My Top Ten Fantasy Books

I’m very excited about today’s post! A couple of days ago, I mentioned how Red Sister had the power of reminding me about why I had fallen in love with fantasy. And as I was doing the post, I realised I have never done a post about my favourite fantasy books.

Ever since being obsessed with Peter Pan as a child, I have always loved escaping to other worlds in books. And since these are *my* personal favourites, this post is about to get super nostalgic up in here 😉

1. The Hobbit– although I will give an honorary mention to LOTR, this one was always my favourite of Tolkein’s work. More than that, it was my gateway drug for fantasy and the main reason why I love dragons #TeamSmaug

northern lights
2. His Dark Materials– this is another one I remember from childhood and it’s stayed with me over the years as one of the best series I have ever read.

3. The Abhorsen Trilogy– ahh I cannot say how much I loved this book- I was obsessed with it in my teens and used to take it out the library over and over to reread it back to back. To my mind it’s the *perfect* dark fantasy and the best story about necromancy I have ever read.

the novice

4. Black Magicians Trilogy– so this is a funny one to include, because I didn’t initially like this series. I felt letdown by the first book and only continued because the last part picked up enough to have me intrigued about where it was going. I was so glad I con tinued though, because by the end of this series I had fallen in love with the characters and became so invested in the series that I was *wrecked* when it was all over. So yeah, definitely top ten material.

demon king

5. Seven Realms Series– I can’t actually think of another series with characters I’ve loved more. This series is nothing totally original, but man, does it get you with the *feels*.

daughter of smoke and bone

6. Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy– this is one of the very rare series I’ve rated 5* across the board- and for good reason! Call me a sucker for a good romance, this series had love interests I was actually routing for the whole way through. Add an incredibly clever storyline and utterly unique world-building and, *bobs your uncle*, you get one of the best series I’ve ever read.

carry on

7. Carry On– I absolutely adored this book. I wrote a post titled “ten reasons to read Carry On”- but to be honest, I could probably think of ten more! Not least because it is such a fun book that for a change doesn’t take itself too seriously. I love how it subtly pokes fun at the genre, whilst also delivering some the most emotional and interesting storylines to date! And speaking of funny books…

anansi boys

8. Anansi Boys– oh man do I love this book!! Yeah, I’m a Gaiman fan- and proud of it! This one is easily my favourite (though I won’t say no to anything he’s written to be honest)

mort nice edition

9. Discworld Series– come on- did anyone not see this coming? And for the record, my favourite to date is Mort.


10. Neverending Story– this is the most recently read book on this list, but it *easily* made it onto this favourites list. One of the best books I read last year, it is self-aware, smart and very imaginative. Plus, it’s a book about books- and you know how much I adore those!

So I like to think there will be others to add to my list of fantasy favourites one day- and I can already think of some candidates from series I’ve not finished yet… but for now…

that's all folks

(actually can’t believe that I’ve never used that joke before)

How about you? What are your favourite fantasy books? Let me know in the comments!

70 thoughts on “My Top Ten Fantasy Books

  1. Delighted to see Laini Taylor here! Also, love The Hobbit, although not a huge fan of the actual LOTR (reading-wise – eep!), and Trudi Canavan in general. and let’s be honest, does anyone really need to declare their love for His Dark Materials, surely that one is just a given for EVERYONE? Very excited to delve back into the world with his new writings!

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    1. Ahh yay!!! So glad you like those too!! haha I understand that!! I’ve always preferred the LOTR movies to the books, and the hobbit book to the hobbit movies. hahaha I KNOW RIGHT!!! Me too!! I definitely did a happy dance when it got announced!!

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  2. Love His Dark Materials and Abhorsen Trilogy. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is on my giant TBR pile. Heard a lot of great things. Great list!

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  3. Nope, didn’t see that Discworld book coming. I was sooo surprised to see it there. Lol! 😀
    Great list there and you’ve given me a boost to return to Trudi Canavan. I dnf’d Magician’s Guild when I tried it a while back; but I kept the book in case I decided to return.

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  4. Mine are mostly this list too. I would add, Something Wicked This Way Comes, by Ray Bradbury, just for some good old fashioned, dark fantasy. And Good Omens, by Pratchett & Gaiman, because every time I read it, I wish that Elon Musk would hurry up and invent a time machine so I could go back and read it again for the first time.

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  5. I honestly haven’t picked up some fantasy in awhile, but these are definitely worthy of my TBR pile! I started Carry On, but was too busy with other books at the moment, meanwhile I had everyone telling me I HAD to read Fangirl first soooo? I don’t know, what do you think I should read first?

