May in Ravenclaw- she’s certainly a very capable woman

boris johnson gryffindor.png

I had a massive disagreement with my friend on where to put BoJo- but I chose Gryffindor- because I bet he’d ask the hat to put him there for sure. It’s not that I think he deserves to be, but that he wants to be.

nick clegg hufflepuff.png

Nick Clegg would definitely get put in Hufflepuff- not that he’s especially loyal- but he’d probably like to think he is. Plus there’s no way he’s smart or cunning or bold enough for the other houses.

george osbourne slytherin.png

No hesitation- Osborne would be sorted into Slytherin faster than you could say “by George!”- I think he’d actually beat Draco Malfoy’s record for how long it took the Sorting Hat to decide.

Jeremy Corbyn is, of course, a muggle 😉

jeremy corbyn.png

Sorry, sorry, I forgot, he prefers “Supreme Leader”…


So what do you think? Do you agree with me? And- dare I ask- where would you place your politicians? 

(Meanwhile I’m looking forward to all the love I’m gonna get from Corbynistas 😉 )

50 thoughts on “The Great Thing About Hogwarts Houses… And Sorting British Politicians!

      1. Squib sounds perfect. Or is there maybe some sort of loop hole, for people who are so convinced they’re one thing that they’d go to that House, and then later prove themselves to be in another one entirely?

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        1. hahaha yeah- I think that would be apt for him- he is of course “bigly clever”- maybe he’ll find a way round the system 😉 (off topic: I still don’t know if he’s actually saying “big league”- I wish he’d clarify on twitter 😉 )

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  1. OMG I need to print this and get my ass into our English classroom with this, my favorite teacher would have lots of fun with your choices!!! This is hilarious! Although, I don’t know how I feel about sharing a house with Theresa May xD

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    1. hahaha well if you do- let me know how they react 😉 Hahaha true- but then we also share a house with Gilderoy Lockhart…. And it could be worse- at least we don’t have to dorm with Osborne (or Cameron for that matter- who’d end up in Slytherin too) Oh and Voldemort- we don’t have him in our house either. So swings and roundabouts really 😉


      1. The idea that beings as complex as humans could be summed up into one group, based on 2 or 3 dominant personality traits, really didn’t make for the most convincing plot. The thought that about 40% of that population was actually Divergent made a LOT more sense.

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          1. Yeah, I tried to go along with it, but the “reasoning” truly didn’t make a lick of sense, so I just couldn’t accept that the whole thing being “an experiment” was really true, or okay.

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            1. yes- I couldn’t get on board with that either- it made literally no sense. It’s such an obviously ludicrous idea that no one would try “curing” humanity like this in the first place. And since it’s an experiment where they’re supposedly trying to cure people, it makes even less sense that they would implement the faction system (where a fifth of the population ends up getting murdered) Plus, I’m never fond of dystopias where they just hit the reset button at the end and go back to our current system (it goes against everything dystopias stand for)

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              1. Yeah, if the idea is to create a brighter, better future for humanity, then why “hit the reset button” and decide it was all in vain? I’m not a huge fan of dystopias as it is, unless there’s a good ending. My standard for good dys endings is along the lines of “Logan’s Run” – when they all come out of the contained city, and they’re going to try something totally new to them, with hope. Like you said, if that’s the point, then let’s build on that!

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  2. AHahaha pretty cool that the Houses system can be adapted to British politicians. I’d attempt to sort them as well, but I have no knowledge of them. However, based on the pictures you’ve picked for each of them, I have to say that Osborne REALLY looks like a Slytherin.

    – Lashaan

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  3. OMG, that idea is hilarious! … I really don’t want to share a house with May though hahaha and honestly, I don’t think she’s all that capable. But I probably shouldn’t talk politics for countries I don’t live in xD

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