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  6. Yes! The Hobbit is my number one favorite book of all time. It is where my love for fantasy was established 🙂 I also am so excited to see Discworld included. Pratchett is amazing!

    I loved Sabriel. I have the rest of the series here, but it has been so long I think I will re-read. And certainly cannot complain about The Neverending Story (the stuff dreams are made of).

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  7. So many great books!! The Abhorsen trilogy really is the perfect dark fantasy, the necromancy was just so fascinating and creepy and awesome. And I also loved the romance in Daughter of Smoke & Bone – I found it didn’t get annoying as the series continued (as I find many romances that stretch over trilogies do) but only got better. And Mort is also my favourite Discworld novel to date! Death is just such a great character.

    That’s really interesting what you said about the Black Magicians trilogy. I read the first book and was disappointed so didn’t continue, but if it gets better then perhaps I should give it another go… especially seeing as it’s on your top 10 list!

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    1. Ah I’m glad you think so!! Yes- it was amazing!! And yeah I thought the same thing about Daughter of Smoke and Bone- to be honest I was surprised it got better too, because usually romance series can drag! Snap!! He is!! Ah yes, it’s such a surprising series- I actually rated the first one 2* so I was really shocked when I ended up loving the rest of the series!! Hopefully you won’t be disappointed!!

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  8. That’s so cool! Apart from ‘Anansi Boys’ (still on the list) and Rainbow Rowell, I’ve read or tried every book from your list 🙂 I love the Discworld and liked Sabriel, the Black Magician’s Guild and The Demon King.

    I would have to think a looong time about a Top 10 😀

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  9. I adore The Hobbit, it’s such a wonderful story! I also love the Discworld series, I really can’t wait to read more of them – especially Mort, as it seems like one right up my alley. 🙂
    I seriously can’t wait to read The Abhorsen trilogy and The Seven Realms series!! I have heard wonderful things about both. I hope that I can get my hands on them soon!

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  10. When the Hobbit gets a mention over the Lord of the Rings… Hmmm… 😛 Do you need to read LoR to read Hobbit? What’s the recommended order? Yeh, I haven’t read any of them.. I’ve only seen the LoR movies hahah 😛 This was a great post by the way, since starting Red Sister I can’t stop getting excited to read more fantasy novels!!

    – Lashaan

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  11. Great choices. I would have Night Watch as my favourite discworld book but there are so many great ones. There’s probably a few older fantasy books I would have in there. Magician by Raymond Feist maybe.

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  12. I’m not sure what to pick as my favorite Discworld. I recently read all the Death books and they just got better and better. But as a former English major I found Wyrd Sisters hilarious with all the Shakespeare references. And there are several that I haven’t read yet, so I may still have a favorite yet to discover!


    1. Ahh I know the feeling- I love the Death series- but yes, I get that about the Wyrd Sisters!! So funny! I actually read Going Postal recently and it was so good, because it was such a good satire of British society- so now it makes it even harder to pick a favourite!!

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  13. I love The Hobbit, it is always on my top ten list. I will have to disagree with you on The Neverending Story, it just made so mad at parts that I had to put it down but I haven’t read it in years. Maybe I need to reread it.

    Also, one of my favorite books is Good Omens: perfect combination of Gaiman and Pratchett


  14. I love anything from the Discworld series but Sam Vimes is my favourite character, without doubt ❤ Also, I agree with you on Pullman and the Abhorsen series (have you read Clariel and Goldenhand?) For anyone who likes those kinds of books and is looking for a juicy series to get their teeth into, Sarah J Maas, Throne of Glass series is way up there.

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  15. I totally had to come and see this list too. Firstly, THE OLD KINGDOM series was so amazing!! I love it so much. Mogget is one of my favourite characters of all time.
    I also LOVED Daughter of Smoke and Bone, so so much. Karou is the reason that I dye my hair blue (that and it’s just freaking cool, but she gave me the courage to try it).
    And Carry On. Just yes. All of the yes.
    (I mean, I thought the Discworld went without saying… It’s so hard to pick a fave. I’d probably choose one of the Tiffany Aching ones… Maybe Wintersmith. I loved the concept of it.)

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    1. YES! Ah I hear you!!
      And yeah it’s so good! hehehe!! I get that!
      Absolutely agree!
      hehehe I know right?! It goes without saying, And I do like those (though I think my favourites are the Death ones… I say “I think” cos there are just so many good ones!!)

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